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The Little Recognized Athletes of HRS

Math teacher Chris Davies in his ice-hockey heyday.

Zachary Mintz, Reporter

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A number of Head Royce students participate in atypical sports on club teams outside of school. For example, Sophomore Charlie Sohn has participated in ice hockey for eleven years. Sohn practices four times a week and typically plays one or two games each weekend.
Senior Spirit Master Clayton Hill competes in rugby, another extremely physical sport. After hearing about the sport freshman year from a friend and signing up to play, Hill has been hooked on the sport ever since. The Senior plays from October to May and during late June through July. Like Sohn, he plays five times a week including one game when he is not hitting the weights. During the spring of 2015, Hill will travel to Northern England and Scotland with his team on a ten day tour against local teams.
Nationally recognized for her prodigious skill and athletic abilities, Sophomore Nina Schank has done gymnastics for the last twelve years. Incredibly, she practices from four p.m. to eight p.m. every weekday and 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. each Saturday while still managing to complete all her schoolwork.
In addition to these three athletes, many students at the School including Sophomore Abby Pratt, Junior Jesse Stuart, and Junior Abby Garrett participate in horseback riding. Although not commonly recognized as a sport, dance is extremely popular at the School. Many students in the Upper School partake in either dance class, FADE, or Salsa Club. An aerobic activity, dancing requires a great deal of strength, body control, coordination, and time commitment. For these reasons, dance can absolutely be classified as a sport.
As a consequence of playing on teams unassociated with the School, many club players receive little recognition other than P.E. credit for their athletic pursuits and accomplishments. Nonetheless, these players work just as hard or often times even harder than players on School teams and deserve just as much credit and appreciation.

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The Little Recognized Athletes of HRS