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Morning Meeting 1-12-2017 Thursday

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Shakespeare Monologue Contest

Asian parents network

  • Liz Lin coming in next week to talk about how people can reach out for help and what cultural barriers there are in asking for help
  • Don’t have to be Asian or in Asia club to come – just come to learn about how to make these connections
  • Next Thursday night 7 pm in the library

Amy Lin – Asia Club and Div Co

  • fundraiser – live strong style rubber bracelets that say “hope respect and safety” aka hrs
  • In light of hatred that came out of the election
  • Proceeds split between ACLU and sf standing rock
  • 1 for 2 or 3 for 5

Bea Rose – FADE

  • tickets are on sale online
  • Everyone in fade has put in a lot of work
  • Feb 12, 16, and 17
  • Sunday Thursday and Friday
  • Week before ski week
  • 5 for students, 7 or 10 for nonstudents

Mr. Vann – waste experiment

  • experiment on 2nd floor of new building – for the second semester
  • Dependent variable – amount of waste
  • Independent variable – remove the bins from the second floor

Practicum – Prof Frank Roberts from NYU

  • He’ll be talking about Black Lives Matter and teaches a course on it at NYU

Assembly – English sections

  • meeting in your English class groups
  • English teachers should let you know what class to go to
  • There will also be signs
  • Seniors go to first semester English classes
  • Will receive email from your English teacher

Winter ball – Maddie and AJ

  • Gatsby theme
  • Tomorrow at berkeley tennis club
  • 8-10 pm
  • $10 for tickets at the door
  • All proceeds go to benefit Pierre’s Birthday Fund
  • Pierre passed away from cancer and he started a charity for helping kids spending long periods of time in the hospital
  • If you donate $20 at the door at the dance, you get a pierre’s birthday fund  water bottle 
  • Try to dress for the theme and dress nicely but also dress for yourself and be comfortable
  • Don’t be compelled to go out and buy a new outfit
  • Guest forms are due to Ms. McKenna by the end of day today

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Morning Meeting 1-9-2017 Monday

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Winter Ball

  • This Friday
  • Pick up forms from Ms. McKenna’s office if you want to bring a guest

My Fair lady

  • Workshop for how to audition on Thursday lunch
  • Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday next week
  • Music for audition is available now

Ms. Feidelman – gap year

  • For juniors and seniors
  • If you’re interested in having a discussion about gap years, you can come to the Institute at lunch tomorrow
    • Rep from global citizen year
  • Gap year becoming more of a social norm

Leadership summit at Stanford

  • Jan 21
  • See Ms. McKenna if you want more info (or see Ms. Feidelman)
  • Summit is free
  • Geared towards girls
  • Is about entrepreneurship

Ms. Concannon

  • Peer educators about consent, meet at lunch today
  • No regularly scheduled WAG meeting

Practicum – Prof Frank Roberts

  • Coming to talk about Black Lives Matter
  • Follow-up discussion in Friday assembly time

Screening of movie Most Likely to Succeed

  • Challenges the idea of traditional schools
  • Premiered at Sundance
  • Companion to research by Challenge Success
  • 6:15-8:45 pm Wednesday
    • Already 200 people coming
    • Students, please come

Standing Rock Fundraiser – Green Team

  • Fundraiser for people encamped at Standing Rock
  • (Video about the situation in Standing Rock)
    • About Dakota Access Pipeline
  • The video is a little out of date – it was before a December victory
    • The victory was that the government said they would look into the situation and pause the creation of the pipeline for now
    • Trump is expected to continue the access pipeline development though

Monday Moment

  • Find someone you appreciate and figure out a way to appreciate them

Bob Wells

  • Yale Alleycats – acapella group
  • 12:15 to 12:45 pm
  • (Sample song)

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Morning Meeting 12-15-2016 Thursday

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Adriana – the musical – auditions 17th and 18th of January – workshop for the audition material (song and dance) on 12th of January – musical gives pe credit and class credit

Aviva – Hanukkah party with j club

Latinos unidos is meeting today

Don’t park in space 82 or any other assigned parking spaces

Musical – will be a combined effort between the MS and US – biggest effort yet

Shakespeare Monologue Contest – January – you just deliver a monologue by Shakespeare and if you win the hrs contest, you can potentially go on to regional or national contests

