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Morning Meeting 12-15-2016 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Adriana – the musical – auditions 17th and 18th of January – workshop for the audition material (song and dance) on 12th of January – musical gives pe credit and class credit

Aviva – Hanukkah party with j club

Latinos unidos is meeting today

Don’t park in space 82 or any other assigned parking spaces

Musical – will be a combined effort between the MS and US – biggest effort yet

Shakespeare Monologue Contest – January – you just deliver a monologue by Shakespeare and if you win the hrs contest, you can potentially go on to regional or national contests

Pinsky Favorite Poem Project – Pinsky was poet laureate 20 years ago – will come in January to hrs and have a project where he’ll host a reading but the reading will come from our community – you can submit your poem (one that you like) and can come read the poem and say why you like it – please come even if you don’t submit a poem – there will be a form coming out in an email soon

City Term – Eli and Lily – last year for the second half of their junior year they did a semester in New York – video about relationship to the city – City Term is experience based learning opportunity in NYC – 60% of time not in classroom, no grades – lots of fun things like licking the Brooklyn bridge, but we did learn – different ways to learn things – example: Lily did a project on Gil Scott-Haren the musician who is dead by she could interview his musical partner because of the opportunities of the location – example: Eli met a spunky woman in Harlem that inspired him to write his final paper on jazz and gentrification – learned with new teachers that encouraged trying new things – 4 months with 30 new people from around the country – takeaways 1) we did not give all the info about city Term, but know that it’s more than just frivolous, brown bag lunch today in institute 2) city term may not be for everyone, but you should go and see what other ways there are to learn – brown bag lunch will also talk about other semester programs other than city term

Ms. Concannon – dogs on campus tomorrow – dog therapy – any staff can bring their dog to campus tomorrow

Heads up raffle – Reid and Sarah Covin – thanks to everyone that donated to the raffle – winner of the jersey: Maddy Thayer – winner of warriors tickets: Vanessa Hjortz

Practicum – Colla in the community room at the beginning of practicum for 10 minutes, please take every chair without your backpacks because we’re trying to figure out how many people can fit in the community room, pay attention to the new acoustics – after the concert grade level activities 9) office hours 10) English classes 11) office hours 12) senior play

Tomorrow is Friday study day but will be a Monday schedule

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Morning Meeting 12-15-2016 Thursday