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Week Three Fantasy Football 2017

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Week Three was the most exciting week yet. It was full of great teams just squeaking by some trash teams: the Colts barely beat the Browns 31-28; the Packers beat the Bengals 27-24; and the Patriots beat the Texans 36-33. There are also a great number of breakout players that played exceptionally. In all, it was just a great week for football.

Luckily, there were not many injuries in Week Three. Kelvin Benjamin is questionable for Week Four after hurting his knee during the loss against the Saints. The MRI revealed no structural damage to the knee, but the Panthers are hesitant about letting him play. Tyler Eifert (back) and John Ross (knee) missed last game and are questionable for next week’s game against the Browns. Julio Jones left the game briefly with a back injury, but he is expected to return next week and continue practicing.

Here are some of the breakouts of Week Three, and there are quite a few of them:

Russell Wilson a sensational game against the Titans. He threw for 373 yards and rushed for an extra 26 of the team’s total of 69. He also threw for four touchdowns to four different receivers. He averaged almost 13 yards per reception. He also had 49 pass attempts, illustrating how much faith Pete Carroll has in him to lead the team in the absence of Thomas Rawls.

Brandin Cooks was terrific against the Texans on Sunday. He had 131 yards of receiving, averaging over 26 yards per reception. He also caught two touchdowns, one of which put the Patriots up 36-33 with less than 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter. He showed off his focus, coordination, and awareness as he barely kept his toes in bounds before tumbling out. After a disappointing game against his old team, the Saints, he was determined to prove that he can step up and fill the void that Julian Edelman left open, and he succeeded.

Eli Manning played incredible in the loss to the Eagles this Sunday. He threw for 366 yards and three touchdowns while throwing at a completion percentage of 74%. He also threw a 77 yard bomb to Sterling Shepard. He gave almost four receivers 45 or more yards of receiving. Also, the Giants had a total of 49 yards of rushing combined, which means that passing is the main offensive strategy. This will result in more passing plays, therefore more yards, and touchdowns.

T.Y. hilton played out of this world on Sunday, taking advantage of the garbage Browns secondary. He was a monster with 153 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 22 yards per reception, and only missed two out of his nine targets. His performance is especially impressive given that he wasn’t playing with his normal quarterback; instead of catching passes from the great quarterback Andrew Luck, he played this incredible game while catching passes from the backup Jacoby Brissett. He hasn’t played terrible in his first two games, but he did not play like the elite wide receiver he just proved he is capable of being.

Another receiver that played like crazy without his usual quarterback is Stefon Diggs. He came off his disappointing Week Two game hard and strong. Diggs had 173 yards of receiving and caught two touchdowns to push the Vikings past the Buccaneers. He had eight receptions and was targeted 11 times. He had almost 80 yards more than the second leading receiver in the game. Weighing just over 190 pounds, Diggs is using his speed to dash past defensive backs and using it to his advantage.

Demarco Murray finally decided to come out of hibernation! After a completely embarrassing start to the season, where he rushed for 69 yards in both weeks combined, Murray came out and bulldozed the rock hard Seahawks defense. He rushed for 115 yards on 14 carries, averaging over 10 yards per touch. He also ran for a 75 yard touchdown, making the Seahawks defense look like they were on rollerblades. He is still fighting for carries with Derrick Henry, but after this game, it looks like he will be the solid RB1.

Another notable superstar was Kirk Cousins. He threw for 365 yards against the fiasco that was the Raiders defense on Sunday. He also threw for three touchdowns to three different receivers. He had a monstrous completion percentage of 83% and averaged almost 15 yards per completion. He threw zero interceptions and gave four of his receivers 50 yards or more. I have always considered Cousins an elite quarterback in the league, and this game may make others see him that way as well.

Chris Thompson confused us all as to what position he plays with his game on Sunday. While he only had 38 yards of rushing, he lead the game with 150 yards of receiving and a receiving touchdown. He only had eight carries all game, and it is unclear whether they will implement him more as a back or a receiver who can catch passes out of the backfield. Either way, he has proven himself to be a crucial member of the Redskins offense.