Pinsky Favorite Poem Project – Pinsky was poet laureate 20 years ago – will come in January to hrs and have a project where he’ll host a reading but the reading will come from our community – you can submit your poem (one that you like) and can come read the poem and say why you like it – please come even if you don’t submit a poem – there will be a form coming out in an email soon

City Term – Eli and Lily – last year for the second half of their junior year they did a semester in New York – video about relationship to the city – City Term is experience based learning opportunity in NYC – 60% of time not in classroom, no grades – lots of fun things like licking the Brooklyn bridge, but we did learn – different ways to learn things – example: Lily did a project on Gil Scott-Haren the musician who is dead by she could interview his musical partner because of the opportunities of the location – example: Eli met a spunky woman in Harlem that inspired him to write his final paper on jazz and gentrification – learned with new teachers that encouraged trying new things – 4 months with 30 new people from around the country – takeaways 1) we did not give all the info about city Term, but know that it’s more than just frivolous, brown bag lunch today in institute 2) city term may not be for everyone, but you should go and see what other ways there are to learn – brown bag lunch will also talk about other semester programs other than city term

Ms. Concannon – dogs on campus tomorrow – dog therapy – any staff can bring their dog to campus tomorrow

Heads up raffle – Reid and Sarah Covin – thanks to everyone that donated to the raffle – winner of the jersey: Maddy Thayer – winner of warriors tickets: Vanessa Hjortz

Practicum – Colla in the community room at the beginning of practicum for 10 minutes, please take every chair without your backpacks because we’re trying to figure out how many people can fit in the community room, pay attention to the new acoustics – after the concert grade level activities 9) office hours 10) English classes 11) office hours 12) senior play

Tomorrow is Friday study day but will be a Monday schedule

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Morning Meeting 12-12-2016 Monday

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Thanks to the groups that helped make a nice winter holiday spirit week

Some of us just returned from the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and People of Color Conference

  • A wonderful gathering of over 5000 independent school students and teachers that come together for workshops to talk about how we can make our communities more diverse and good

Baseball – Cole Bamberger

  • If you’re interested in baseball, we have an interest meeting tomorrow at lunch in the weight room

Dog Supply Drive – Sasha Zitter

  • The Oakland shelter is not doing so well
  • They are dependent on donations
  • Box in the library for donations
  • They need things like leashes and whatnot for dogs

Bobbi Finkelstein – donations for Oakland fire department

  • I’ll be standing by Mr. Scott at the end of morning meeting

Heads Up Raffle – Sarah and Reid Covin

  • Raffle for Warriors tickets and jerseys
  • Pair of tickets for January 18th warriors game
  • Jersey of winners choice
  • 1 ticket for $5 and 3 tickets for $10
  • You can find us outside the café at some lunches

Mr. Tower – orchestra for the musical

  • Meeting in my room 213 at lunch to show interest

Engineering – Dr. Kinney

  • Engineering toothpick bridge layoff Wednesday in innovation center halfway through B Block 11 am

Ashland Trip – Stevie

  • Leave right before spring break on Thursday
  • Lots of free time and lots of fun
  • See amazing plays
  • One on one with actors
  • For people that have signed up, if your interest has changed, please also email me
  • If you’re interested, please email me by the end of this week

Monday Moment

  • Stop and pause to acknowledge the little good things that happen in our community
  • A quiet moment to reflect personally on something positive or nice that somebody has done for you or something that you appreciate and just hold that for a moment

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Morning Meeting 12-8-2016 Thursday

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John Wu –

  • Science fair experiment AP Bio test

Josh Hui –

  • Come to Water Club – Mr. Evan’s room Friday

Amy Lin –

  • Middle school debate tournament at HRS
  • We need volunteers for various shifts
  • 8 am to 5 pm total – you don’t need to sign up for all day
  • Volunteer hours

Community Service Board –

  • Raising money for Oakland fire department
  • Krispy Kreme donuts being sold on Tuesday
    • Individual donuts on sale on the patio
    • Can order donuts with google form in dozens for advising
  • Seniors replace last gift exchange gift with $5 donation


