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Microfinance Club Loans

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Clubs are an important part of the School’s academic culture, and Microfinance Club is no different.  Microfinance is a source of financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and related services in the form of micro loans. Micro loans are relatively small amounts of money that have little to no interest. Senior Maddi Thayer, one of the presidents of the Microfinance club, says that the purpose of the club is to “choose people to make those micro loans to, through something called Kiva, which then helps the people do the most they can do and later pay us back.” Kiva is an international nonprofit organization, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco with a mission to connect people through lending loans to people for their interests. They celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.  The School’s Microfinance club has been around for quite some time; Thayer said, “We started a really long time ago, so I don’t know how we started. It’s been going on for like ten years.” With a mysterious past, but a bright future, the School’s Microfinance Club is filled with dedicated members. With over $700 loaned, Microfinance has been very successful in their goal to “make good investments” and play a role in helping other people’s goals.  With a club that is based off of money and loans, one would think there would be profit, or interest in the loans that they give.  However, “it is a charity club, even though a lot of people don’t know that.”  Each of the club’s loans range from $25-$100.  The club is very unique in Microfinance, within the program Kiva, because they raise and loan money as a group and not as individuals, which is the most common way to give micro loans. In the bigger picture, the club wants to expand inside and outside the School.  In addition, Junior Belinda Tucker says that their “ goal is to branch out from just Kiva, and find new ways to help out the community.”  Finding a positive way to impact the community has always been the goal of the School, and the Microfinance club has found a way to impact the School’s clubs, and, hopefully overtime, impact Oakland. “We want to help people, and as many people as we can.” If anyone wants to join Microfinance club, it meets on Tuesdays in the Institute.

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Morning Meeting 11-28-2016 Monday

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Coach Blakeley – Sports

  • Basketball teams had successful scrimmages
  • State XC
    • Jihae Oh – 57th in division 5
    • Isaac Teuscher – 13th in division 5
      • Fastest time ever for a HRS runner at the state meet
    • Women’s soccer home game Tuesday
    • Women’s basketball has tournament this Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Women’s Volleyball –

  • Team Captains
    • Saturday night, we won norcal, so we’re going to state
    • We want to thank all the fans that came out
      • Hearing you guys cheer and hopping around all over the place helps motivate us and keep us positive
      • We really appreciate it
    • Historic event in HRS sports
  • Thiermann
    • Thanks to everyone who was there. Good showing from faculty
    • Women’s volleyball playing Friday afternoon
    • If you want to come on the bus and stay in the hotel and be part of the booster team, you can come and be part of the booster team
    • We will give priority to seniors and then it’ll be lottery
    • You’ll miss Thursday and Friday school, so you need to make sure your teachers are okay with that and you’re in good academic standing
      • You also need to fill out an application
    • Focus is on supporting the volleyball team and not being a distraction
    • There would be a nominal cost but it would be affordable and we’d offer financial aid
    • You’d get to watch the girls in the championship for the whole state of CA
  • McKenna
    • Space is limited
    • I will have applications available outside of my office by the end of day today

Matthew Chan – Bio Independent Experiment

  • Please sign up for my experiment
  • 5-10 minutes, low commitment
  • Next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday during lunch
  • There will be candy
  • In Mr. Sea’s room – room 419

Ivy Wong – Interact Club

  • The holidays are coming
  • Interact toy drive with Toys for Tots
  • 2nd floor building above café near the bathroom
  • New or used toys welcome
  • You can email me at if you have any questions

Ms. Redfield –

  • In addition to regular community service stuff on website, I have some new stuff
  • Tutor Corps
    • They offer this multiple times per year
    • They give grants between $250 and $750 to do projects for community service
    • You can also nominate a teacher and they would receive a $1000 check
  • Legal Aid Work
    • Supports employment rights of people with disabilities
    • December 14 on Wednesday in SF to help with setting up website
    • Alice Chu has more info on this
  • One Prosper
    • Breaks cycle of poverty for women
    • Fundraising a yoga event
    • If you’re interested, come see me
  • Lower School families looking to hire for tutoring after school
    • This would be for pay

Berkeley Men’s Shelter – Mr. Scott, Naoko, Ms. Keifer (+ Mr. Levin who was not here)