There are so many players that played remarkable in Week Three, but sadly there is not enough space to include them all. It would be a crime to not acknowledge their excellence, so here are some honorable mentions: Todd Gurley with 149 all purpose yards and three touchdowns; Dalvin Cook with 169 all purpose yards and a touchdown; Pierre Garcon with 142 yards of receiving; Kareem Hunt with 172 yards of rushing and a touchdown; Larry Fitzgerald with 149 yards of receiving and a touchdown; Jordan Howard with 164 all purpose yards and two touchdowns; Case Keenum with 369 yards and three touchdowns; and of course, Tom Brady with his incredible 378 yards, five touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

Here are some of the busts of Week Three:

Literally anyone on the Ravens. That is all there is to say about that.

Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch, and Amari Cooper all did not play up to their standards against the mediocre Redskins defense. Carr threw for only 118 yards and two interceptions, one of which was his first throw of the game. Lynch only rushed for 18 yards on six carries with no touchdowns. Cooper had a mere 6 yards of receiving with one reception and five targets. I would not be worried about those three later in the season though. Every team has their atrocious games. I believe that they can bounce back strong next week.

Dez Bryant is completely underperformed against the Cardinals on Sunday night. He had 12 yards of receiving and was only targeted twice all game. One target was for a gain of 15 yards, and the other was for a loss of three. He struggled against the rock solid Cardinals secondary and was visibly agitated. The problem with players with as much emotion and passion as Bryant, is they often fall apart when someone gets into their head.

Week Three amazed football fans with its number of breakout stars. If you have any of these people on your team but are afraid of their inconsistency, just remember what they are capable of doing and maybe take a risk in Week Four.


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The School’s Trips

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Students were highly anticipating the release of school for spring break, but it seemed that a handful of students took their leave a few days early. The School typically hosts trips over spring break, and this year, there were three different destinations: Ashland, Peru, and Hawaii.


1) Why did you want to go to Ashland?

I have loved theater ever since I was very young and have a season pass to a local production company, Cal Shakes. Thus, I am very interested in the world class plays presented in Ashland and Shakespeare in general. I actually have been going to Ashland for two years prior to this, but I went with my family and not the school. I have relatives that live in Ashland, so I can catch up with them there. I went to the school this time as I wanted to experience it with people my age this time, and I have many friends who were going. I will be back this summer to see more plays with my family though. Also, I took Shakespeare with Dr. Enelow, and one of the plays that we discussed I got to see live (King Henry IV part 1).


2) What did you do?

We saw 4 plays and had meetings with 2 different actors where we got to ask them questions. The rest of the time was freeform, and we got almost complete freedom.


3) Who ran the trip?

Stevie, Ms. Math, and Mr. Barankin


4) How many people went?

13 people. Sophia Maxine Kojima, Simone Stevens, Xena Wolf, Adriana Celaya, Avery Lemoine, Alycia Filoteo, Blythe Rinehart-Pimentel, Eva Keker, Kate Van Riper, La’a Anthony, Sydney Stewart, Michaela Thomas, and Tara Crymble.


5) What were some takeaways you had?

  1.  a) While most of us gave a standing ovation to every play, the Barankin family was super picky about what they would stand for.
  2.  b) There are some dang good plays in Ashland.
  3.  c) If you’re going you NEED to see King Henry IV part 1


English teachers Stevie Kaplan, ___ Math, and former teacher Mr. Barankin led a group of 13 people to Ashland, Oregon, where the students watched a series of four plays and had the opportunity to ask a couple actors questions. Junior Simone Stevens, a big fan of theater, recalls King Henry IV Part I as one of the favorite plays she watched during the trip.   Other than watching the plays, the students were free to explore the area on their own.  

Junior Simone Stevens is no stranger to Ashland, as she has gone for two years prior to her visit over spring break, and as a fan of theater, she highly recommends watching King Henry IV Part I.

Advice to Second Semester Juniors

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Dear Juniors,


You feel tired, stressed, over-worked, and overwhelmed. Days have begun to blend together, school to sports to homework to sleep to school, and you are smack in the middle of it all. Having recently completed Junior year at the School, I know how you’re feeling, and I’m here to help. The following is a compilation of advice, from a previously over-worked and overwhelmed Junior, for how to complete the remainder of the year as smoothly and successfully as possible.

First, find a space where you work well. For me, this space is the Orinda Public Library. I’m no physicist (Bio and Neuro all the way!), but I truly believe that time passes slower within the library’s walls. Assignments that would normally take an hour are done within minutes. I work best with a table, a lamp, a chair, earplugs, and silence. Find your place, whether it’s your bed with Spotify in the background, or your kitchen table among your family members.

Next, sleep. I’ve completed dozens of school weeks on four to five hours of sleep per night. It’s possible, but it’s more stressful and less efficient. Although working until one or two a.m. allows for more homework time, it’s ultimately not worth it. The curriculum may seem insurmountable, but it is not so vast as to require keeping such late hours. You can go to bed at ten or eleven p.m. every night; it just takes discipline, prioritization, and organization. I recently started using an app called Sleep Cycle, which allows you to track different characteristics of your sleep including length and quality. Moreover, you can set daily “sleep notes” to fill out right before going to bed (these only take ten seconds) including eating habits, water intake, and athletic activities. Sleep notes both help determine if certain factors of your day are affecting how you sleep and serve as positive reinforcement. For example, one of my sleep notes is “Productive and Efficient,” and it always feels really good to be able to click “yes” after a busy day. I’d definitely recommend giving the app a try, plus it’s free!

Work around your commitments (literally). If you had plans to see your friend but haven’t finished your math homework, bring it to their house (they probably haven’t done it either). If you’re going to a concert on a school night, read your Western Civ passage on Bart. Studying with friends or out of your normal spaces is not always as successful, but you may find that it works for you.

Hydrate. Between all of your commitments, you are undoubtedly exhausted, so give your body what it needs. Try to drink eight cups (64 oz.) (two nalgenes) of water every day. Your mood, physical and mental fatigue, and efficiency will improve. Bring a water bottle to every class.

Take your new responsibilities seriously, such as standardized testing, APs, and college workshops. These duties constitute the main difference between Sophomore and Junior Year. The amount of work does not dramatically increase; it’s all the extra stuff that you have to do on top of it that makes school harder. It’s easy to put such duties off, especially when some of it may seem superfluous; however, all your dedication will pay off. It’s the small things that lay the foundation for what is to come.

One successful way to tackle Junior year is to establish a routine, which has been the main focus of this article thus far. Routines, however, can quickly become overbearing. Many students feel guilty or restless when they are not working, even if they are not behind. So breathe. Relax. Take a moment. Not only will you feel better, but you will probably be more productive afterwards than if you had studied the whole time.

Finally, as recently embodied by rising NBA star Joel Embiid, “trust the process.” Junior year is meant to be difficult and crazy. You’ve already completed over half of it and are all more capable than you imagine. You’ve got this! Hang in there.




The Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

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Plastic bottles are being sold around the world every single day.  They are easily attainable in grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations.  However, there has been a recent concern about the safety of these water bottles. In fact, there could be a connection between drinking out of plastic water bottles and contracting cancer.

There are three hazards commonly found in plastic water bottles: Bisphenol A (BPA), Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and Phthalates. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that plastic water bottle companies put into their bottles to prevent the soft bottles from cracking. However, this chemical can leach into the water when exposed to heat.  It is recognized as a cause of ovarian, prostate, and breast cancers. In addition, Bisphenol A (BPA) has been found to affect fetuses, infants and children’s brains, and prostate glands.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is another chemical compound that is used in plastic water bottles.  This chemical is free from Bisphenol A (BPA) but also has some health risks.  The water bottles have some fecal matter, saliva, and food residues in the plastic so they are hazardous when the bottles are re-used. This is a safety issue, but could be easily solved by tossing the plastic bottles into the recycling.  

Phthalates is another chemical found in plastic water bottles used to make plastic flexible.  This chemical also leaks into the water if it is there for a long period of time.  This could have some deadly side-effects: liver cancer, testicular atrophy, and sterility in males. Do you want to have kids? Don’t drink water from a plastic bottle.

It seems as if the use of plastic bottles is a fad of the past. Since recent research has unearthed some shocking evidence, I believe that more people will be aware of the dangers of chemicals leaking into their water and just toss their bottles into the recycling. The question remains: Should the School be selling plastic water bottles to its students? A good replacement for the plastic water bottles are glass water bottles, and they are a sustainable option, too.

