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Morning Meeting 10-24-2016 Monday

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(random note) – Dr. Brakeman – shhhhh is a calming sound because it is the same sound as the blood rushing in a mother’s womb)

College Counseling – Tania

  • College contracts are due tomorrow
    • Require your parents’ signature
  • Senior tea tomorrow to turn in said contract and pick up a special treat if you turn in your contract
  • Make sure your list of colleges matches what’s on naviance
  • College visiting this week
    • Dartmouth, Whittier, Wash U, Wake, Southern Methodist, U of Oregon, UC San Diego, Northwestern, NYU, Trinity, U of Rochester, Elon, Pomona, Colby

Coach Blakeley – Sports

  • Undefeated Teams
    • Women’s tennis 12-0
    • Men’s soccer 10-0
    • Women’s volleyball 12-0
  • These teams all have playoffs this week
    • Tennis tomorrow but probably will be rained out
    • Soccer hosting at hrs 3:30
    • Vball travels to Athenian Wednesday
    • Soccer and vball finals are on Friday
      • Soccer at college of alameda
      • Vball at Athenian
    • Tennis at harbor bay club
    • North coast starts next week

Elections are coming up

  • The HRS Middle School did a simulation of the election and talked about things like disenfranchisement
  • Video on problems with the government and elections – various celebrities and other people speak
    • Themes included sexual assault, racial violence, gender and sexuality, mental differences
    • You should vote
      • Don’t forget to register
      • Register at voteyourfuture.
    • You only need to be 16 to register to vote

Dr. Bradley on programming about the elections

  • The history department with the help of one sophomore and a bunch of juniors and seniors have planned some stuff for next week
  • Topics/issues in the current election
    • Death penalty, taxes, education
  • Many of us are not super informed on these issues
  • org is a good organization to help us get informed
  • Training for students that want to help with teach in for the practicum next week
    • No one will be perfectly aware, but it’s a teach in to talk about the issues around various issues
    • We are recruiting students that would be interested in coming in to help moderate
    • If you’re interested, come in today room 411 where I will be training students
    • There will be two TAs per homeroom
    • If you can’t come today, send me an email at

Fall Play – Kelly Yang

  • Fall Play is next Friday and Saturday and the Friday and satruday after that
  • We need ushers – 2 per night
  • You just come to school around 7:15 pm and the shows end at 10 pm
  • You usher people to their seats and you get to watch the show for free
  • If interested, email me at
  • If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can buy tickets under the fine arts tab

Thursday Practicum – Latinos Unidos practicum on dia de los muertos

  • If you’re interested in helping or are part of Latinos Unidos, go to Sra. Diaz’s room

This lunch – carol dansereau

  • Quiet room at lunch today
  • Book What It Will Take
  • Co-hosted by green team

Bake Sale Thursday

Tomorrow advising –

  • 9th grade elections
  • 10th grade go to community room for semester options

Tomorrow is blood drive

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Morning Meeting 10-20-2016 Thursday

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College counseling invites you to drop in Thursday at lunch with questions

  • That’s 9-11th grade
  • The drop in hours are w/ Mr. Schneider for seniors

Water club is meeting today in 411

  • To make good use of their fund tomorrow

Latinos Unidos – meeting to planning around dia de los muertos

  • Meeting today

Coach Blakeley

  • Cross country meet yesterday
    • Frosh-soph Isabel Hoff 6th
    • Varsity girls Sophia Brakeman 13th
    • Varsity boys Isaac Teuscher 2nd
    • (More people placed, I didn’t get it all down, but you should personally go talk to the cross country people to find out the details so you can also congratulate them on their good running J )
  • Jv tennis has a home match today v. piedmont
  • Varsity tennis v. cps at cps today
  • Tomorrow we’re hosting college prep for varsity soccer
    • Senior night for the seniors
  • (there was more info – you can check the hrs athletics portal for the rest of results and the schedule)

Coin Drive Tally

  • Seniors – 4th place- $8
  • Juniors – 2nd place – $79 and that is having deducted a $20 bill sabotage
  • Sophomores – Someone only put $2 to sabotage you – grand total of $11
  • 9th Grade – 1st place – $191 – with $15 deduction in bills
  • This money goes to support canine companions

Girl Rising bake sale today at lunch

Bake sale for cancer awareness

  • Last year and the year before in the MS, we had a breast cancer awareness bake sale and raised over $1000
  • Please email one of us if you want to help contribute by baking

Blood Drive Oct 25

  • Raeka – hrs holding a blood drive 11 am to 3 pm
  • Need to be 16 years old and if you’re a minor, you need to get a consent form signed
  • It takes 45 min to an hour, so check in with your teachers if you miss class
  • It’ll be in the back lot underneath the tennis courts
  • If you’re under 110 pounds, you can’t donate. Danger of passing out
  • All the juniors and seniors have a google form to fill out for times to donate
    • Teachers will get a google form soon

Study Travel Info Tonight

  • If your parents are interested in learning more about our study travel programs, please come to the study travel info session 6 – 7 pm

Green Team

  • What Will it Take speaker at Monday lunch


  • 9th – advising
  • 10th – boat building
  • 11th – charis in community room
  • 12th – study hall
  • The study hall/advisings will take attendance

Boat Races

  • Video of last year’s boat races from class of 2018
  • November 11th


  • Pixar executive and parent of Margot Johnson to come talk to us about pre-production work
  • Brought to you by the Institute of Applied Learning
  • Building the tools for storytelling

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The Drought

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California’s ongoing drought has continued to remain a huge issue throughout the state. Severe droughts have extended along 43% of the state and have affected agriculture, wildlife, and the well being of many citizens. There are many more factors that are adding to the drought besides the lack of rainfall. Toxic algal blooms have infected over 40 lakes and rivers throughout the state of California in 2016, along with extreme amounts of pollution and trash. Water conservation percentages have been dropping, and more and more people are continuing to waste water. The ocean temperatures are extremely high, and the Pacific Ocean has responded very negatively to greenhouse gases. A study led by a UCLA researcher predicts that the drought could continue for centuries due to the problems in the ocean. Along with these issues, California also has to give water to our neighboring states such as Nevada and Arizona, two of the driest states in the country. The state also grows very water-demanding crops, such as almonds and grapes. We are especially known for our magnificent wine country in Napa Valley. Although very special, growing grapes in California has made our drought much worse. It takes 29 gallons to make one glass of wine! However, the state does not want to cease growing these crops because they are one of our highest sources of income. So, what can we do to help? Well, there are obviously many ways we can conserve water: shorter showers, stopping automatic sprinklers on our lawns and turning off the faucet while we brush our teeth. We can also make sure to check for leaks throughout our homes and fix them as necessary.  Any little thing that one can do to help save water will help much more than one might think. Every drop counts.

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Morning Meeting 10-17-2016 Monday

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College Counseling – Tania

  • Any student interested in Cornell, we have an alumni interviewer who will hold an info session this Wednesday at 4 pm at the dimond public library
  • Grades 9-11 – we have drop in hours at lunch Thursday
  • Drew, Lewis and Clark, Lee high, brown, boulder, Minerva schools, Bart, Princeton, and Tulane

Blakeley – Sports

  • Softball – if you plan to play softball, see me
  • I want winter athletes to remember the season starts November 7th
  • 3 home volleyball
    • Tuesday redwood Christian
    • Thursday big match v st. joes to determine league
    • Friday varsity at 4 pm v. cps and honoring volleyball seniors
    • Congrats to jv volleyball for finishing 2nd in tournament
  • Jv soccer home game Friday v redwood Christian
  • Varsity soccer game has a game Wednesday

Elections – Ms. McKenna and Women’s Affinity Group (WAG) and MS simulation

  • Video about the election
  • There are lots of good reasons to vote
  • WAG talking about the election today at lunch in the institute
  • MS will have candidates say stuff on fake platforms – it’s a simulation

Dr. Bradley – More Elections Stuff

  • The history department has been working on a bunch of activities about the election
    • Starts Monday, October 31st
  • Will have brown bag lunches to talk about the election
  • Trying to encourage you to get deeply informed about this weird election
  • Will look at the biographies of our two top candidates

Simone Stevens – If You Want to Vote

  • Juniors and seniors, if you are interested in voting but are not registered to vote, you can come see me
  • I got registered to register people to vote
  • Talk to me or email me at

Henry Yeary – StuCo 9th grade elections

  • Stuco has been meeting for a couple weeks now and we don’t have any 9th graders
  • I encourage all the 9th graders who are thinking about running for a rep position to please run
  • Good way to meet people and help organize events
  • We meet Thursday lunch in the oval office in 407
  • Naoko – if you’re interested in running, come tomorrow to the 9th grade stucco meeting at lunch (Tuesday)

Flu Shots – Wednesday

  • The school will be offering free flu shots Wednesday
  • You go online to either your grade level portal or the US bulletin and download a shoo the flu permission slip (need a parent to sign if you’re under 18), and bring this to the room across from 210 on Wednesday at break, and then you can get a flu shot

Still need more world language tutors in Spanish and French

  • Contact Dr. Lisowski if you’re interested

No Food Delivery

  • We have had a stream of food deliveries to campus, and this is inconvenient
    • It brings additional confused drivers to campus
    • We have a café and you can bring your own food
  • Please don’t have food delivered here on campus

Black Student Union (BSU) – A bunch of the people in BSU

  • There are more people in BSU than just the people that introduced themselves in the announcement
  • We made a poster, and the names in the background are the names of many unarmed black people that were killed and it also includes the names of cities that are prominent
    • To display about Black Lives Matter
  • Linking arms to show bringing the community together
    • Decided against Collin Kaepernick kneeling down cos it was very controversial and we didn’t want people to ignore the message of the poster just cos of Collin Kaepernick
    • The Seattle Seahawks linked arms in response to Collin Kaepernick, and we thought that was a good symbol to use
  • Black Lives Matter started in Oakland
    • We showed this at the all school fair cos the theme was Oakland

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Presidential Debate Review

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On September 26, 2016, the first presidential debate was held between Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. The two debated a variety of topics; below are some highlights. Trump brought up several times that Clinton lacks the stamina to be president. Clinton defended herself by bringing up her past job as Secretary of State. One of the more prominent controversies about Trump is whether or not he opposed the Iraq War. According to several news sources, Clinton herself, and the moderator Lester Holt, fact checked him by saying he certainly did support the Iraq War at the time. During the fact check, Trump repeated “wrong” at least several times. One of the most well-known parts of the debate was when Trump said that he has a great temperament. Clinton then smiled and chuckled as she started her response of, “Woo, ok!” Clinton denounced Trump for “publicly inviting Putin to hack into” America’s intel. Trump brought up the possibility of China, not Russia, hacking Democratic organizations. Originally, after his remarks on national television asking Russia to try hacking, Trump immediately defended himself, saying that it was sarcasm. Clinton again questioned Trump’s temperament when she doubted his ability to handle nuclear codes. Next, Trump’s personal life came into question. Clinton condemned Trump for refusing to pay enough workers. He responded, “Maybe they didn’t do a good job.” Clinton then attacked Trump for not releasing his tax returns. According to experts, one of Trump’s worst mistakes of the debate was when he claimed that he was smart when it came to using loopholes in the tax system by not paying the federal income tax. Most citizens and media groups believe that Clinton came out as the winner of the debate. Why? Many argue that the Republican came off as rude when cutting into Clinton’s remarks and Trump failed to offer solutions to problems such as the violence in Chicago.

