Homework, Stress, and Student Life

November 20, 2015

For our first long form project this year, we examined homework and the role it plays in our community. Obviously, homework plays a major role in all of our lives, and takes up a significant portion of our days and nights.  We interviewed teachers and faculty to find out what drives the homework they assign; we talked to students and gathered their reactions to those homework assignments.  We examined the toll homework can take on students’ lives, the importance of sleep, and looked into whether we can expect to be happy as students here at Head Royce, or whether that’s something we’re simply meant to accomplish at the end of doing all this homework.

Below, you’ll find pieces on:

  • Lack of Sleep as a Badge of Honor
  • Good Stress vs. Bad Stress
  • Where Happiness Stands in Our Priorities
  • Time Lapse Videos: A Day in the Life of a HRS High School Student
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Interviews: How Teachers Think About Homework
  • Student Perspectives:  What is ‘Good’ Homework?  What Homework Do You Ignore?


Team: Lauren Quittman (’16), Claire Stevenson (’16), Isabel Napper (’16), Elliot Farinaro (’16), Anish Mokha (’16), Miriam Goldgeil (’17), Zack Mintz (’17), AJ Stella (’17)

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