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Morning Meeting 10-13-2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Sibling Rivalry

  • the Yearies won
  • 5 people picked the Yearies as the winners
  • 2 people tied for the most accurate bracket – Andrew Kang and Saodie Etheridge-Billie


  • YES conference – youth empowerment summit
    • Contact Sophie-Max, Larry, Naoko, Ms. Goglio, or Mr. Sea if you’re interested in going
    • Free conference – 8:30 am to 9:00 pm at Mission High School
    • Saturday, November 19th, 2016
    • Workshops, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, great way to meet people around the bay, drag show at dinner, etc.
  • There will be cake at tomorrow’s GSD meeting in celebration of National Coming Out Day which was Tuesday, October 11th
  • Please swing by or contact one of us just to let us know that you’re interested in what GSD does even if you can’t commit to coming

E Sports Club

  • Lena – the brawl tournament. Sign ups are still open
  • Email Andrew wan for info
  • Or swing by 505 at lunch

Green team – Ms. Galligan

  • Carol Danserau is coming to hrs to speak. She is an environmental activist and writer
  • She wrote a book called What It Will Take
  • Involved over 30 years
  • Her book asks why are we losing the fight for the earth
  • In the context of us winning all sorts of local battles
    • No coal in Oakland succeeded
    • San Luis Obispo denied Phillips 66 a crude by rail project
    • All kinds of success locally, there’s a lot of horrible things going on regarding the environment
  • She asks the question what we need to do to turn things around. It’s a book of hope
  • She’s been working with low income people since 2000
  • Farm workers pesticide project is an organization she started
  • This will be Monday October 24th at lunch in the institute


  • 9th grade community room Charis
  • 10th grade designated classroom for movie passing poston – Ms. McKenna’s aunt is in the movie
  • 11th grade mew for a lecture by dr. Lisowski


  • Study travel hrs trips assembly
  • We have students talk about past experience and then announce the new programs
  • Last year – France, Costa Rica, Columbia
  • Competition for people to guess what the trips last year were

Gate Key

  • If you have a gate key and you need to update it, you need to go to the gate house and see Ms. Estrada
  • You should not try to force pry the gate open so you can get your car in


  • Saturday Morning
  • Sophomores and juniors taking the PSAT
  • If you have extended time with the college board, you come at 8:30 am to Fern’s room
    • Ask ms. Redfield if you’re unsure about extended time
  • Everyone else is starting 9 am
  • 10th grade is all in the gym with Mr. Thiermann
  • 11th grade will be assigned different classrooms that will be posted in college counseling
  • The test starts at 9 am sharp – proctors will probably be here 8:45 am
  • Should be done by 1 pm
  • Bring a Number 2 pencil and a calculator

Essie – women’s lacrosse

  • Interest meeting lunch tomorrow
  • Meet in front of Blakeley’s office

Latinos Unidos

  • Meeting day changed to today
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Morning Meeting 10-13-2016 Thursday