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Morning Meeting 9/12/2016 Monday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Clubs Assembly Timeline

  • Get a form from Ms. McKenna and turn in your form by Wednesday with Ms. McKenna
  • Clubs orientation Thursday at Practicum and Clubs assembly Friday
  • Please turn in your videos by 5:00 pm on Thursday to get your video included in the roll on Friday
  • If you go over 20 seconds, I’ll cut you off. If you are not positive inclusive, I may not include you
  • Example videos – green team, e-sports club, Latinos Unidos, Anime Club

Mr. Thiermann – parking lot

  • We’ve had our first minor incident in the parking lot
  • We need somebody to do the right thing and speak up and say if you did it
    • Someone scratched Andrew’s car on Thursday
  • Got the license plate so we kinda already know who it is, but please just say if you did it
    • The car that was next to Andrew’s car had a scratch at the same height
  • Review on parking and driving
    • Review of the parking spaces and who goes where
    • Driving is a privilege, and we might take it away
    • Carpool and tandem spaces are assigned
    • It’s fine to park on the street above the gatehouse

Mr. Thiermann – theft

  • We had a theft in the area between college counseling and the gym

Ms. Krier – the all school fair

  • 3 weeks until the fair
  • Biggest event hosted on campus
  • First K-12 event in the year
  • Upper school students sorta act as hosts and have booths that are sorta carnival style
  • Kids can win prize tickets and use them to get stuff at the prize booth
  • Probably will have a bouncy house and haunted house
  • The fair is a student effort
  • Major changes
    • The booths will run the same way but the fair will be a different time and different place
    • 5-8 pm instead of 6-9 pm
      • Helps students that may be taking the SAT the next day and helps kids get to bed earlier
    • In September instead of October
      • October is a crunch period, and moving the fair helps with the busy fall
      • The fair can now serve as more of an intro to the community
    • Booths and Performances
      • Booths are run by clubs
      • You can fill out the booth request form already on your class portal
        • It’s a google form this year
      • Performances are expanded this year
        • We usually have FADE and Caravan and Jazz 1, but now the performances are open for student groups, etc.
      • Prize booth
        • Please bring in things to donate
        • Donation boxes around the campus

College Counseling

  • College counseling department: Kate Augus, Carrie Horsey, Ms. Paul, Mr. Schneider, Tania Castro Bradt
  • If you are a junior or senior, then you should start thinking about college. 9th and 10th graders, don’t worry
  • There will be a lot of college reps coming in to visit in the next couple months
    • Please be respectful to these college reps
  • This week – Vanderbilt and Connecticut (already came), Tufts, Grinnell, Goucher, Chapman, UCLA, Purdue, U of Puget Sound, Hamilton in NY, Grote College, Reed, Trap Sole, Northeaster, Carleson, Davidson, Willamette, Clark, Denisson, UCSC, Colgate, Franklin and Marshall, Carnegie Mellon, Wheaton, American, Caltech, and Union College (this list is incomplete, please check online for the full list
  • Juniors, if you have a free period during one of these visits, we encourage you to swing by


Coach Blakeley – athletics stuff

  • Yoga starts tomorrow
  • Fitness class by a teacher in the middle school, Mr. Llanos
    • Nutritional habits, fitness routines, how to work out, etc.
  • Mens basketball – Meeting lunch Thursday in amphitheater
  • Womens basketball – next Tuesday (not tomorrow)
  • Cross country had a nice result at invitational past Saturday
  • Volleyball 2nd place in gold division at tournament
  • Tennis undefeated


Various things

  • Fall play auditions are today and tomorrow after school 3:30 pm in MEW


  • FADE auditions today at lunch in Community Room



  • WAG is meeting at lunch


  • Cole Duman wants people to tell him if they want to join Dungeons and Dragons Club
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Morning Meeting 9/12/2016 Monday