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Morning Meeting 3-23-2017 Thursday

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  • Adulting 101
    • Top 4 speaker choices
  • GSD
    • Stories
  • Planners
    • Feedback on the HRS planners

Rebuilding Together – Mr. Vann

  • Rebuilding Together dates are April 22nd and 29th
  • If you’re interested, please sign up. You can find it on the community service page

Berkeley Men’s Shelter – Naoko and Mr. Scott

  • Last November, we organized a group to go to the Berkeley Men’s Shelter
  • We are doing it again and welcome you to come help
    • Will cook food together and share the food at the Berkeley Men’s Shelter
  • If you’re interested, talk to Ms. Keifer
    • Commit for whatever you can make
  • This coming Wednesday

Big Sean Tickets – Winnie Chen

  • Selling general admission tickets to Big Sean at the Masonic tonight
  • I can get you an uber there and back

If you lost something valuable outside of Ms. Yee’s room, I think I found it (Ms. McKenna)

Strategic Plan – Ms. Land and Mr. Thiermann

  • Spent the last year with a group of 20 people from different constituents
    • Teachers, parents, administrators, board members, etc.
  • A Strategic Plan is a map of where the school is headed and it helps the people who work here have the same agenda for the school
  • 1) teaching and learning
    • Broader conversations about how the world is changing and what the best skills are to serve students
  • 2) equity and inclusion
    • Everyone feeling like they have a place at this school
    • How to make HRS the most welcoming environment so you don’t have to worry about anything else but learning
  • 3) civic engagement
    • Partnerships within Oakland and the local Bay Area
    • Sustainability
  • 4) balance and wellbeing
    • To learn but still have lives and be healthy
    • We will have teachers shadow some of you
  • 5) financial stewardship
    • Maintaining the finances of the school to still be able to maintain the student teacher ratio while being able to provide aid to students
    • $5 million on financial aid this year

Practicum Adjustments

  • 9th graders have a study hall – Ms. V is sick
  • 10th in the MEW
    11th bio classrooms or study hall in Mr. Scott’s room if you’re not in bio
  • 12th class meeting in the library


  • Earth Day Assembly by Green Team

Politics Club and WAG –

  • Both clubs have been working together to be more engaged citizens
  • We have both been calling representatives about pressing issues
  • Today at lunch in Mr. Evans’ room, we will have a lesson on how to do this political engagement.

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Morning Meeting 3-20-2017 Monday

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My Fair Lady – Kelly Yang

  • Buy tickets for My Fair Lady
  • Please get

WAG – Lily Majteles

  • We will talk about promposals and T-shirts and our plans for the rest of the year today in WAG in the Institute

Scheduling – Dr. Brakeman

  • Registration is due tomorrow night
    • Email me or Ms. McKenna if you need more time
  • 9th graders – you do not have GOA as an official option, so if you want to take a GOA course, email me or Dr. Bradley
  • If you need a change, fill out the google form linked to the scheduling page

Adulting 101 – Ms. Feidelman

  • We are bringing some adult experts to you
  • These adult experts are HRS alumni who are in cool jobs right now
  • You will be in small groups for this
  • This will be Friday, assembly and lunch on March 31st
  • You will soon get a google form with options for requesting which session you want to be in for the adulting assembly


  • 9th – Holi in the MEW with Ms. V
    • You can also petition to throw color up in the field
  • 10th – College Counseling Office in the Community Room
  • 11th – Bio
    • If you don’t have bio, you are getting a study hall with Ms. Scott
  • 12th – Homerooms to talk about senior projects

CCO – Kate

  • 12th – Please update Naviance
  • 10th – the owner of Compass, Bruce Reed, will come talk to the 10th graders for 20 minutes
    • Then you will have a Q&A


  • Earth Day by Green Team

Robotics Presentation

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Morning Meeting 3-16-2017 Thursday

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  • No loud music on the patio except for during lunch and breaks


  • Open for office hours during lunch for juniors to talk about scheduling


  • Please submit stories to the google form we will send out for our assembly
  • We are looking for stories about instances of silencing for any part of your identity


  • 9th – Charis
  • 10th – Consent
  • 11th – Homeroom
  • 12th – Senior Project Discussions

Holi next Thursday

  • 9th grade will celebrate Holi in Practicum

Asia Club

  • Potluck tomorrow for $5

St. Patrick’s Day Tomorrow

  • Kyle and Max will wear green bandanas on their belts. Try to steal them during breaks and passing periods. If you succeed, you get a bag of chocolate coins

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Fake News (believe me, not us)

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Fake news and how to discern what news can be trusted is a hot button issue in the United States and around the world, especially in light of President Donald Trump’s own accusations directed towards the media. President Trump stated while he was running for office that he was “not running against crooked Hillary Clinton, but running against the crooked media.” His statements against the mainstream media have raised questions as to what news stories or outlets are credible. The Global Online Academy course on fake news is an interesting and accessible opportunity to explore the question of how to get reliable information through the media, an institution that is supposed to serve the public.