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Morning Meeting 10-13-2016 Thursday

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Sibling Rivalry

  • the Yearies won
  • 5 people picked the Yearies as the winners
  • 2 people tied for the most accurate bracket – Andrew Kang and Saodie Etheridge-Billie


  • YES conference – youth empowerment summit
    • Contact Sophie-Max, Larry, Naoko, Ms. Goglio, or Mr. Sea if you’re interested in going
    • Free conference – 8:30 am to 9:00 pm at Mission High School
    • Saturday, November 19th, 2016
    • Workshops, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, great way to meet people around the bay, drag show at dinner, etc.
  • There will be cake at tomorrow’s GSD meeting in celebration of National Coming Out Day which was Tuesday, October 11th
  • Please swing by or contact one of us just to let us know that you’re interested in what GSD does even if you can’t commit to coming

E Sports Club

  • Lena – the brawl tournament. Sign ups are still open
  • Email Andrew wan for info
  • Or swing by 505 at lunch

Green team – Ms. Galligan

  • Carol Danserau is coming to hrs to speak. She is an environmental activist and writer
  • She wrote a book called What It Will Take
  • Involved over 30 years
  • Her book asks why are we losing the fight for the earth
  • In the context of us winning all sorts of local battles
    • No coal in Oakland succeeded
    • San Luis Obispo denied Phillips 66 a crude by rail project
    • All kinds of success locally, there’s a lot of horrible things going on regarding the environment
  • She asks the question what we need to do to turn things around. It’s a book of hope
  • She’s been working with low income people since 2000
  • Farm workers pesticide project is an organization she started
  • This will be Monday October 24th at lunch in the institute


  • 9th grade community room Charis
  • 10th grade designated classroom for movie passing poston – Ms. McKenna’s aunt is in the movie
  • 11th grade mew for a lecture by dr. Lisowski


  • Study travel hrs trips assembly
  • We have students talk about past experience and then announce the new programs
  • Last year – France, Costa Rica, Columbia
  • Competition for people to guess what the trips last year were

Gate Key

  • If you have a gate key and you need to update it, you need to go to the gate house and see Ms. Estrada
  • You should not try to force pry the gate open so you can get your car in


  • Saturday Morning
  • Sophomores and juniors taking the PSAT
  • If you have extended time with the college board, you come at 8:30 am to Fern’s room
    • Ask ms. Redfield if you’re unsure about extended time
  • Everyone else is starting 9 am
  • 10th grade is all in the gym with Mr. Thiermann
  • 11th grade will be assigned different classrooms that will be posted in college counseling
  • The test starts at 9 am sharp – proctors will probably be here 8:45 am
  • Should be done by 1 pm
  • Bring a Number 2 pencil and a calculator

Essie – women’s lacrosse

  • Interest meeting lunch tomorrow
  • Meet in front of Blakeley’s office

Latinos Unidos

  • Meeting day changed to today

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Morning Meeting 10-6-2016 Thursday

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Head Royce morning meeting house band

  • DJ Paul Scott Mondays
  • Thursdays we will be led in and out by the band

Valuables that have been lost and found

  • Maya Foster – I lost my bio binder, and it’s pink
  • Thiermann
    • Someone’s ACT book and booklet

Max Sahlins – Today is the first Stuco Meeting of the month – we’re opening it up for people to come

  • Sibling rivalry and dance playlist on the agenda
  • In the oval office

Harrison Harvey –

  • BSU meeting in Ms. Pryror’s room 514 today
  • For BSU that ordered T shirts, find me so that I can get those to you

Kyra Garcia –

  • Latinos Unidos is meeting tomorrow at lunch to brief on upcoming events

Ms. McKenna for Ms. Redfield

  • Please donate to the coin drive for the canine companions
  • Please donate food to the can drive
  • AC Transit has an annual family event that is like a cook off rodeo, and they are looking for student volunteers for this Saturday
    • If you’re interested see

GSD – National Coming Out Day is October 11th, Tuesday

  • Be a good ally if someone comes out to you
  • Statistics on coming out and people who know queer people
    • 1/2 of people closely know someone who is gay or lesbian
    • 1/10 of people closely know someone who is transgender
  • You can come to GSD tomorrow Friday 10/7 if you want to talk about coming out and other LGBTQ+ issues

Rayray Bradley – Circus Troupe Kinetic Arts Center

  • Performance 2 blocks south of Rockridge October 9th Sunday
  • I will be soloing on rope
  • Please come see the circus performance
  • Video of

Practicum today

  • 9th homeroom
  • 10th Charis in community room
  • 11th mew with college counseors
  • 12th homeroom prep time for college stuff
  • Prefects please meet in Naoko’s room the first portion of that time