  • 12th and 9th graders in the café for a treat
  • 10th and 11th grade watching Home Alone in the MEW
  • Optional study hall period
  • Consent training in the Institute

Karaoke Contest

  • Tory Matheson and Mr. Schneider – All I Want for Christmas Is You
  • Scott and Andy Spear – Let It Snow (with an intervention from Aviva and Ruthie)

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Morning Meeting 12-5-2017 Monday

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Mr. Barankin says hi


  • First state champs trophy at hrs
  • 18-20 students and 7-10 faculty supporters
  • Game will be on TV
  • Thanks for the support everyone
  • Shout out to Mr. Schneider for coordinating. And Ms. McKenna and Mr. Thiermann and everyone who helped

Fall season banquet Friday at 5


  • Interest meeting at lunch tomorrow in amphitheater
  • Really fun and please come if you’re interested

Winter Spirit Week

  • Thanks to stuco and spirit committee and people for coordinating

Ugly Sweater Contest

  • Olivia Williams, Oona Julien, Mayfair Rucker, Sarah Jane Jiminez, Ms. Concannon, Ms. Goglio, Mr. Evans, Sheilana Langham, Eloise Henry, Maddy Henry, Aidan Casselmace-mace
  • Finalists Mr. Evans, Sheilana, Eloise
  • Sheilana wins

Candy grams sold at lunch to be delivered Friday

Holiday photos in student lounge


  • Great trip
  • Ms. Kaplan and Mr. Barankin
  • 4 days and 4 plays
  • Leave Thursday before spring break
  • Come back Sunday first of spring break
  • Henry 4 part 1, Shakespeare in love, Mohada Madea in LA, world premier Hanna and her dream gazebo (about Korea)
  • About $400 for whole trip
  • 2 meetings with actors
  • April 6-9
  • Email Stevie if interested in signing up
  • Email Mr. Barankin or Stevie to get info ( still works)

Peru trip still has 2 spots for spring break

Berkeley Men’s Shelter cooking is tomorrow starting at 3 pm

Consent Curriculum

  • Peer education opportunity for juniors and seniors
  • Come to meeting today at lunch in the institute if you’re interested
  • Charis will be here and present the curriculum
  • More training with Laura Alberti and WAG at practicum and later
  • If you want to be involved but can’t come at lunch, email

Oakland Fire

  • Upwards of 35 deaths
  • Think how we can support the city
  • Organizing efforts to be helpful
  • Support in place for students
  • You’ll often hear rumors about this
  • Make sure you choose your sources carefully as you follow the news
  • Community Service Board meet at lunch in Ms. Redfield’s office to do some research on organizations that are helping that hrs could be involved with
  • Ms. Concannon is available to talk. Don’t hesitate to seek help
  • Amazed at the power of the personal message
  • The smallest gesture sometimes have tremendous impact
  • Reach out to people

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Morning Meeting 12-1-2016 Thursday

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Thanks to Aidan Cassel-mace for taking these notes

    • Zero Waste
      • “Pretty good” & “Not so much” results
      • Leave no trace day
        • Only 1 kg in garbage: Pretty good
        • Only 27% of that “garbage” was actually trash: Not so great
      • Remember bioplastic (most cafe packaging) is compostable
    • Dodge Ball is postponed: stay tuned
    • E sports
      • Today and next thursday in Mr. Guzman’s math room
    • Practicum
      • 9: physics
      • 10: MEW
      • 11: Bio/Mr Scott
      • 12: Library
    • Winter spirit week
      • Mon: ugly sweater contest
      • Apple cide a break/ snowflake decorating
      • Wed: cookie decorating
      • And more!! (One each day)
    • Volleyball
      • Fill out the 2 forms if you are going!!!!
      • Let Ms Mckenna know if you want to go by noon
      • Mr Schneider:


  • The most accomplished team in Head-Royce history: 33:1


      • Only Head-Royce team to have ever competed in NorCal & won it!

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Dodging Balls

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Dodging Balls

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Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge. Every year, the School hosts a dodgeball tournament where teachers and students create teams and play against each other. The rules regarding making teams are pretty loose but have some restrictions. For example, each team must have an even ratio of guys to girls. This creates an equal opportunity for all the students to participate. Unfortunately, this year the dodgeball tournament was canceled due to safety concerns and the neighbors.

