Tips for Single People on Valentine’s Day


John Novogradac, Senior Web Editor

Many people think that it is bad to be single on Valentine’s Day, but in reality being single is so much better.  Firstly, if you do not have a significant other in your life than there is no need to waste your money on gifts for other people. This is only one of the many amazing parts of being single on Valentine’s Day. Another tip that singles can use on Valentine’s Day is to host an anti-Valentine’s Day party. If you are single, and you do not want to be around couples, having an anti-Valentine’s Day party is great. You can meet other single people and eat all the junk food that you want. On the topic of eating junk food, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to drop your New Year’s Resolution. Many people break or forget their Resolutions in the first few weeks of the year. But, if you have remained true to your resolution, let being single on Valentine’s Day be your excuse to let it fade from memory. You won’t have to worry about being held back by some pointless annual tradition anymore. Going out on the town with good some good single friends is also an excellent choice. Going to see a movie, eating out, and roaming the streets provide are perfect opportunities to mock couples from afar with your other single friends. Lastly, if you do not have anybody to hang out with, and you are not invited to or throwing an anti-Valentine’s Day party, just set aside your worries and watch that Netflix show that you have been waiting to watch, and eat like calories are an imaginary construct. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not as bad as people think and might even be better.