The course will be examining how certain news sources are biased in their political preference and how their bias can be harmful in the search for accurate information. Political bias in the news can create “expected answers” or information that is tailored to a certain point of view. Many feel that getting news that doesn’t have a political spin to it is nearly impossible. In order to find the something more neutral, one often has to check numerous sources. To this end however, it is often hard to find information that pieces together, meaning that different sources can provide entirely different answers or solutions to a common issue or event.


Although being in the classroom for this kind of an intensive course would be ideal, the teachers of the course are well versed in their curriculum and use every tool at their disposal to make the class more engaging. The lead teacher for the fake news course, Tina Bessias, is an English teacher at Durham Academy in North Carolina and is fully committed to all of her students, no matter where they live. Furthermore, another advantage of being in a GOA course is that there are students from different parts of the United States and different parts of the world. This is particularly valuable for a study on Fake News as we are able to engage with students that have different ideas and experiences shaped by the places that they live. Fake news is not limited by state or international borders, so why should the fake news course be? 


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Morning Meeting 3-13-2017 Monday

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Mens Lacrosse home game tomorrow against Stuart Hall – Sawyer and Andrew B.

  • First ever home mens lacrosse game
  • The game starts at 4 pm
  • If you’re interested in joining the team, it’s not too late

Coach Blakeley –

  • Lots of games this week
  • Thank you for everyone who came Saturday night
    • Even though our team didn’t win, I thought it was one of our best showings, not just in numbers of people but also in sportsmanship
    • Thanks for being part of a community event

Lip Sync – AJ and Maddie

  • 4th place – sophomores
  • 3rd place – juniors
  • 2nd place – freshies
  • 1st place – seniors

Prom Assassin – Maddie and Bea

  • You sign up and buy in and get assigned a person that you are supposed to kill (aka tap with a spoon or hit with a clean sock grenade)
  • The last person standing will get 2 free prom tickets

Senior Dinner

  • This Wednesday is the annual senior dinner
  • Students and staff and faculty cook and eat together

Asia Club Potluck Friday

College Counseling Office – Tania

  • 10th graders – please sign up for Testapalooza
    • Great opportunity to take a couple subject tests
    • Please set up sophomore family meetings
    • If you have questions, then you can come see us
  • 11th graders – don’t forget about Testapalooza
    • If you have not completed your junior questionnaire, it is due March 15th
  • 12th graders – let us know what’s going on, keep up us updated
  • 9th graders – we love you

Consent Training in Institute at lunch today

Scheduling – Dr. Brakeman

  • Registration is now open via your portal
  • If you want to register for a senior elective, the link to that is in the wording above your choices
  • Registration is open between today and next Tuesday, and it is not first come first serve as long as you register between now and next Tuesday

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Morning Meeting 3-9-2017 Thursday

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Coach Blakeley – come to saturday night basketball game, starts at 6 versus Bentley – thanks for turnout last night, yay win

Spirit week – seniors won, juniors second, sophomores third, 9th graders last

AP registration – if you’re in one, then you’re registered and if you’re not then talk to Davies

Jack Pfleiger – Shakespeare Monologue Contest – competed in sf

Asia Club Assembly – Ms. Yee

  • Hawaii made a statement about the Chinese exclusion act in relation to the Muslim ban
  • Tomorrow’s Asia club assembly will talk about the Chinese exclusion act
  • Stephen gong, Davis Avila’s dad, helped us get film clips from a film about this
  • Caamfest – film festival centering around Asian Americans