During last year’s tournament, two students were racing for a ball that was in the middle of the court. The students ran into each other and one broke his nose. Additionally, the School’s neighbors complain regularly about the noise and general unrest created by school events. As the dodgeball tournament is one of the more rambunctious and noisy school events, the School’s neighbors are not huge fans of it.

However, some senior students decided to take matters into their own hands, and created a petition to bring back the annual dodgeball tournament tradition. This petition succeeded in bringing back dodgeball and the School is going to host the annual dodgeball games during school hours. However, the scheduled date for the dodgeball tournament was moved because of conflicting dates with the volleyball championship. During Monday’s morning meeting, Ms. Mckenna said that the School now hopes to hold the tournament during late February’s spirit week. Hopefully, the dodgeball tournament will return better than ever.

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Sporty Freshmen

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Sporty Freshmen

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The spring sports season is just around the corner and many new promising athletes from the freshman class are looking to tryout. New prospects for softball, baseball and tennis are entering this upcoming season and looking to hopefully improve their respective teams. These young athletes look promising and Coach Blakeley is always looking for more to join.

Our softball team will welcome Elizabeth Novogradac, who will be an asset to the team given her years of experience. Novogradac has been playing softball for five years and also has previous experience playing baseball: “ I have been playing softball for about five years, but also played baseball for three years before that. I played recreational softball for three seasons. About two years ago I started playing year-round competitive travel softball and have been ever since.” Tennis also has exciting new prospects, with freshmen Remi [last name] who is both excited to compete on the Head Royce team but will also bring significant previous experience to the team: “ I have been playing competitively for 6 years and I’ve trained with a lot of great coaches like former number 6 in the world, Wayne Ferreira.” This type of previous experience is what is going to make this year’s freshmen athletes important assets for our spring season. Their commitment to sportsmanship and desire to participate in each team’s community will also make for their easy integration. Freshmen Remi adds that he “just want[s] to get to know the guys on the team, and hopefully have some success during [his] first year on the team”. Which should be an easy feat for him as he seems committed to putting his best foot forth as a tennis player on the Head Royce team: “I think I can bring my energy and 6 years of experience to the team.” Ellie Novogradac seems to share this enthusiasm to be a Head Royce athlete: “I am very excited to be on the team. I have been looking forward to playing since seventh grade, since I knew the team would be extremely strong.” Both athletes also share impressive goals for each of their sports teams. Novogradac hopes to “win league and NCS.” which would be an impressive feat for the Head Royce softball team. Both freshmen share an enthusiasm to be Head Royce student athletes which is fostered in our broader school community.

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Your Social Media News Outlet

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Your Social Media News Outlet

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People often speak about how the internet “changed everything” with regards to the free flow of information. While this is true, it was not until Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media networks became popularized that the flow of information really changed. Before this happened, people just got their news from CNN, NBC, and Fox, or read the online versions of these or popular newspapers or magazines like The New York Times or USA Today. When social media became more readily available to people, people shifted from actually visiting these websites on their own to relying on seeing a link to a story from one of these websites on their Facebook feeds or completely excluding traditional news outlets from their lives. There is no doubt that traditional media has taken a hit from the rise of social media.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for media consumers. Now, instead of relying on just a few news sources, it is easy to read and rely on many different ones. People are now able to read articles from independent, smaller news sites and ones that have a wider array of opinions. While, yes, reading 140 characters on Twitter does not give a reader a nuanced look on a topic and can cause many misreadings due to a lack of ability to explain oneself, there are many other outlets where longform journalism and articles can be shown and expressed. Youtube is a great example; it allows for essentially as long a video as one wants to be uploaded. It would seem that overall social media has led to a freer society, in which information can be openly shared and transferred.

