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The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Kayla Schmidlin, Chief Content Editor

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Valentine’s Day, the celebration of consumerism and love, is just around the corner! If you and your loved ones are planning on celebrating this year, here is a guide to help you navigate the overwhelmingly pink and red aisles of festive chocolates:

1) Lindt Lindor truffle balls: An elegant classic. Ranging from milk chocolate to dark chocolate to peanut butter, these melt-in-your-mouth chocolates are sure to please chocolate lovers of all kinds! Be sure to check out their Valentine’s Day themed chocolate raspberry flavor.

2) Godiva box of chocolates: A high-quality gift that will definitely show your loved one how much you care! Buy a premade box for a little variety, or mix and match your own box with your loved one’s favorite truffles for a personalized treat.

3) M&M’s: Basically everyone loves M&M’s, and the available holiday-themed packages make gifting them both convenient and fun. This year, check out their new Valentine’s Day flavors: White Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry Chocolate, found at Target and Walmart respectively.

4) Bouquet of chocolate roses: For those of you who can’t decide between chocolate or roses: why not both? Flower-shaped chocolates are fun and creative, and your loved one will also enjoy a sweet treat!

5) Hershey’s Kisses: As their name indicates, these candies were practically made for Valentine’s Day. Of the various options, some fun ones for Valentine’s Day might be a giant Hershey’s Kiss or a bag of red and pink small Kisses.

6) Chocolate foil hearts: The last Valentine’s Day classic. These are sold in red or pink foil and in dark or milk chocolate. Conventional heart-shaped candies are always a good backup on Valentine’s Day!

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The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolate