Local Restaurants and How to Support Them


Hayden Thompson, Reporter

In an attempt to curb the coronavirus pandemic, many states have mandated the closure of non-essential bars, restaurants, and local businesses. As businesses try to navigate this crisis, here are some ways you can help your local restaurants from going out of business while still staying at home.


  1. Order take-out

Just because you can’t eat at your favorite restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that restaurant’s delicious food. One option is to pick up a meal or delivery. If you’re craving Chick-fil-a or Bay Area favorite, Zachary’s Pizza, they are still offering takeout and delivery, as well as several other local businesses. Many delivery services are offering to waive the fees for orders placed by essential workers and are also willing to send someone a meal as well. Please remember to tip your delivery person extra, as gratitude for their work. 


  1. Buy gift cards

Support restaurants now and dine at them later by purchasing a gift card. When you buy one, the funds go directly to the restaurant. So make sure to stock up on holiday and birthday gifts for your family and friends. When the restaurants open back up, it will almost feel like you’re eating for free!


  1. Buy some merchandise

You can support your local business far beyond just buying food. Many of these places offer cool merchandise, such as tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, or comfortable sweatshirts. Even after the shelter in place is over, you’ll still be able to utilize these items and your purchase could have helped keep a business up and running. It sounds like a win-win situation to me!


  1. Make a donation

Many local businesses have set up Go-Fund-Me pages to raise money for their workers and to keep the business running. Any donation, big or small, could really help, so check to see if there are any local businesses you could donate to.