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New Year Horoscope

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New Year Horoscope

Julia Brennan, Reporter/ Web Staff

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

School: Good things are to come to you, Capricorn, in your academic life. Your ambition and determination will pay off in the new year. Although, be careful to not let your workaholic side take over. Be sure to take a break and treat yo’ self! If you have a group project, don’t let your sometimes “stubborn” personality get in the way.

Social: You can be a bit shy sometimes, but your best of friends always know how to open you up. As you get older, stress grows larger, so make sure moodiness doesn’t get in the way. Likewise, stress can make you only think about your own problems sometimes, so try to listen to your friends’ problems while keeping your own sanity.

Love: Although you are known to not act impulsively, you are known to act in any way to get what you want. If there has been someone that you have had your eye on for awhile, make the first move! If the time is right, act on your impulses. Sometimes you can be pessimistic, but take an opportunity to look on the bright side regarding your love life. You may have not had the best of luck in the past, but 2018 is your year!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

School: Your curious personality will come in handy during the school year. Not only does your curiosity drive you, so does your creativity. Strive to make your classmates and teachers think outside the box to see a new perspective. Your modern mentality is especially helpful in humanity classes in which you can test the boundaries of right and wrong.

Social: By nature, you are very friendly and have a positive quality to you. Your vibe draws people in, especially if they are looking for some laughs. You are very truthful which is good, but it can also come off as frank and insensitive. Be sure that your truthfulness doesn’t come off as detached either.  New friends are always in the horizon for you, Aquarius, just be sure to always think of others’ feelings.

Love: Your affectionate personality is always helpful when it comes to your love life. People want to be around you and talk to you, so a little flirting is easy to slip in. New love is on the horizon. Significant others come and go, so this year try something more long term and committed. You tend to be unpredictable, which could be a good trait to always keep people on their toes. It could also come off as detached and immature, so be sure to find a happy medium. Compatible signs: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

School: This year is going to be difficult for you, Pisces, so you need to go against your character and be driven and ambitious. Don’t worry, your wise and intuitive self will carry you through it. We all know how much you love your sleep, so never risk your full eight hours for an assignment. Make sure to keep your patience with know-it-alls, as they might be your biggest help in this upcoming school year.

Social: You are very compassionate and gentle, so people love to be near you in times of sadness. Be careful, though, because one of your strengths and weaknesses is being a martyr. Don’t let people abuse your good-listener abilities and make sure it’s a two-way friendship. All of your friends are very unique and different because you are so friendly, you attract people from all different backgrounds.

Love: You are very artistic, so look for a future love interest in your field of passion. Whether it’s in your music class or at a concert, your new romance is out there! You are never judgemental and always forgiving, but don’t let those characteristics stand in the way of noticing when something is wrong and standing up for yourself. If your S.O. is acting fishy, don’t hesitate to find the truth.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

School: Lucky for you, Aries, you do not like delays. So use that trait to your greatest abilities and try to not procrastinate. Start the second semester on the right foot! Your leadership skills will come in handy during group projects and you will make sure everyone stays on task. You are also very determined which will help you keep up your hard work and solid grades in the difficult semester to come.

Social: Your enthusiastic and optimistic personality makes people want to be around you. You make everyone feel energized and happy. Although, you can also be quite moody and short tempered, so try to keep that under control. Being friends with you is a wild ride, but be sure to keep everything in moderation so you don’t scare off new friends.  

Love:  You are naturally brave and not scared to take risks, so incorporate those traits into your love life! Your courageous and confident personality will help you find a new S.O., but don’t be impatient. Your impulsiveness might take you down the wrong path, so stick with it until you find someone that you are drawn to and someone that you can share your passionate self with.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

School: This is your academic year, Taurus! You’re very responsible which will help with a heavier workload. You are also very stable, so a bump in the road won’t completely throw you off track. Lastly, you are very reliable for yourself and for others. People count on you to never let them down!

Social: You are someone who prefers a small, tightly knit group of friends rather than a large, less close group. You like the practicality and reliability the group ensues. You may be a bit stubborn, so be sure to not make your friends feel attacked or disconnected from you. Don’t be alarmed- you are a great long term friend. You like to commit to your friendships and your devotion proves that you deserve to be in those people’s lives.

Love: You love romance and you believe that everyone should always be surrounded by love. You usually love long term relationships because you are a very devoted partner, but this year might include more fun flings. You can be a bit possessive and uncompromising, which may frighten your partner. So be sure to keep more of an “easy going” attitude, especially during a low commitment relationship.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

School: Although you’re not the biggest fan of routine, school is important. You are very curious and you have an ability to learn quickly, so that helps you stay engaged in the classroom. You can also be very thoughtful when you want to, so be sure to add in your ideas in your classes. I know you usually feel like you are wasting your time in class, and there are so many other things you could be doing, but be sure to think about the future more than the present in certain situations.

Social: You are extremely sociable and always surrounded by friends. Fun is your middle name! Your love of communicating with others and chatting about literally anything makes everyone love you even more. You do have a tendency to have slight mood swings. Sometimes you can be like two different people. Inconsistency can be fun and unpredictable for your friends, but it can also be quite confusing.

Love: If you have had a love interest in mind for awhile but you were not sure if you should pursue them- go for it! Don’t let your indecisive tendencies get in the way. You might as well just try out the new experience. If you decide that you are not feeling it, be sure to back out sooner rather than later. You do not like routine, so make sure to switch things up in your relationship and make things unique.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

School: You’re imagination may get the best of you in class sometimes, whether it’s zoning out or simply talking with your friends about something very off topic. Use your imagination for the better! Impress your peers with unique and interesting ideas that none of them have ever thought of before. You are also very persuasive, so maybe instead of trying to get your teacher to bump your grade up, try out debate or an analytical writing class.

