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Morning Meeting 1-23-2017 Monday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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Today is the first day of second semester

  • Moving seats in the MEW on Thursday

Historic week and weekend

  • Shout-out to the tech people – thanks for streaming the inauguration for us
  • Inauguration, some rallies around the world
  • Reminder for civic engagement

Athletics – Coach Blakeley

  • Great fan turnout Friday night at Bentley
    • Both varsity teams won there
  • This week, women’s soccer game in Hayward today
  • Tuesday – frosh soph and jv basketball home games
  • Note about absences
    • If you are missing class for sports, check in with your teacher long beforehand
  • If you’re interested in boys volleyball
    • Talk to me in the corner of the room after this meeting
  • Likewise, everybody respond to the google survey about spring sport interest

Standing Rock Fundraiser – Ms. Galligan

  • Thanks to everyone who donated to Standing Rock
  • The coldest part of winter has not come yet in North Dakota
  • The Sioux people are still there and they are getting ready for the possibility that the pipeline will be pushed through
    • This money will be really helpful
  • Shoutout to the Glogover Sea homeroom that gave over $50 – biggest donors
    • Overall $185 raised, which Green Team will double for a total of $370

Pinsky Poetry – Tuesday

  • Tomorrow at 7:30 pm in the MEW
  • Pinksy is a former poet laureate

Tech Tools – Mr. Levin

  • Tools for people on the portal
  • Not just for learning differences but also for people with long commutes or sports
  • There’s a page on the portal labeled Assistive Technology
  • You point it towards a doc or website, and you choose how you want that file emailed to you
    • It can be an mp3, and some advanced features also allow making an ebook
    • If you don’t have an ereader, there are iPads available for checkout in the library

Green Team – Mr. Vann

  • Follow up on announcement 2 weeks ago about experiment on the second floor of the new building
  • In our classrooms, we usually don’t have a compost bin, just recycling and trash
    • We’re finding that a lot of organic waste in the waste bins
  • We could add a compost bin in every room, but this adds quite a lot of work for the maintenance staff
  • Study done in Western Michigan where all classrooms had bins removed, and they made some receptacle areas for waste and recycling
    • The results showed that when there was only one common area receptacle, the amount of contamination dropped
  • This will make us more aware of our contamination

Debate – Corey Turoff

  • Fiona Chen and Larry Dang have been doing pretty well
    • Started off with a large number of 9th place finishes
    • Then had a 3rd place finish
  • Next tournament in Atlanta this weekend
    • Takes a lot of effort to do debate
  • Week and a half ago, lost a friend of the HRS debate team – Alex Zavell
    • Debated at HRS starting in 2006
    • Went to Emory and debated a little while
    • Then decided to stop debating to engage real political change
      • Was a large part of the fight against Sodexo at Emory
      • Protested on streets and freeways
      • Fought for wage rights
      • Led a political campaign to legalize cannabis use in California for adults
        • He worked with regulators to come up with a system
      • Dedicated to diversity and advocacy
      • He became a really good friend of mine

Consent – Ms. Concannon

  • Meeting today with Ms. Alberti

Monday Moment (of reflection and appreciation)

  • Welcome back to Ms. V and Mr. Evans
    • Evans just had a baby girl and is back to teach
    • V is back from maternity leave
    • Their return is an act of love
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Morning Meeting 1-23-2017 Monday