  • Next Tuesday afternoon
  • Berkeley Men’s Shelter is part of the Berkeley Food and Housing Project
  • HRS has had a long relationship with the shelter but scheduling has gotten in the way the past few years
  • If you’re interested in cooking for about 60 individuals, you can cook in the café and a crew of us are going to serve on Tuesday
  • If you’re interested, please find Ms. Keifer
  • Two Shifts
    • 4-6 pm shift for cooking
    • 7 pm serving food shift
      • Berkeley Men’s Shelter is in Downtown Berkeley on Center Street
    • You may sign up for one or the other or do both

Aidan and Maddy – Secret Snow Buddies

  • This will start next Tuesday
  • We sent you an email last Saturday
  • There’s a form on the email. Please fill it out if you want to opt out
  • Juniors need to fill out the form by 8 pm tonight

Ms. McKenna – Winter Spirit

  • There’s a lot of great cool stuff coming up next week. More announcements on Thursday
  • More winter gift exchange for everyone else coming soon
  • Dodgeball – you can still sign up – two spaces available

Zero Waste Week –

  • It went well

From The Wishing Wall

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Why Did Trump Win?

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  Donald Trump shocked many when he won the presidential election. He came into the Republican primaries as an underdog, became the Republican nominee for president, and overcame even bigger odds when he won the presidential election against Hillary Clinton. In fact, Nate Silver, a prominent statistician and writer, gave Trump a 28% chance to win the election on his website FiveThirtyEight; even that number was significantly higher than many preliminary polls. The big question that many are asking is, “How did Trump win?” What demographics did Trump appeal to that gave him the edge in those important swing states? Through statistics gathered from a number of (mostly) unbiased news sources, I will attempt to shed some light on these questions. Keep in mind that extrapolations from the data are speculative–there are still many unanswered questions There is no one right answer, but the facts stated in this article would be crucial in gaining a better understanding of how Trump won.

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-48-32-amFirstly, Trump appealed to white, non-college educated voters.

Among them, there was a +39 point margin of support towards Trump, compared to only +25 points towards Romney last election. Thus, there was a huge shift of non- or partially-college educated white voters towards Trump. This shift may have helped Trump win many key swing states, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, which all have white voter populations of well above the national average. The vote among white college graduates and postgraduates shifted a little bit towards Hillary since the last election, but Trump still had a larger influence on non-college educated white voters.

Even more surprising to many, however, were the election results by race.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-50-39-am

Clinton lost support from minorities compared to Obama last election, and many of those votes went to Trump instead; he actually gained more support from minorities than Romney last election, gaining about 5 points on average. Although minorities largely voted Clinton, the increased support for Trump was a surprise to everyone, as he had made controversial remarks towards minorities throughout his campaign. There is not a definite explanation for this, but one contributing factor may be that minorities that supported Obama in the previous election did not vote for Clinton, if at all.

Lastly, Clinton underperformed among women voters.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-49-31-am

Before the election, many expected that Hillary would counter Trump’s increase in white, male support by garnering more support from women. Although Hillary had a slight increase in female support compared to Obama, it did not outweigh Trump’s male support. This was also a bit surprising, considering Trump had also made derogatory remarks towards women. An explanation of why Clinton underperformed would require closer analysis of women demographics.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-56-04-am

Trump won white, female voters by 10 points, and he won white, non-college graduate, female voters by a huge 28 points. As expected, he dominated the male vote as well. Thus, there are underlying reasons as to why she did not have enough female support, or rather, why Trump had more female support than expected. Further exploration into those reasons would be beyond the scope of this article.

However, even though Trump saw an increase in the percentage of white, black, Asian, Hispanic, and female voters since Romney, he still lost the popular vote to Clinton. The only conceivable way that such a result could happen would be if Clinton lost more support than Trump lost, which is exactly what happened. What exactly is going on here?

The only cause of this lack of support would be a decrease in voter turnout, especially for Clinton. In 2016, Trump got 61.0 million votes to Clinton’s 62.1 million, and still won the Electoral College vote despite losing the popular vote. Trump got nearly the same amount of votes as Romney, but Clinton got about 4 million votes less than Obama?. How did Clinton lose all of those votes?

One theory for the cause of this dropoff is a decrease in voter turnout, which was at a 20-year low for the election; only 55.4% of eligible Americans showing up to vote, according to CNN. Granted, that number will increase a little bit once all the provisional and overseas ballots are counted, but it would still be much lower than the turnout in 2012, when 60.0% of eligible Americans voted. Despite this downturn, however, there was a higher turnout rate in swing states, most of which Trump won. For example, Florida cast about 9.4 million votes this year compared to 8.5 million in 2012. Although there was a relatively high turnout rate in swing states, the low overall turnout was caused by the low turnout rates in uncompetitive states. 64.2% of eligible Americans voted in swing states, while only 56.8% did so in uncompetitive states.


A possible reason as to why Clinton saw a decrease in the popular vote was the decrease in turnout in very Democratic states, such as California, which saw a staggering 8% drop. Thus, more Trump supporters showed up in swing states to swing the Electoral College vote towards him, but there were less Clinton supporters that showed up in states that they knew they would win.

Another theory includes the roles of third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in this election. Together, they were responsible for roughly 4% of the total popular vote. Although they did not gain any Electoral College votes, they may very well have influenced the outcome in key swing states. There is currently not enough evidence to conclude that either Trump or Clinton would have won if they had played a lesser role, but once more information comes out, their role will become more clear. For the time being, there is only evidence that more voters affiliated with an independent party voted for Trump than Clinton:


According to an exit poll by Edison Research, 48% of those affiliated with an independent party voted for Trump, compared to 42% for Clinton. The remaining 2% of Democrats and 3% of Republicans and the 10% of independent voters either did not respond, or voted for a third party candidate. Because that proportion is unknown, it remains to be seen how many people who identified with those three parties actually voted for a third party candidate.

In conclusion, a combination of these four causes allowed Trump to barely win the election against Clinton. Trump outperformed Romney in nearly every demographic, especially white, non-college educated voters. Combined with an increased turnout of swing state voters, Trump was able to snag many close swing states. Clinton, on the other hand, did not meet expectations in terms of women and minority voters. Of course, there is still the question of how those 4% of third-party voters factored into the election, and whether they tipped the election in Trump’s favor.

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Morning Meeting 11-14-2016 Monday

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Crystal Land – Election + Strategic Plan

  • I want to acknowledge the heightened emotions and awareness
  • I was surprised how deep the divide was in our country and how little I know about everything that’s going on outside the Bay Area
  • I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking about what it is in this country we haven’t been listening to
  • Outrage and disgust impede­ learning
  • It’s our job to help each other learn
  • Thanks to the high school for being a good role model with the teach out on Friday and focusing on conversation
  • We have a strategic plan – five goals
    • 1) teaching a learning
    • 2) finances
    • 3) balance and well-being
    • Two others super significant
      • 4) civic engagement
        • Feidelman is helping develop this with what Ms. McKenna and others started
        • How we can be civic members of Oakland
      • 5) equity and inclusion
        • “We want to promote equity by increasing institutional access, sustaining diversity, and advocating for an inclusive community.”
        • We need to make sure we continue to promote our core values of equity and inclusion
        • No matter how hard the conversations are, we will not tolerate bigotry, denigrating language, talk against races, religions, sexism
        • We need to figure out how to bridge these core values
        • We are here for you and for an inclusive society
        • There were over 300 reported instances of hate in high schools across America last week
        • I want to promote that you continue to educate and not hate

Rachel Nagler – Wishing Wall

  • I went to a lot of classes and affinity groups last week and observed how people were discussing
  • People can come and put a wish or hope that they want
  • They’re all over the New York subways right now, China, all over the world
  • People put post-it notes, tags, etc. on the wall and the wall continues to grow
  • You can interact with it however you like
  • The prompt is “my wish for the country is…” or “my wish for HRS is…” or “tolerance is…”
  • You can do it in class if teachers allow you, at lunch, in clubs, with athletic teams, etc.
  • I hope the area gets full and we can show the world what HRS is about

Coach Blakeley –

  • Most successful varsity tennis girls season ever
    • 19-1, league champs, tournament champs, lost to branson in semis in NCS, farthest the team has ever gotten
  • Cross Country
    • 3rd place last week in BCLs
    • Isaac Teuscher set a new hrs record that had been in place since 2003
      • He finished 3rd
    • Zach mintz finished 11th
    • Sophia Brakeman and other people that did well that I did not catch
  • Basketball
    • Check the website for schedules for the week
  • Volleyball
    • On Saturday night, we won NCS championships
    • We are 29-1 this season and 32-0 last season
    • We hope to continue this
    • We would love to have support this Saturday at 7 pm at HRS – we are seeded first in Norcal – this Saturday will be the first norcal game

Mr. Wells –

  • Great run for Short and Sweet, the play
  • Fall Choral Concert Wednesday at Holy Names College
  • Fall Instrumental Concert Thursday

BSU – Thanksgiving Feast Thursday

Lauren and Michelle – Delivering Change

  • Club is having a bake sale
  • We will also be serving meals for a local shelter in the holiday season with the money from the bake sale

College Counseling – Tania

  • Fireside chat tomorrow night at 7pm at HRS about standardized testing – for juniors and sophomores

E-Sports Club

  • Contact Andrew Wan if you want to be part of the double smash competition

Women’s Affinity Group – Lily Majteles

  • We will be talking about Planned Parenthood and a bunch of other stuff today at lunch in the Institute

Library – International Games Day

  • Running games stuff in the library
  • On Friday, you can host a table if you want to
  • E-Sports and Thespian Troupe will host tables

Dodgeball –

  • Check your email, it will be the Friday after we return from Thanksgiving Break
  • 12 teams – first come first serve
  • Check your email for info

Practicum and Assembly –

  • Practicum – Jazz and Democracy
  • Assembly – Instrumental Concert
  • Morning Meeting canceled Thursday – you will have a break instead

Zero Waste –

  • Brasilla Hein and the lower school volunteers
  • Skit by the lower schoolers
  • Evan – quick reminder that tomorrow is Leave No Waste Day – all trash cans covered except the one by the cafe

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Morning Meeting 11-10-2016 Thursday

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Message from our presidents – Max Sahlins and Henry Yeary

         Message about presidential election

         We are a community founded on openness, tolerance, and respect of difference

         Please try to listen and understand others’ differing political opinions

         Must come together as a school, community, and citizens of the US

         “We have nothing to hate but hate itself”

Politics Club

         Room 409 today at lunch

Open Student Council

         Today is our monthly open forum for student council

         Discussing spirit week for after winter break and how to run a safe and entertaining dodgeball game

Short and Sweet – the fall play

         Friday and Saturday are show dates for Short and Sweet, the fall play

         8 pm tickets online


         Jemma and Kelly senior captains of swim team

         Noah and Avery junior captains of swim team

         Anyone can come, even if you don’t know how to swim


         This afternoon for practicum, go to advising and


         Zero Waste Week assembly tomorrow, sponsored by Green Team

         Mr. Vann will talk about where waste goes

Green Team – Shira and Maddy Dyke

         Next week is zero waste week

         Think about where your waste is going

         Tuesday we’re going to make it so that there is only one trash can on campus, on the patio

o   Everything else will be covered

o   We want you to only compost and recycle

o   If you have trash, don’t put it in a recycling or compost bin

  •  Please go put it in the main bin on the patio

Volleyball – Jordynn Hunkin

         NCS championship this Saturday

Boat Races

         You will have a K-12 audience

         The boat races are a tradition

         Henry on the boats racing this year

o   Tang-Lisowski – unnamed

o   Yee-Enelow – boat name Yenerow

o   Pryor-Temple – it’s a cardboard box

o   Glogover-Sea – boat name Slog

o   Brakeman-Paul

o   Fernandes-Nguyen

         Boats judged on seaworthiness and appearance

Andy Spear –

         I hope you read the newspaper this week, people have been working really hard

         Civility – the newspaper is not always received well

o   The staff actually works really hard to put the newspaper together

o   It’s a public service

o   You don’t have to read what’s in the newspaper, but we’d appreciate it if you don’t denigrate it

  •  Especially don’t tell to people’s faces how little you care about it

o   Please enjoy the newspaper

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Morning Meeting 11-7-2016 Monday

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(Sorry about the sparsity of notes. I was absent this day and forgot to ask someone to take notes for me. I will come back and add whatever new information I get about what happened this morning meeting.)

