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Morning Meeting 11-14-2016 Monday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Crystal Land – Election + Strategic Plan

  • I want to acknowledge the heightened emotions and awareness
  • I was surprised how deep the divide was in our country and how little I know about everything that’s going on outside the Bay Area
  • I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking about what it is in this country we haven’t been listening to
  • Outrage and disgust impede­ learning
  • It’s our job to help each other learn
  • Thanks to the high school for being a good role model with the teach out on Friday and focusing on conversation
  • We have a strategic plan – five goals
    • 1) teaching a learning
    • 2) finances
    • 3) balance and well-being
    • Two others super significant
      • 4) civic engagement
        • Feidelman is helping develop this with what Ms. McKenna and others started
        • How we can be civic members of Oakland
      • 5) equity and inclusion
        • “We want to promote equity by increasing institutional access, sustaining diversity, and advocating for an inclusive community.”
        • We need to make sure we continue to promote our core values of equity and inclusion
        • No matter how hard the conversations are, we will not tolerate bigotry, denigrating language, talk against races, religions, sexism
        • We need to figure out how to bridge these core values
        • We are here for you and for an inclusive society
        • There were over 300 reported instances of hate in high schools across America last week
        • I want to promote that you continue to educate and not hate

Rachel Nagler – Wishing Wall

  • I went to a lot of classes and affinity groups last week and observed how people were discussing
  • People can come and put a wish or hope that they want
  • They’re all over the New York subways right now, China, all over the world
  • People put post-it notes, tags, etc. on the wall and the wall continues to grow
  • You can interact with it however you like
  • The prompt is “my wish for the country is…” or “my wish for HRS is…” or “tolerance is…”
  • You can do it in class if teachers allow you, at lunch, in clubs, with athletic teams, etc.
  • I hope the area gets full and we can show the world what HRS is about

Coach Blakeley –

  • Most successful varsity tennis girls season ever
    • 19-1, league champs, tournament champs, lost to branson in semis in NCS, farthest the team has ever gotten
  • Cross Country
    • 3rd place last week in BCLs
    • Isaac Teuscher set a new hrs record that had been in place since 2003
      • He finished 3rd
    • Zach mintz finished 11th
    • Sophia Brakeman and other people that did well that I did not catch
  • Basketball
    • Check the website for schedules for the week
  • Volleyball
    • On Saturday night, we won NCS championships
    • We are 29-1 this season and 32-0 last season
    • We hope to continue this
    • We would love to have support this Saturday at 7 pm at HRS – we are seeded first in Norcal – this Saturday will be the first norcal game

Mr. Wells –

  • Great run for Short and Sweet, the play
  • Fall Choral Concert Wednesday at Holy Names College
  • Fall Instrumental Concert Thursday

BSU – Thanksgiving Feast Thursday

Lauren and Michelle – Delivering Change

  • Club is having a bake sale
  • We will also be serving meals for a local shelter in the holiday season with the money from the bake sale

College Counseling – Tania

  • Fireside chat tomorrow night at 7pm at HRS about standardized testing – for juniors and sophomores

E-Sports Club

  • Contact Andrew Wan if you want to be part of the double smash competition

Women’s Affinity Group – Lily Majteles

  • We will be talking about Planned Parenthood and a bunch of other stuff today at lunch in the Institute

Library – International Games Day

  • Running games stuff in the library
  • On Friday, you can host a table if you want to
  • E-Sports and Thespian Troupe will host tables

Dodgeball –

  • Check your email, it will be the Friday after we return from Thanksgiving Break
  • 12 teams – first come first serve
  • Check your email for info

Practicum and Assembly –

  • Practicum – Jazz and Democracy
  • Assembly – Instrumental Concert
  • Morning Meeting canceled Thursday – you will have a break instead

Zero Waste –

  • Brasilla Hein and the lower school volunteers
  • Skit by the lower schoolers
  • Evan – quick reminder that tomorrow is Leave No Waste Day – all trash cans covered except the one by the cafe
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Morning Meeting 11-14-2016 Monday