Scheduling – Dr. brakeman

  • starting Monday, you can request your classes for next year
  • You have a week and two days to sign up
  • Registration ends the following Tuesday
  • No first come first serve within that window of time
  • Go to portal and find report cards/scheduling link
  • Go to link that says enter requests near the top
  • Then hit edit requests
  • @current juniors – in the elective slots, you can sign up for electives or indicate where you want to double up in science or history or English (but then you need to fill out a separate google form if you’re doubling up) – make sure to have alternates
  • If you want summer bio, fill out your requests assuming you will get into summer bio
  • The link to the google form will be on the hrs scheduling website
  • 9th graders English, history, and science are fixed and 
  • Please print your net classroom sheet when you’re done filling out requests and staple it to your completely filled out course planning sheet and get your advisor to sign it and you’ll be done


  • 9 – advising
  • 10 – mew scheduling
  • 11 – community room
  • 12 – advising to talk about senior projects

Prom co – they’re selling chance tickets – see Maddy Dyke and Maddy Henry

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What You Need To Know About St. Patrick’s Day

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Alcohol, food, and the color green; all terms that are associated with the wonderful holiday we know as Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s Day falls on March 17th and is the remembrance of Christianity coming to Ireland. In fact, Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. The holiday goes by many different names including: Patrick’s Day, St. Paddys Day, St. Patty’s Day, The Feast of Saint Patrick and my personal favorite, Lá Fheile Pádraig.

St. Patrick’s Day was established as an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century. The most popular groups that celebrate this holiday are: the Catholic Church, Anglican Communion (Church of Ireland), Eastern Orthodox Church, Lutheran Church, and the people of Ireland. St. Paddy’s Day is such a special holiday that the Lenten restrictions on eating meat and drinking alcohol are lifted for the festivities. The holiday is on March 17th because it is the day St. Patrick died. When he was 16, Irish raiders kidnapped him and took him as a slave to be a shepherd. St. Patrick was enslaved for 6 years, and through his enslavement he found God. He heard God telling him to flee to the coast where there would be a ship waiting for him. When St. Patrick returned from his journey, he became a priest. Later on, St. Patrick returned to Northern Ireland to convert pagan Irish to Christianity.

However, this still doesn’t explain why the color green and shamrocks are associated with St. Paddy’s day. Green has been connected to Ireland since it became popular in the 1640s when the Irish Catholic Confederation used the green harp flag. Around the 1680s, the color green and shamrocks started to be worn on St. Paddy’s day. Green has been apart of Irish nationalism since the 1790s as it was used by the United Irishmen, a republic organization lead by protestants but comprised of mainly of Catholics. They lead a rebellion against British rule of Ireland in 1798. During that time, people who supported the Irish wore green and this is where the phrase “wearing of the green” originated.

If you don’t have any plans for St. Patrick’s, you can always go to the festival in San Francisco. The festival starts at ten in the morning and ends at five in the evening, and the parade starts at 11:30 in the morning. There is no charge for admission so if you want food, a fun time, and to wear green, you should check it out.

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Morning Meeting 3-2-2017 Thursday

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Ernesto –

  • Today is his last day
  • We really appreciate him

Sailing – Maddy Henry

  • There’s a sailing open house on Sunday at the Encinal Yacht Club
  • You can learn to sail over the summer or stuff
  • Contact me
  • We came in 4th place in the state in our last regatta

Prom Committee – Raffle for Chance Tickets –

  • Sales for raffle tickets start tomorrow
  • 1 ticket for $10, 2 tickets for $15 (raffle tickets)
  • Winning the raffle gets you the pair of Chance tickets

HRS Summer School Job

  • Submit your application to the programs office
  • It’s right down the hall in the middle school
  • Applications are due tomorrow

My Fair Lady Ticket Sales – Kelly Yang

  • Tickets are open on the portal
  • Under the fine arts link
  • Show nights, Fri 24, Sat 25, Sun 26, Mar 31, Apr 1
  • We need ushers – if you can, email me or Aidan

Interact Enterprise Institute – Ivy and Leeza

  • For juniors, a weekend business camp – for people interested in business skills
  • See us for how to apply
  • The deadline is March 10th

Ms. McKenna

  • I lost my baby Cheetah
  • If you find it, please return it to me, thanks

Drawing Business –

  • Ayla Elam is a
  • An Oakland Raider commissioned her to draw a portrait
  • Ayla is now accepting commissions for $20 to make a framed portrait

Practicum: Lip Sync

Assembly: Dodgeball

  • Everyone is welcome to watch

Senior lip sync

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