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Morning Meeting 9/8/2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Dr. Brakeman and scheduling

  • Last day for add drop is next Wednesday (9/14)

Ms. Tang –

  • Thanks Naoko for work as diversity coordinator
  • I am the new diversity coordinator
  • Trinity and Anjali talking about SDLC
  • Atlanta, Georgia this December – 1600 students from various independent schools
  • Discuss race gender sexuality socioeconomic status
  • Get to talk to other people in the same situation in independent schools
  • Trinity got to connect with African students in other private schools
  • Video about importance of SDLC
  • Dividing yourself into pieces as a survival method when going into different environments
  • SDLC allows a time for students to feel whole when they see students in similar situations of splitting themselves. Get to do this with kids across the country. Often the first time kids get to do this. A moment of having family around them
  • Various workshops – split up by race gender sexuality
  • Trinity – amazing to see people that look like you and you can identify with – family groups 70-100 people that you can talk to in a smaller setting – get to hear about other people’s experiences and stuff
  • To apply – write a one-page letter about why you want to go and what you would gain – due September 12th – turn letter in to Ms. Tang or Ms. Nagler
  • Financial assistance available

Ms. McKenna –

  • Thanks to green council for putting up new bins in various places

Susan Anderson –

  • New law that just went into effect in spring. Need to separate organics out from garbage
  • Can’t put organics in garbage. Can’t put garbage in organics
  • Important cos methane. It’s a terrible greenhouse gas formed when organics rot in a landfill
  • Need to separate our stuff. Mr. Vann has done a great job of providing the various bins
  • Making mistakes with the waste can lead to big trouble e.g. Fines
  • Also remember to recycle
  • Oakland takes 1-5 numbers on the recycle sign thing but not 6-7
  • Everyone needs help learning to sort

Dr. Bradley –

  • Next Tuesday the student yoga class begins with me as your teacher. It’s a PE option, in which you’d need to show up most weeks. You can also just drop in. Also good cross training
  • Lots of different stuff – core, etc.
  • Meets in studio. Third floor hallway above the café
  • Yoga is a wonderful way for you to feel better and have less stress
  • 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
  • wear something really comfortable and that you can turn upside down in
  • You can find Dr. Bradley in 411 or the institute if you need me

See Leeza Lu if you’re interested in Medshare next weekend

Latinos Unidos meeting this Friday

Bobbi and Samir @ seniors

  • Form coming out tomorrow for tandem parking spots

Spirit master AJ and Maddie –

  • We will be having a homecoming dance October 7th. Friday before Columbus Day
  • Home soccer game v. CPS – also there’s a volleyball game
  • There’s a spirit week the week of September 26th which ends in the all school fair on Friday
  • Want to create a spirit advisory committee with two people from each grade – sounding board for spirit ideas – low commitment maybe twice a month – email AJ and Maddie by this Sunday if you’re interested – say why you’re interested and stuff

This afternoon is the opening ceremony

Ruby Siltanen pitches to a person in each grade that is designated as the most spirited in clothes

Tomorrow’s assembly is the fine arts assembly

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Morning Meeting 9/8/2016 Thursday