Part 1: Religion

January 14, 2015

In Part One of our exploration of the diversity of though at Head-Royce, we explore the topic of religion at the School. Religion can be a touchy subject anywhere, but do Head Royce students feel comfortable talking about their religious beliefs at school? Even though there are many religious students at the School, it seems that most decide to keep their views on the down low. We ask, why do our students tend to keep their religious views to themselves? And is this the school atmosphere we want at Head Royce? The School is supposed to be open and accepting of all views; we are not part of a mob-acracy, as Mr. Reinke would say. With these ideas in mind, we tried to explore religion in many aspects of the School, such as stories of students who usually keep their pious thoughts to themselves when at school, or how teachers feel about the topic. Overall, this multi-media article is designed to bring up questions about the way the school looks and thinks about religion. Comment below with your thoughts!


Team: CJ Novogradac (’15), Linnea Engstrom (’15), Patrick Toppin (’15), Anish Mokha (’16), Zach Mintz (’17), and Miriam Goldgeil (’17). Supervised by the one and only Andy Spear.

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