Super Bowl Predictions!!

Lily Richards, Sports Reporter

It’s official guys! The two teams competing for the LII Super Bowl will be the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. After losing their star quarterback late in the season, the Eagles have persevered and pulled out a clutch win against the 10-6 Atlanta Falcons and a nice blow out against the 13-3 Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots started off the playoffs by destroying the young 9-7 Tennessee Titans, then making a tremendous comeback against the 10-6 Jacksonville Jaguars. It will be exciting to see the energetic, young, and power-packed Eagles offense go against the experienced, cool, and collected Patriots offense. If the Patriots want to win, they need to get pressure on Nick Foles, the quarterback who stepped up in Week 13 after Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL. They need to force Foles to make a good pass in a collapsing pocket. The Eagles’ strategy should be to shut down the slot. The Patriots kill teams with Amendola and Cooks catching short passes in the slot so if their offense is forced to look downfield or run, the Patriots offense will turn inconsistent. All things considered, my prediction would be the Patriots. It is hard to imagine a Super Bowl that does not include Tom Brady lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. However, you can never underestimate the power of a young, spirited, and motivated team like the Eagles.