2019 Super Bowl Break Down

Winston Ingalls, Reporter

Whether it is for the snacks, commercials, halftime performance, prop bets, spending time with friends and family, or the game itself, over 100,000,000 Americans will gather round to watch the Patriots and Rams battle it out in Super Bowl this Sunday. The contrast between the teams is large, so it will make for interesting sequences. Either a blowout game or one that goes to overtime is very possible. 62% of experts think the more experienced Patriots will win, and 75% of the 16 students I asked about the Super Bowl’s outcome thought New England was favored as well. All but one of the people I interviewed thought the winning team’s quarterback would win MVP.  

While the Patriots have much less raw talent and firepower than the Rams, I think the Patriots veteran core of Brady, Gronkowski, White, and Edelman will be able to hold on; however, if the Rams star DT Aaron Donald can get in Brady’s face and force him out of the pocket, the Rams will win easily. The likely Defensive Player of the Year has over 20 sacks this season and 91 quarterback pressures. The Rams offense is way too strong to be held to a low score, so the larger question is will the Pats offense be able to keep up. We will have to see how the younger Rams team holds up against the pressure and noise, but, in the end, I think Brady is too consistent and strong to lose.

As far as non-football related things go, the most popular game day foods are potato chips and chicken wings, and the average American gains 6 pounds during the week around the game. For commercial lovers, the front runners this year include Pepsi’s with Steve Carrell, Bubly’s starring singer Michele Bublé, and Doritos’ with Chance and the Backstreet Boys will be some of the funniest so far and will try to surpass last year’s favorites. This year’s halftime show will be shared by Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi, but the show will be more controversial this year than most. The NFL initially asked Rihanna if she would perform, but she turned the offer down to support Colin Kaepernick and the #takeaknee movement. Many other artists encouraged Maroon 5 and Travis Scott to step down, and they both have received mixed reactions from the media.

No matter what you’re interested in, I would encourage everyone to get together with friends this weekend and watch the game with friends and family… it should be a good one.