  • Coach Blakeley on soccer and volleyball
  • Disaster prevention/safety presentation

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Morning Meeting 11-3-2016 Thursday

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*Thanks to Trinity Balla for taking most of these notes for me because I was late to school

-Green team time and location changed Friday at lunch in 410
-Senior Correa spanish 1 meets on patio tonight
-Paul Ostrach won E-sports competition
See Andrew Wan to compete in E-sport doubles smash
-Babysitting interest forms going out again
-Athletics: Winter season starts Monday, Soccer @2 , volleyball @7. Both friday $5 to attend but the first 25 people there go for free
-Seniors won costume contest
-Fine Arts:
FADE: show in February 12,16,17
Advanced 2d art: going to yerba buena center(dates on calendar)
Adv. 3d art: mosaic mural and learn to make projects
Adv dance: meaningful movement and own choreo
Colla: this sunday bay area performance, Nov 16 performing at holy names, carolling in dec.
Caravan: performing often (see calendar)
Fall play: short and sweet, nov. 4,5 and 11,12 @ 8 pm (still looking for ushers: email kelly yang) $3 students, $5 adults free for faculty only available online; Spring musical: my fair lady
-Teach-in Day
Then go to homeroom where you will be led through an issue
Many of the home rooms will be facilitated by fellow students
Please be involved
Purpose is to shed light rather than heat and take you through an experience of having a question on a political issue
Tomorrow, the assembly will be the beginning of a documentary on the lives of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Please bring a laptop to practicum if you have one with you
-Mr. Thiermann and Ms. Land – Lauren Lau
Lauren Lau died this past weekend – she was a sophomore at Dickinson College that graduated two years ago – she was class of 2015
On the patio where the dia de los muertos altar is, you can come write a note for/about Lauren and leave it there or light a candle

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The Best of the Halloween Parade

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Morning Meeting 10-31-2016 Monday

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College Counseling – Tania

  • Syracuse and Spellman coming this week

Mens Soccer 2nd Seed NCS

  • Home game Saturday
  • 10-0 in league

Dia de los Muertos – Skulls from Practicum

  • We are anxiously awaiting the presentation of the skulls
  • You have through the end of advising tomorrow to complete them
  • Please make sure your homeroom name is written somewhere on the skull or the tray
  • By the end of advising tomorrow, please put your skull with the tray on the altar
  • Some of the mothers leading activities will be the judges and the winners will get some special treats
  • Tomorrow is the actual Dia de los Muertos
    • Mothers will be hosting some stuff – hot chocolate and pan de los muertos for free
    • You can also decorate some actual sugar skulls
    • You can go during lunch or a free period or whenever

Indian Culture Club – Nila Venkat

  • Diwali bake sale is tomorrow – please bring money
  • We’re selling food and sweets

Microfinance – Raeka and Belinda

  • We have some money we’d like to loan to some other clubs if you want to do a fundraiser if you don’t have enough money to buy supplies or something
  • We’ll loan out about $75 and you’ll be expected to pay it back over a certain amount of time depending on how much you make
  • Your club adviser will have to sign off on the loan

Share the Love Day – Leeza Lu

  • Alameda 2:30 to 5:30 pm Saturday
  • Fun stress-relieving activity
  • You can come to me to get info

Halloween – Ms. McKenna

  • Juniors are in charge of the Halloween parade
    • You’ll be going to the lower school and leading them at lunch time through the divisions to the gym
    • This is one of the cutest events of the year
    • Please come to the patio and/or gym to see the lower schoolers parade
  • You’ll be invited to decorate a pumpkin at lunch
    • Pumpkins distributed in the café at lunch
  • On average, a student/trick o treater will consume 3300 calories in candy today
    • About 1700 calories go to your parents as well
  • Costume Contest at lunch in the café
    • You can get credit for your costume at lunch
    • The sophomore student council will tally up the number of people showing spirit for costumes
    • Andrew Kang, Izzy Ray, Sydney Stewart

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Al Smith Dinner Highlights

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The Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, commonly known as the Al Smith Dinner, is an annual white tie fundraiser in the United States for Catholic charities supporting “the neediest children of the Archdiocese of New York, regardless of race, creed, or color.” It is organized by the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation in honor of Al Smith. This year, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a chance to exchange jokes about one another and poke fun at some of the other high profile guests in attendance. Both candidates maintained a relatively tame atmosphere that was in stark contrast to that of their three prior debates. Clinton had a slew of quality jokes prepared for the dinner. So many, in fact, it made me want to vote for her writers.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

“This is such a special event, that I took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here.”

“But getting through these three debates with Donald has to count as a miracle.”

“Since this is a friendly dinner, Donald, feel free, at any time, to stand up and say ‘Wrong.’

While i’m talking.”

“Come to think of it, it’s amazing that i’m up here after Donald. I didn’t think he would be ok with a peaceful transition of power.”

“Donald, after listening to your speech, I will also enjoy listening to Mike Pence deny you ever gave it.”

