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Morning Meeting 1-26-2017 Thursday

Larry Dang, All School Secretary

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CCO Office Hours

  • Reminder that the college counseling office is hosting open office hours Thursday at lunch

Pinsky Favorite Poem Project

  • Thanks to everyone who participated
    • It was a fabulous and lovely community gathering
  • 3 student presenters in the upper school
    • Henry Yeary, Xena Wolf, Emma Reyes
  • Special thanks to Andy Spear for bringing Dr. Pinsky

Writing Lab – Sonali and Eva

  • Room 503, Mondays and Tuesdays at lunch
  • You can come at any stage of writing
  • 9th graders, your Macbeth essay is coming up, and the I-Search starts soon

Yoga – Dr. Bradley

  • Yoga Tuesdays after school – gives PE credit
  • Free, 3:30 – 4:45 PM
  • We have mats and blocks, all you need is clothes
  • It’s fun and makes you healthier and we laugh a lot
  • Yoga is also good for cross-training
    • Helps avoid injury if you feel like you’re getting stronger but not flexible enough

Mental Health – Ms. Concannon

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder – this time of year can cause people to feel more down
  • If you feel alone, you’re not, we have this community
  • If you feel like you need, reach out to people
  • 9th graders, see me after this meeting to get a form; if you get the form, you don’t need to go to class tomorrow

Women’s Soccer – Bea, Katie, Ruthie, Maddy

  • Home game today
  • Jihae would like Ali Backer to come and Gigi would like Devin to come
  • Please come to Saturday’s game especially though; it’s senior night
    • 3:30 pm on the HRS field, we’re playing Likc-Wilmerding

Ultimate Frisbee Aidan, Bea, Ben, Daniel, Grant

  • It’s a real sport, it’s co-ed
  • It’s low key and it’s fun
  • Totally fine if you’ve never played before
  • Disc is life

Volleyball – Coach Blakeley

  • Final call for men’s volleyball – if

Men’s Lacrosse – Ryan

  • If you’re interested in playing men’s lacrosse, we’re having a meeting at the end of the morning meeting by the piano

Latinos Unidos – Kyra Garcia

  • There was a school shooting in Mexico
    • 3 in critical condition and the shooter shot himself
    • Shooter was a 15 year old student with depression
  • Sad that this kind of news doesn’t percolate to the US media
  • Asking for a moment of silence

Asia Club/DivCo – Amy Lin

  • Collaborative fundraiser project
  • Selling wristbands that say HRS stands for hope respect safety
  • Money goes to ACLU and Standing Rock

Lion Dance Lunch Friday

  • Having a lion dance presentation Friday at lunch in the lower school
  • You’re welcome to go

Practicum today

  • 9th – academic advising kick-off
  • 10th – civic engagement
  • 11th – college counseling Naviance
  • 12th – Charis (Community Room)

Summer Opportunities Assembly – Ms. Feidelman

  • In 6 months, it’ll be summer 2017
  • We’re gonna have a short assembly and then have a bunch of presenters come to talk about their programs
    • To be a presenter, the program has to provide financial aid, so they all have financial aid possibilities
    • The assembly will also provide ideas for a free summer

Spring Spirit

  • Keep in mind that there will be spirit events in the spring
  • Think about the annual lip sync
  • February is coming and spirit week will be right after the February break
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Morning Meeting 1-26-2017 Thursday