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Morning Meeting 10-6-2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Head Royce morning meeting house band

  • DJ Paul Scott Mondays
  • Thursdays we will be led in and out by the band

Valuables that have been lost and found

  • Maya Foster – I lost my bio binder, and it’s pink
  • Thiermann
    • Someone’s ACT book and booklet

Max Sahlins – Today is the first Stuco Meeting of the month – we’re opening it up for people to come

  • Sibling rivalry and dance playlist on the agenda
  • In the oval office

Harrison Harvey –

  • BSU meeting in Ms. Pryror’s room 514 today
  • For BSU that ordered T shirts, find me so that I can get those to you

Kyra Garcia –

  • Latinos Unidos is meeting tomorrow at lunch to brief on upcoming events

Ms. McKenna for Ms. Redfield

  • Please donate to the coin drive for the canine companions
  • Please donate food to the can drive
  • AC Transit has an annual family event that is like a cook off rodeo, and they are looking for student volunteers for this Saturday
    • If you’re interested see

GSD – National Coming Out Day is October 11th, Tuesday

  • Be a good ally if someone comes out to you
  • Statistics on coming out and people who know queer people
    • 1/2 of people closely know someone who is gay or lesbian
    • 1/10 of people closely know someone who is transgender
  • You can come to GSD tomorrow Friday 10/7 if you want to talk about coming out and other LGBTQ+ issues

Rayray Bradley – Circus Troupe Kinetic Arts Center

  • Performance 2 blocks south of Rockridge October 9th Sunday
  • I will be soloing on rope
  • Please come see the circus performance
  • Video of

Practicum today

  • 9th homeroom
  • 10th Charis in community room
  • 11th mew with college counseors
  • 12th homeroom prep time for college stuff
  • Prefects please meet in Naoko’s room the first portion of that time

Spiritmasters – homecoming

  • Homecoming is tomorrow
  • Catherine made great posters
  • There is an at school part, an after school part, and a night time part
  • 1) at school – wear your colors at school
    • Seniors – white
    • Juniors – red
    • Sophomores – blue
    • Freshies – black
  • Assembly will be game day games
    • Bracket style march madness sibling rivalry
    • Pick up the brackets from us and fill them out
    • We will pick them up from you
    • The winning bracket gets a prize of Dana’s cupcakes
  • 2) Afterschool portion
    • Men’s soccer at 4:15 v. CPS
    • Women’s volleyball at 4:30 pm v. Valley Christian
    • If you come, we will stamp your hand and that will get you a discount for the dance
  • 3) Homecoming
    • 7-10 pm
    • $10 if you have the stamp and $15 if you don’t
    • Go to the café at 6:30 pm if you are a 9th grader – pizza party
    • The theme for the dance is colors

Mr. Thiermann –

  • Faculty wear blue-ish purple
  • Thanks juniors and seniors for being good about signing out – please keep it up
    • You’ve been very good minus the one time Henry Yeary didn’t sign out
  • Important health and safety announcement
    • For the dance, everyone please understand that we do breathalyze students
      • You could be breathalyzed upon entry or during the dance
      • Don’t do anything foolish – no substances. Be clean and sober
    • We will have security in the parking lot, so don’t worry about your cars
  • If you are at all concerned about the cost of homecoming, then don’t hesitate to seek me or Ms. McKenna out for help with the cost
  • Please don’t show up to homecoming with a guest – homecoming is about the Head-Royce community
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Morning Meeting 10-6-2016 Thursday