“It is great also to see Mayor Bloomberg here. It’s a shame he’s not speaking tonight I’m curious to hear what a billionaire has to say.

Trump had some quality jokes of his own about. His jokes were more lighthearted than Clinton’s.  My favorite quotes from Donald are as follows:

“He used to love me when I was a Democrat.”

“Truth is, I am actually a modest person.  In fact, many people told me that modesty is my best quality.  Even better than my temperament.”

“In fact, just before taking the diocese, Hillary accidentally bumped into me and she very civilly said, ‘Pardon Me.’”

“After listening to Hillary rattle on and on, I don’t think so badly of Rosie O’donnell anymore.”

“This is the first time ever, ever that Hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it.”

“Michelle Obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. It’s fantastic. They think she’s absolutely great. My wife, Melania, give the exact, same speech and people get on her case.”

CBS news has two great highlight videos from the Dinner in case you want to check it out yourself:

Trump Highlights:

Clinton Highlights:

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Morning Meeting 10-24-2016 Monday

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(random note) – Dr. Brakeman – shhhhh is a calming sound because it is the same sound as the blood rushing in a mother’s womb)

College Counseling – Tania

  • College contracts are due tomorrow
    • Require your parents’ signature
  • Senior tea tomorrow to turn in said contract and pick up a special treat if you turn in your contract
  • Make sure your list of colleges matches what’s on naviance
  • College visiting this week
    • Dartmouth, Whittier, Wash U, Wake, Southern Methodist, U of Oregon, UC San Diego, Northwestern, NYU, Trinity, U of Rochester, Elon, Pomona, Colby

Coach Blakeley – Sports

  • Undefeated Teams
    • Women’s tennis 12-0
    • Men’s soccer 10-0
    • Women’s volleyball 12-0
  • These teams all have playoffs this week
    • Tennis tomorrow but probably will be rained out
    • Soccer hosting at hrs 3:30
    • Vball travels to Athenian Wednesday
    • Soccer and vball finals are on Friday
      • Soccer at college of alameda
      • Vball at Athenian
    • Tennis at harbor bay club
    • North coast starts next week

Elections are coming up

  • The HRS Middle School did a simulation of the election and talked about things like disenfranchisement
  • Video on problems with the government and elections – various celebrities and other people speak
    • Themes included sexual assault, racial violence, gender and sexuality, mental differences
    • You should vote
      • Don’t forget to register
      • Register at voteyourfuture.
    • You only need to be 16 to register to vote

Dr. Bradley on programming about the elections

  • The history department with the help of one sophomore and a bunch of juniors and seniors have planned some stuff for next week
  • Topics/issues in the current election
    • Death penalty, taxes, education
  • Many of us are not super informed on these issues
  • org is a good organization to help us get informed
  • Training for students that want to help with teach in for the practicum next week
    • No one will be perfectly aware, but it’s a teach in to talk about the issues around various issues
    • We are recruiting students that would be interested in coming in to help moderate
    • If you’re interested, come in today room 411 where I will be training students
    • There will be two TAs per homeroom
    • If you can’t come today, send me an email at

Fall Play – Kelly Yang

  • Fall Play is next Friday and Saturday and the Friday and satruday after that
  • We need ushers – 2 per night
  • You just come to school around 7:15 pm and the shows end at 10 pm
  • You usher people to their seats and you get to watch the show for free
  • If interested, email me at
  • If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can buy tickets under the fine arts tab

Thursday Practicum – Latinos Unidos practicum on dia de los muertos

  • If you’re interested in helping or are part of Latinos Unidos, go to Sra. Diaz’s room

This lunch – carol dansereau

  • Quiet room at lunch today
  • Book What It Will Take
  • Co-hosted by green team

Bake Sale Thursday

Tomorrow advising –

  • 9th grade elections
  • 10th grade go to community room for semester options

Tomorrow is blood drive

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    Student Feature: Awards and Recognition at the Global Online Academy Catalyst Conference

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    Summer Music 2018

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    Sacramento Lobbying Slide Show

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    2018 Annual Art Show (Photo Gallery)

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    3/14/18 Walkout

    7000 Kids in 5 Years

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    3/14/18 Walkout

    March 14th Walkout Photo Gallery

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    3/14/18 Walkout

    We Are All Students

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    From Foe to Friend: The Signing of Richard Sherman

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    Just 5 more minutes

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