Breaking School Records

Sofiya Lyall, Reporter

Despite a lack of publicity, student athletes at Head Royce have indeed been breaking records this year. Our swim and track team have both been particularly strong. Three individual athletes, Joshua Soltz, Isaac Teuscher, and Victoria Staples recount some of their victories this year:


Q: Talk about a bit about your record breaking:

Joshua Soltz: I broke the record in the 100 back for swimming, we have a really good team this year, its six core guys who are really carrying the team this year, to give us a shot at finally beating CPS.


Josh attributes his success to doing more work during the off season, he says that swimming during the off season has really changed the results he is getting. He also says that targeted workouts from his coach have really improved his skills: “the start and the turns that I’ve had to work on, she [my coach] has given me a lot of tips on”. Josh initially broke the record last year, and then set both a personal and school record by beating it again this year.


Q: What was your exact time for the 100?

Joshua Soltz: Last year I set it at a minute and four seconds and then was able to bring it down to a minute and 2 and a half seconds.


Victoria Staples, a long jumper for our track team has also had a particularly impressive break this season, she says: “It was kind of surprising because I’ve had shin splints all this season so I haven’t been practicing as much as I want to”. Despite this, she too broke both her personal record and the school’s. She attributes this to her father who has been coaching her for six years.


Q: How far did you jump?

Victoria Staples: I jumped a seventeen two and the record was sixteen four.


Another member of the track team, Isaac Teuscher has broken records in his own right. As a team, he says that the track team has been looking at going to more competitive invitationals and has been working with Carl Kadlic, the new coach. He attributes his own success to racing against faster competition, which he says has “helped me to drop my times”.


Q: When/ where did you set the school record?

Isaac Teuscher: I set the school record at a race in Dublin where there’s a thousand or two thousand kids, so it’s kind of crazy but since there were so many people in my race, everyone was about my speed so I was just able to settle into my pace and kind of relax and just run my race.


This is particularly impressive, because running is quite a competitive and individual sport and Head Royce is not a D1 team. However, going to bigger invitationals and having a very strong coach has made the track team excel. Both Victoria Staples and Josh soltz are sophomores and therefore have two more years to continue to improve with our teams. Isaac Teuscher is a junior, and therefore has one more year to continue the hard work.