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Morning Meeting 11-10-2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Message from our presidents – Max Sahlins and Henry Yeary

         Message about presidential election

         We are a community founded on openness, tolerance, and respect of difference

         Please try to listen and understand others’ differing political opinions

         Must come together as a school, community, and citizens of the US

         “We have nothing to hate but hate itself”

Politics Club

         Room 409 today at lunch

Open Student Council

         Today is our monthly open forum for student council

         Discussing spirit week for after winter break and how to run a safe and entertaining dodgeball game

Short and Sweet – the fall play

         Friday and Saturday are show dates for Short and Sweet, the fall play

         8 pm tickets online


         Jemma and Kelly senior captains of swim team

         Noah and Avery junior captains of swim team

         Anyone can come, even if you don’t know how to swim


         This afternoon for practicum, go to advising and


         Zero Waste Week assembly tomorrow, sponsored by Green Team

         Mr. Vann will talk about where waste goes

Green Team – Shira and Maddy Dyke

         Next week is zero waste week

         Think about where your waste is going

         Tuesday we’re going to make it so that there is only one trash can on campus, on the patio

o   Everything else will be covered

o   We want you to only compost and recycle

o   If you have trash, don’t put it in a recycling or compost bin

  •  Please go put it in the main bin on the patio

Volleyball – Jordynn Hunkin

         NCS championship this Saturday

Boat Races

         You will have a K-12 audience

         The boat races are a tradition

         Henry on the boats racing this year

o   Tang-Lisowski – unnamed

o   Yee-Enelow – boat name Yenerow

o   Pryor-Temple – it’s a cardboard box

o   Glogover-Sea – boat name Slog

o   Brakeman-Paul

o   Fernandes-Nguyen

         Boats judged on seaworthiness and appearance

Andy Spear –

         I hope you read the newspaper this week, people have been working really hard

         Civility – the newspaper is not always received well

o   The staff actually works really hard to put the newspaper together

o   It’s a public service

o   You don’t have to read what’s in the newspaper, but we’d appreciate it if you don’t denigrate it

  •  Especially don’t tell to people’s faces how little you care about it

o   Please enjoy the newspaper

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Morning Meeting 11-10-2016 Thursday