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Trump’s First 100 Days (so far)

Nathan Johnson, Reporter

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Trump’s presidency has certainly had a controversial start to say the least. It’s hard to keep track of all the things that have been said about the new president; however, it is imperative that people look at both sides of every controversy.

The most shocking and seemingly absurd controversy comes in the form of the “wiretap scandal.” Essentially Trump accused former president Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump tower and other Trump campaign assets while the election was going on. However, there is no hard evidence that this happened. In fact, the FBI has stated that this is completely false and have not found any evidence that this happened at all. Former President Obama’s spokesperson, Kevin Lewis, said “A cardinal rule of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice…..As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.” Even if former President Obama did want to wiretap Trump, any federal judge would only have approved such a warrant if he or she had found probable cause that Trump had committed a federal crime or was a foreign agent. President Obama would not have had the power to order or even interfere with a wiretapping investigation. Such an investigation would be conducted by the Department of Justice which operates independently from the White House. If President Trump’s claims were to be unequivocally debunked, it could deal a huge blow to an administration that is still reeling from the firing of National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

While one cannot technically prove a negative, it is likely that this was somewhat of a baseless accusation. However it does leave to question, “How does the FBI know that Trump’s staff was speaking to the Russians about sanctions before the administration took office?” While these are technically slightly different time frames, it would still stand to reason that somehow the US Government bugged Trump. It is also possible that someone within the White House has been leaking information. Nothing is clear however, due to the nature of the claims, hence the controversy.

Trump has already green lit his signature campaign promise: the wall. However, many people are claiming it is racist and un-american . Furthermore, Trump is reevaluating immigration standards across the board leaving proponents of open borders and comprehensive immigration reform upset. While it is a perfectly reasonable and tenable position to want looser rules on immigration, it must be said that it is completely within a nation’s authority to police it’s borders. Also, it is certainly within its rights to harshly vet and even completely ban people from the entering the country. In January, Trump signed two executive orders directing the construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border, boosting border patrol forces and increasing the number of immigration enforcement officers who carry out deportations. The orders also call for stripping sanctuary cities of federal grant funding and announced sweeping new criteria that could make many more undocumented immigrants priorities for deportation. As of this posting, no actions have been taken by the US Government to get The Mexican Government to help fund the wall. Whether these things are in the best interest for the country remains to be seen. 

Possibly the least exciting, but still controversial is Trump’s budget proposal. The subject of controversy revolves around Trump’s decisions to significantly cut funding to the EPA, certain arts programs, and other domestic programs to increase the overall US military budget by 10 percent. Support for such “do more with less” budget proposal has largely partisan.

Politics, as usual, remains complicated a little over the halfway mark of President Trump’s first 100 days. As we forge ahead into the second half of President Trump’s first hundred days in office and all the days of his presidency that will follow, it is important to remained informed citizens that seek to study the complexities of the issues that shape our world.

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Trump’s First 100 Days (so far)