Avengers Endgame Reaction

Remy Sirimongkolvit, Assistant Web Editor

A year ago I walked out of the movie theater in shambles after seeing half of my favorite heroes being dusted out of existence by the mad Titan Thanos. Since that very moment, I have been anxiously waiting for the epic conclusion. A year later, after reading countless fan theories and talking to fellow fans, the week of the premier arrived. I had to constantly dodge and avoid malicious people trying to spoil the movie (cough cough Will Yeh), but finally, the time arrived and I drove to the movie theater to embark on an emotional thrill ride. I made it a point not to drink anything that day so that I would not have to go to the bathroom during the movie because that is shunned upon by the community. I chanted to myself “I will not go to the bathroom, I will not go to the bathroom” as the movie began, but I almost lost it as I witnessed the first scene. Each scene sparked an unimaginable amount of excitement in me that I almost went into comatose. However, these initial scenes were nothing compared to the rest of the movie. Words cannot even explain the feeling of amazement I experienced while enduring the rest of this cinematic journey. At the point where I thought I had had enough, they hit me again with one of the greatest Marvel moments ever followed by one that absolutely shook everyone. Never ever have I cried so much during a movie. I was disoriented by the sheer emotions that I lost feeling in all my limbs and almost ate it walking out of the theater. I had to cover my face so that the masses wouldn’t see the rivers flowing from my eyes. Endgame is not a movie, it is a cinematic journey that beautifully rounds up the decade profound movies. I loved it 3000.