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Morning Meeting 9-29-2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Gate Access

  • If you drive and park in the US lot, they have changed the access key
  • If you have one that you are using to get into the parking lot, you need to go to the gatehouse to upgrade your key cos your old one won’t work
  • There are a couple of you that just purchased a gate key, and you can also go to the gatehouse to upgrade your gate key


  • Sarkar wants y’all to know that there are HRS planners left over
  • The 9th and 10th graders were given the planners
  • Leftover planners are open to 11th and 12th graders and faculty if interested

Work Study – Mr. Davies

  • We will try again Monday cos tech

Community Connections – Leeza Lu

  • Canine Coin Drive – the jugs are looking empty, but you can “change” that
    • Coins add and bills subtract
      • You can beat other grades but putting bills in other grades’ jugs
    • Alameda Can Drive
      • Bring cans if you “can”
    • Exchange on October 8th – if you want to go to that, it’s on the digital bulletin

All School Fair (Also Practicum and Assembly schedule)

  • The theme is Oakland Pride
  • Shoutout to some HRS artists that made the map of the fair
  • Today’s practicum is fair prep
    • Today is the only day to paint signs
  • Tomorrow’s assembly will happen at the end of the day and that will also be fair prep
    • During regular assembly time, you will have C Block
  • If you don’t have fair prep, it’s a great time to check in with teachers

Bobbi Finklestein – Seniors

  • You’ve gotten several emails recently that you should read
  • Senior café – everyone please bring something
    • Check your email and fill out the form
    • Everyone is responsible to bring something
  • You’ve also gotten an email to either do shifts at the senior café or the dunk tank
    • We need people to work
    • If you’re interested in helping out, that’d be great
    • You can also help Henry, AJ, and Maddie at the haunted house
  • If you have a waffle iron, please bring it

Amy Lin – Asia Club

  • Potluck at Asia Club tomorrow (Friday, 9/30)
  • $5 to eat at the potluck, if you bring food, you can eat for free
  • @Asia Club – Please add what stuff you’re gonna bring to the google doc

India Club and J Club meet today for the first time

AJ and Maddie – Spirit

  • Homecoming is next Friday
    • October 7th
  • Y’all have done a great job with dressing with spirit
    • Snapchat me your green and gold outfits so that I can make sure to tally everyone
    • Snapchat: chaboituffy
  • Waterballoon toss at the beginning of lunch on the patio
  • Super Smash Bros. tournament at the end of lunch in the library
  • Games
    • Tennis and soccer at home
  • Friday lunch competition’s
    • 3 legged obstacle race
  • Karaoke battle will be a new morning meeting thing
    • If you want to participate, you can email Ms. McKenna or contact one of us

Karaoke Battle between AJ Stella and Maddie Dyke (Promiscuous Girl) vs. Henry Yeary and Max Sahlins (A Whole New World)

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Morning Meeting 9-29-2016 Thursday