Race Project: Poll

Sydney Lee, Copy Editor

The presidential election of 2016 has sparked nationwide discussions and issues surrounding race and inclusivity. The conversations have challenged the meaning of race and  showed society how flawed and segregated communities are. I surveyed the Upper School asking various questions about race and tolerance at Head Royce and overall community, and the answers I received provided a variety of eye opening feedback.

What struck me were the responses I received about a question: Do you think race is talked about enough? If not, what is missing? Even though most of the responses I received agreed that race was discussed enough at school, an overwhelming majority also conceded that the discussions were lacking in diversity of thought.  As a whole, these students believe that the conversations at the school are “one dimensional” and only present examples of discrimination with one race.  Some students expressed frustration about the discussions excluding certain ethnic groups and focusing solely on African American discrimination.  They suggested that Head Royce’s discussions include more ethnic groups so there is more diversity of thought.  

There were also a handful of students who believed that the discussions at Head Royce, while abundant, were just that.  Even though the students are constantly listening to the lectures about race, the students believe that action has not been taken within the Head Royce community to eliminate discrimination.

Head Royce’s discussions about race have deeply impacted me.  Before coming to Head Royce, I had not been exposed to issues about race or sexuality, and I believe that the school has done a good job laying down the foundation for change.  However, like some of the students expressed in the poll, I believe that more action needs to be taken in order to be the difference we want to see in the community outside of Head Royce.  As one student concisely puts it, “instead of only criticizing the world as it is now, we should create the world we want to live in.”