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Morning Meeting 6/2/2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Stevie Kaplan – lots of sign ups for Peggy Orenstein Girls and Sex book group

  • You must have your permission slips turned in to Carrie in Upper School office
  • Would love to get more boys involved as well

Mr. Clark – birds heard on campus

  • Moving to DC area next year to follow wife as she takes on her dream job
  • Turkeys, red-tailed hawk (living at top of driveway), black and blue bird called Stellarsjay (likes to hang out by amphitheater, likes to imitate other birds), western bluebird (not here year round), brown bird called California Towhee
    • Three species of birds on campus that are blue
  • Merlin App (free) made by the Cornell Ornithology Lab
    • Can add in size, location, color, date, location, etc. of bird to help identify the bird.
  • I’ve entered all my observations about birds around Head Royce into Cornell’s ornithology portal called eBird, so you can check it out. People around the world enter data into this site as well, so there’s lots of information.
    • eBird data plays a significant role in observing and protecting the ecology of the world
  • I’ve left the list of birds I’ve seen with Mr. Vann

Mr. Barankin – stuff that people have brought to me; these are lost items that people should pick up if they belong to you

  • Funky glasses that are white and light up, there are barlike things across the lens area
  • Necklace that is sorta gold colored
  • From prom, a necklace that was probably broken while at prom

Nathan Yuen – App

  • I don’t really have an app
  • I made a new version of A2MadeEasy
  • Includes foiling, polynomial long division, takes less memory, and has some bug fixes
  • I need people to test it please
    • If you’re doing math over the summer and feel like you can check the program, please contact me
  • This program does not replace A2MadeEasy

Practicum – please come to the MEW

  • It’s a prep day for stuff, but everyone please come to the MEW to get the details
  • Prefects and some of the committees will be announced during Practicum

Assembly tomorrow – long lunch

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Morning Meeting 6/2/2016 Thursday