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Fantasy Basketball

A.J. Stella, Co-Chief Videographer

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing colors, the birds are singing their tunes, the children are laughing. No, it’s not the holidays; it’s even better, Fantasy Basketball Season!

That’s right; it’s the moment we have all been waiting for. No more mock drafts, no more preseason games: it’s time for the real thing. Experts and amateurs alike are finishing up their final days of research before attempting to draft a team that could quite possibly win them the title of their respective leagues. Everyone thinks they have a shot at winning this year. Indeed, it will be “the year” for many, yet for other, less fortunate players, there will be no trophy. For these poor losers, there will be no pride, no bragging rights– only contempt and mockery from their fellow league members. Everyone wants to win, but there must always be a loser. It is a law of nature. In this article, I will help you not lose your league (no promises).

The first step to creating a winning team is the team’s name. There a few different ways to go about making the perfect team name. If they are not well thought out, then team names can trigger pre-season mockery which you do not want going into the start of the season, for if your team is the laughing stock of the league before the start of week one, then you have no chance of winning. The classic team name of a good fantasy basketball team is a pun based off of the name of one of your best players. For example, if you have Blake Griffin, a good team name could be, “Blake Griffindor”. Or, if you have Danilo Gallinari, you could name your team, “Fried Gallinari” (instead of fried calamari). If you do not want to name your team after one player, you can always name it after another member of your league to poke fun at them, such as: “My Grandma Can Beat Jake At Fantasy Basketball”. You can also be more creative by crafting a pun based on one of your friend’s names. If you have a person named Paul in your league, “He’s APAULling at Fantasy Basketball” is a wise choice. (The team names in my league are quite vulgar, but because this article is for school, I cannot give you innapropriate examples). Usually, you want to avoid using your own name for your team. I’m just saying, if your mother’s maiden name is Rafanelli, do not do something like “Rafanelli Rage”. An Alliteration usually is not funny, and in this case, it definitely isn’t. It is hard to go wrong with your team name, but as long as you don’t have something as terrible as “Rafanelli Rage”, you should be fine.

The second part to creating a winning team is the good luck charm. Every good fantasy basketball player has one. You can go the traditional luck charm route and acquire a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe, but the best luck charms are more personalized. You can use a signed jersey of your favorite player, although they have to be on your team; otherwise, throw that jersey away. Whatever it is, you should always keep your good luck charm with you during fantasy basketball season, and whatever you do, do not let your fellow league members get their hands on it. Many people don’t have a good luck charm and are still successful. How, you may ask? Their luck does not come from inanimate objects: it comes from something in a higher place. They get their luck from worshipping their league’s trophy. They pray to it, offer sacrifices to it, and if their devoutness pleases the trophy, it will grant them good fortune in their matchups. I have presented good examples on how to gain some extra luck for your league, but each good luck charm is unique to the person, so you ultimately have to find it on your own.

The third and final step to creating a perfect fantasy team is in the research. This requirement may seem like the most boring part, but without it your team will be nothing. You cannot simply rely on ESPN’s fantasy rankings. If you do, you will be setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. Firstly, you need at least three different sets of rankings from three different websites. Next, you need to participate in some online mock drafts: after all it has been a year since you last drafted. After this you need to watch training sessions and preseason games. These games do not necessarily display how a player will perform in the upcoming season, but they will demonstrate each player’s style, which will show how they mesh with their teammates. After this research, you must use your knowledge to create a ranking of your own. You will finally then be ready to draft.

I have helped you all I can, gifted you with as many tips as I have. All that is left to say is, good luck, and godspeed.

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Fantasy Basketball