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Morning Meeting 11-28-2016 Monday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Coach Blakeley – Sports

  • Basketball teams had successful scrimmages
  • State XC
    • Jihae Oh – 57th in division 5
    • Isaac Teuscher – 13th in division 5
      • Fastest time ever for a HRS runner at the state meet
    • Women’s soccer home game Tuesday
    • Women’s basketball has tournament this Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Women’s Volleyball –

  • Team Captains
    • Saturday night, we won norcal, so we’re going to state
    • We want to thank all the fans that came out
      • Hearing you guys cheer and hopping around all over the place helps motivate us and keep us positive
      • We really appreciate it
    • Historic event in HRS sports
  • Thiermann
    • Thanks to everyone who was there. Good showing from faculty
    • Women’s volleyball playing Friday afternoon
    • If you want to come on the bus and stay in the hotel and be part of the booster team, you can come and be part of the booster team
    • We will give priority to seniors and then it’ll be lottery
    • You’ll miss Thursday and Friday school, so you need to make sure your teachers are okay with that and you’re in good academic standing
      • You also need to fill out an application
    • Focus is on supporting the volleyball team and not being a distraction
    • There would be a nominal cost but it would be affordable and we’d offer financial aid
    • You’d get to watch the girls in the championship for the whole state of CA
  • McKenna
    • Space is limited
    • I will have applications available outside of my office by the end of day today

Matthew Chan – Bio Independent Experiment

  • Please sign up for my experiment
  • 5-10 minutes, low commitment
  • Next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday during lunch
  • There will be candy
  • In Mr. Sea’s room – room 419

Ivy Wong – Interact Club

  • The holidays are coming
  • Interact toy drive with Toys for Tots
  • 2nd floor building above café near the bathroom
  • New or used toys welcome
  • You can email me at if you have any questions

Ms. Redfield –

  • In addition to regular community service stuff on website, I have some new stuff
  • Tutor Corps
    • They offer this multiple times per year
    • They give grants between $250 and $750 to do projects for community service
    • You can also nominate a teacher and they would receive a $1000 check
  • Legal Aid Work
    • Supports employment rights of people with disabilities
    • December 14 on Wednesday in SF to help with setting up website
    • Alice Chu has more info on this
  • One Prosper
    • Breaks cycle of poverty for women
    • Fundraising a yoga event
    • If you’re interested, come see me
  • Lower School families looking to hire for tutoring after school
    • This would be for pay

Berkeley Men’s Shelter – Mr. Scott, Naoko, Ms. Keifer (+ Mr. Levin who was not here)

  • Next Tuesday afternoon
  • Berkeley Men’s Shelter is part of the Berkeley Food and Housing Project
  • HRS has had a long relationship with the shelter but scheduling has gotten in the way the past few years
  • If you’re interested in cooking for about 60 individuals, you can cook in the café and a crew of us are going to serve on Tuesday
  • If you’re interested, please find Ms. Keifer
  • Two Shifts
    • 4-6 pm shift for cooking
    • 7 pm serving food shift
      • Berkeley Men’s Shelter is in Downtown Berkeley on Center Street
    • You may sign up for one or the other or do both

Aidan and Maddy – Secret Snow Buddies

  • This will start next Tuesday
  • We sent you an email last Saturday
  • There’s a form on the email. Please fill it out if you want to opt out
  • Juniors need to fill out the form by 8 pm tonight

Ms. McKenna – Winter Spirit

  • There’s a lot of great cool stuff coming up next week. More announcements on Thursday
  • More winter gift exchange for everyone else coming soon
  • Dodgeball – you can still sign up – two spaces available

Zero Waste Week –

  • It went well
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Morning Meeting 11-28-2016 Monday