Social: You are very sympathetic, Cancer, which is an important trait to have in a friendship. You have a tendency to be a bit moody, so if you’re in a bad mood, be careful to not take it out on your friends. You become very attached to your close friends and will do anything for them. You like to be approached with care, so find people who will be there for you and not take you for granted. You may be a good listener and someone that is more than happy to listen to others’ problems, but make sure they reciprocate your care.

Love: You are destined to be with someone and treat them well. You are highly emotional and sensitive, so you are comfortable with opening up and getting close to your S.O., which is usually difficult for you. You may have just ended a fling, but love is around the corner! Your loyalty is very strong, so trust is never an issue in a relationship with you. Family is very important to you, Cancer, so be sure to find someone who is close with their family and will like yours.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

School: Oh, Leo, school is not your favorite. Regardless, you always find a way to do well. You do have a tendency to be a bit arrogant and lazy, but many enjoy being in class with you. You could be described as the “class clown” and everyone loves your cheerful attitude. We all know you love to be admired, Leo, so use it in the classroom! Take advantage of your capabilities and be the best one in there.

Social: You are very generous and warm-hearted, Leo, which makes making friends not difficult for you. You are a natural born leader! Not only are you generous, you are very loyal. Your loyalty makes people trust you and want to spill all their secrets to you. This year is going to be tough for everyone, so if your friends have been a bit distant, don’t think they are ignoring you (which you absolutely hate). Be careful with jumping to conclusions. Also be careful to not let your ego get in the way of right and wrong.

Love: Leo, you are very self confident and difficult to resist. It is very rare for you to not have a person of interest in your horizon. Although, if someone isn’t treating you like royalty, don’t think twice about kicking them to the curb! Leo, you deserve the very best- don’t forget that. You hate facing difficult reality, whether that’s confrontation or admitting you were in the wrong. Be sure to not let this get in the way of important relationships.

Virgo (August 23 – september 22)

School: You do not need to worry about this school year, Virgo. You are very hardworking and analytical, so school is a breeze. However, make sure to avoid all work and no play. Find a way to blow off some steam whether it’s catching up on sleep, watching your favorite show, or hanging out with your best friend. You also have an issue with asking for help which can be very problematic. This trait could get you a bit behind if you are unsure on a concept.

Social: You are a very kind person, but some may not be able to see that because you can be a bit shy. Meet some new friends this year! Find someone in a class to sit with that you would usually never expect to be friends with. Remember to not be judgemental of yourself or others because that would restrict you. And, of course, avoid rude people because you over anyone else cannot stand people without basic manners.

Love: You are very loyal, so you would be a great partner. Virgo, you may be a bit self critical and shy, but that is no reason for you to hide in the shadows and avoid center stage! Find that other person who will make your heart flutter because you deserve it after all your hard work. You tend to be a bit on the conservative side, so let loose!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

School: Libra, your cooperative personality always helps you in the classroom. Not only does it keep you focused and ready to learn, but it helps you follow directions well. If you get a bad grade on a test, make sure to not wallow in sadness because you tend to be a victim of self-pity. You love sharing with others, but don’t let people take advantage of your hard work and look at your papers.

Social: You are a very social person, Libra. You love talking to people and meeting new friends. You hate being alone and you are always surrounded by people you trust. Although, you do have a problem with holding a grudge. If your good friend made a mistake, give them the benefit of the doubt and let it go. You also have problems with confrontation. If someone does something that bothers you, don’t hold a grudge without telling them what they did. Talk to them and sort things out.

Love: You are a very partner-based person. You love having someone that mirrors you as a person. A serious relationship does not seem to be in your immediate future, but seek out someone that you enjoy being with that is similar to you. Although it may not be a committed relationship, there is definitely that spark between you two that gives you butterflies.  

Scorpio (october 23 – November 21)

School: School isn’t your favorite activity, but determined and decisive personality is beneficial towards your work. You also have a stubborn side to you and you will research anything to prove your point. You are a very factual person, which is especially helpful in history classes. You hate dishonesty, so if you see someone cheating on a test, be sure to do the right thing and either talk to them or an adult.

Social: Your friends admire you because of your honesty and fairness. You have a fun, quick-wit that always entertains your peers. If a friend lets you down, be sure to give them a second chance. It may be hard considering you expect your friends to be very loyal (since you possess that characteristic), but try giving them the benefit of the doubt. You never know who may be there for you when you are in need of forgiveness.

Love: You are extremely passionate and honest, which are perfect traits for a perfect partner. You are also willing to be dedicated to your relationship and will find ways to put your significant other first in your priorities. You do have a hard time trusting someone, so be careful when entering a serious relationship. Make sure you know everything about them that you need to know before diving into the deep end. You also have a tendency to be a bit jealous, so keep your partner sane and avoid accusing them of acts they didn’t commit.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

School: Sagittarius, your curiosity drives you to be a better student in the classroom. You love philosophy, so if you are a junior, Western Civ is probably your class. Although, be sure that you do not fill up your schedule too much. You tend to promise more than you can deliver. You can fix this by not procrastinating, or simply saying no to unnecessary tasks.

Social: Your hilarious sense of humor always brings people near you when they need a good laugh. Also, you are a very generous person. People want to be near you and energetic vibe. You also have a serious side in which you like to discuss the meaning of life and the rights and wrongs of the world. You are quite an extrovert and you would prefer being with your besties than by yourself in your room.

Love: Your love life has always been a wild ride. It’s full of twists and turns, but that’s just because people always want to be the lucky person to be your S.O. Your playful and humorous personality is very attractive to interested prospects. You have an open personality that you wish for your partner to reciprocate. When love is amongst you, your fear of commitment fully disappears and you become loyal and dedicated.


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