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Sydney Lee, Reporter

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Students were highly anticipating the release of school for spring break, but it seemed that a handful of students took their leave a few days early. The School typically hosts trips over spring break, and this year, there were three different destinations: Ashland, Peru, and Hawaii.


1) Why did you want to go to Ashland?

I have loved theater ever since I was very young and have a season pass to a local production company, Cal Shakes. Thus, I am very interested in the world class plays presented in Ashland and Shakespeare in general. I actually have been going to Ashland for two years prior to this, but I went with my family and not the school. I have relatives that live in Ashland, so I can catch up with them there. I went to the school this time as I wanted to experience it with people my age this time, and I have many friends who were going. I will be back this summer to see more plays with my family though. Also, I took Shakespeare with Dr. Enelow, and one of the plays that we discussed I got to see live (King Henry IV part 1).


2) What did you do?

We saw 4 plays and had meetings with 2 different actors where we got to ask them questions. The rest of the time was freeform, and we got almost complete freedom.


3) Who ran the trip?

Stevie, Ms. Math, and Mr. Barankin


4) How many people went?

13 people. Sophia Maxine Kojima, Simone Stevens, Xena Wolf, Adriana Celaya, Avery Lemoine, Alycia Filoteo, Blythe Rinehart-Pimentel, Eva Keker, Kate Van Riper, La’a Anthony, Sydney Stewart, Michaela Thomas, and Tara Crymble.


5) What were some takeaways you had?

  1.  a) While most of us gave a standing ovation to every play, the Barankin family was super picky about what they would stand for.
  2.  b) There are some dang good plays in Ashland.
  3.  c) If you’re going you NEED to see King Henry IV part 1


English teachers Stevie Kaplan, ___ Math, and former teacher Mr. Barankin led a group of 13 people to Ashland, Oregon, where the students watched a series of four plays and had the opportunity to ask a couple actors questions. Junior Simone Stevens, a big fan of theater, recalls King Henry IV Part I as one of the favorite plays she watched during the trip.   Other than watching the plays, the students were free to explore the area on their own.  

Junior Simone Stevens is no stranger to Ashland, as she has gone for two years prior to her visit over spring break, and as a fan of theater, she highly recommends watching King Henry IV Part I.

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The School’s Trips