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Morning Meeting 9/22/2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Carpool Video

  • Video by Green Team
  • Note: If you use the Upper School lot, the gate keys are different now and the new keys are available at the gatehouse if you ordered them

Women’s Soccer

  • Last year we moved from the spring to the winter, and we are in the winter again this year
  • Interest meeting today on the patio
  • John will bring pizza
  • Please just try to be there for a minute just to write down your email

Coach May

  • I teach 5th grade during the day and this year I am the head coach of boys lacrosse
  • We take all athletes
  • Monday in the quiet room – meeting
    • Please come if you’re an existing player or if you’re just interested
    • We’ll talk about winter workouts and ways to prepare for the spring

Dr. Bradley

  • GOA – global online academy
  • They are offering a no cost no grades flex course on US elections
  • It’s an exciting opportunity
  • Lasts 4 weeks and starts on Monday
  • You’ll be participating in a bigger course with students around the country learning about the US elections
  • Workload is about 2 hours a week
  • The deadline for signing up is today
  • You can find me today or send me an email at
  • Video about the GOA elections course


  • Next week is our first spirit week
  • Stuco and spirit advisory committee have been working on the themes
  • K-12 spirit week – please bring your best energy
  • Culminates on Thursday with a green and gold day where everyone should support our athletics teams
  • And Friday, the all school fair
  • Video on September 2016 Spirit Week
  • Spirit Week
    • Monday – Jammin Jammies
    • Tuesday – Tacky Tourists
    • Way Back Wednesdays – Decades
      • 9th grade – 90’s
      • 10th grade – 80’s
      • 11th grade – 70’s
      • 12th grade – 60’s
    • Thursday – Green and Gold Day
    • Friday – Oakland Pride
  • Follow @chaboi_tuffy
  • Lunch will also include fun contests
    • Pie-eating, slam poetry, and more
    • You can represent your grade during lunch competitions next week – send Maddie and AJ an email if you’re interested

Fair Forms Due Monday

  • Forms for the all school fair are due Monday
  • All forms are digital now
  • You can find them on the left hand side of your class portal

Senior Pages – Claire Weeks

  • The template forms are due Sunday
  • There are 18 of you that haven’t done it
  • It will take you less than a minute
  • All your photos are due October 1st, next Saturday

Practicum –

  • 9th grade – meet in advisory with prefects and advisors
  • 10th grade – go to library – primer on PSAT
  • 11th grade – go to English class to watch a movie
  • 12th grade – library with Charis

Assembly –

  • Sasha Zitter will be here to show her work with dogs
  • Canine Companions will also be here tomorrow to talk about their work
  • McKenna is still accepting photos of you and your pet companion

Clubs –

  • India club is meetng today at lunch in the floor above the café
  • Asia Club is meeting tomorrow at lunch in Ms. Yee’s room
    • There will be hi-chew and you don’t have to be Asian
  • Latinos Unidos – tomorrow at Friday meeting in room 401
  • BSU meets today
  • Interact meets today – come if you’re going to FLC
  • Most of these clubs will be planning for the fair

Lost and found in the student lobby

  • Please come get your stuff
  • It’s kinda overflowing

Photo retakes on Monday

Today is Sra. Galligan’s birthday

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Morning Meeting 9/22/2016 Thursday