So, why the cause for concern? It seems that lately everyone has been talking about so called “Fake News” and its influence on society. There is some truth to this. With great freedom comes great responsibility and people who are going to prey upon those who are not capable of such responsibility. Due to the internet being so free, consumers of news media must be wary of fake news articles. These have essentially existed since the beginning of news. Untrue rumors are nothing new, but they have found a special home on the Internet. The reason being that the money generated from news comes from ad revenue, the more people that see the ad on the page the more money the news site makes from the advertisement company. More clicks equals more money. This opens the door to clickbait titles like “You Won’t Believe what Hillary Clinton Did To This Baby” or “Donald Trump Pees on 12 Russian Hookers”, the latter being an article that Buzzfeed ran only a week ago. Some of these titles are dishonest to what the actual article is about and just aims to get the reader to click and end up being disappointed, but others are true to what the story is. However, many of these stories are fabricated, like the Buzzfeed one.

On the other hand, it is important not to be fooled by the term, “Fake News”, as it comes from old, outdated, biased, mainstream media. Yes, it is true that there are blatantly false news stories out there, but it is not especially hard to sift through the crap in order to find real news, so I find it highly unlikely that too many people are being manipulated by “Fake News”. In addition beginning to label certain news as “fake” opens up a whole new can of worms. Who decides it is fake? How do we know it is fake? Who is stopping anybody else from calling real news fake whenever they want to? It seems that this term was really created for old media to grapple with the fact that irrelevancy is coming sooner and sooner by the day. All in all, social media has allowed for the people to have better not worse control over the media they observe. They have more options, better options, and more honesty. Social media will no doubt be an important part of every American and likely every person’s news because it allows for more truth it is an extension of Western liberty.

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What is Challenge Success?

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What is Challenge Success?

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As we continue to move towards a more competitive business model in the world, it is important to take a step back and consider when this drastic change occurred. Being competitive is seen as a trait in the workplace, but has been seen to have less than desirable effects on people causing stress, integrity issues, and much more. So, if it’s such a bad thing, where did this drive begin, and how can we fix the problem before it gets out of hand? A lot of these emotional and academic problems can be found in students across the nation. In response to these developmental issues affecting children, a dream team of child developmental specialists met at Stanford University to hash out solutions to this growing problem. During the conference, groups dreamt up a coordinated action plan for schools and families struggling with the health of their students and children, this plan would push schools to implement alternative success models approved by and aligned with child development specialists.
It is from this original meeting that three concerned individuals got together and developed Challenge Success. Madeline Levine, Ph.D., Jim Lobdell, M.A., and Denise Pope, Ph.D., expanded on the ideas of the original project at Stanford University to create their own business, now known as Challenge Success. Through Challenge Success, these individuals have strived to implement practical curriculum, conferences, and programs all aimed at helping the education community.
Their mission, as found on their website, states that: “Challenge Success partners with schools and families to provide kids with the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to succeed now and in the future.” They believe that by following a narrow definition of success, as we are currently doing at the School, does not allow for all students to thrive and only provides a narrow skillset. For the last 12 years, Challenge Success has helped push educators to implement systems that foster elements of the student that are typically not valued in more than 130 middle and high schools across the nation. Traits like creativity, collaborative skills, and thinking on your feet are just some of the many areas in which Challenge Success wishes to focus on and cultivate in students. They state that all of their solutions and programs are research-based and are all aimed at helping to improve the health of students while increasing their motivation.
In response to the implication of Challenge Success at the School, a student committee was put together to better connect the decisions made by Challenge Success and students’ opinions on the matter. The committee is comprised of two upper school students: Xena Wolf, class of 2017, and Andrew Burwick, class of 2018. When asked about what he believes Challenge Success is, Burwick stated, “Challenge Success offers new insight in defining success for high school students all across the world. At Head-Royce, we are looking to combat the students’ workload, mental and physical health, extracurricular schedule and more in order to bring a more balanced and healthy high school experience to students of all ages at the school. Part of what we are doing is making sure that students daily concerns are heard by the faculty in order to facilitate a more dynamic and healthy Head-Royce experience.” Overall, it will be interesting to follow the developments of the relationship between Challenge Success and the School as they unfold.

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Follow Volleyball’s State Title Quest Live: Links Here

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We’ll have reporters down in LA at the Volleyball State Championship game, and they’ll be posting in-game updates in the following spots:

Instagram: @the__hawks__eye

Twitter: @hrsnews

And parent Ann Almgren-Bell will post play by play updates at a volleyball live-scoring site:


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