Spiritmasters – homecoming

  • Homecoming is tomorrow
  • Catherine made great posters
  • There is an at school part, an after school part, and a night time part
  • 1) at school – wear your colors at school
    • Seniors – white
    • Juniors – red
    • Sophomores – blue
    • Freshies – black
  • Assembly will be game day games
    • Bracket style march madness sibling rivalry
    • Pick up the brackets from us and fill them out
    • We will pick them up from you
    • The winning bracket gets a prize of Dana’s cupcakes
  • 2) Afterschool portion
    • Men’s soccer at 4:15 v. CPS
    • Women’s volleyball at 4:30 pm v. Valley Christian
    • If you come, we will stamp your hand and that will get you a discount for the dance
  • 3) Homecoming
    • 7-10 pm
    • $10 if you have the stamp and $15 if you don’t
    • Go to the café at 6:30 pm if you are a 9th grader – pizza party
    • The theme for the dance is colors

Mr. Thiermann –

  • Faculty wear blue-ish purple
  • Thanks juniors and seniors for being good about signing out – please keep it up
    • You’ve been very good minus the one time Henry Yeary didn’t sign out
  • Important health and safety announcement
    • For the dance, everyone please understand that we do breathalyze students
      • You could be breathalyzed upon entry or during the dance
      • Don’t do anything foolish – no substances. Be clean and sober
    • We will have security in the parking lot, so don’t worry about your cars
  • If you are at all concerned about the cost of homecoming, then don’t hesitate to seek me or Ms. McKenna out for help with the cost
  • Please don’t show up to homecoming with a guest – homecoming is about the Head-Royce community

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Morning Meeting 10-3-2016 Monday

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Thanks for participating in the fair

College counseling

  • We are having a financial aid night for all the parents and interested students 9-12 on Wednesday at 7 pm in the MEW
  • There will also be an event Thursday 10/6 in the evening at Wash U in St. Louis in Oakland
    • They will talk about architecture paths and their own architecture program
  • For any students in the upper school who have questions about college counseling, we will have open drop in hours on Thursday at lunch. There will be 1 college counselor available
  • Ohio, Wesleyan, Juliana, Santa Clara, Hampshire, Charleston, Miami at Oxford, Emory, Notre Dame, Villanova, Haverford, Case western, CMC, The New School, and a few more
    • Check Noviance for more details

Tennis home match against St. Joes on Wednesday – Lauren McCormack

  • The team is doing really well so far
  • The game starts at 3:30 pm

Other games – Coach Blakeley

  • Wednesday JV soccer at home
  • Varsity volleyball and soccer at some point this week

Green Team – Margot Johnson

  • We have a lot of seniors but we are lacking in any person that is not a senior
  • I’m the only non-senior
  • It’d be great to get more non-seniors in green team

Dr. Lisowski – World Language

  • Spanish and French tutoring starting up this year
  • If you think you are a Spanish or French student that is good at the language and would be happy to tutor, please contact Sra. Diaz for Spanish and Madame Bordet for French
  • If you think you want a tutor for language, talk to your teacher
  • You just meet at lunch and get help.

E Sports Club – Andrew Wan

  • Trying to have a super smash bros brawl tournament
  • No entry fee for this first tournament
  • Here’s the link to sign up:

Spiritmasters – AJ and Maddie

  • McKenna – please give them a round of applause
  • AJ and Maddie
    • The seniors won spirit week
    • Dana’s cupcakes in the senior/student lounge
    • Homecoming is this Friday
    • The assembly will be a game day games assembly
    • Bracket for sibling rivalries starting in assembly
    • Men’s soccer and women’s volleyball games on that Friday
    • Then the homecoming dance starting at 7 pm
    • Scott has secured a great DJ
    • Tickets are $15 if you don’t attend any of the sports games. Tickets are $10 if you do attend the sports game
      • If you’re in the game, you get the discount
    • During the school day and at the dance, please dress up in different colors
      • 12th – white
      • 11th – red
      • 10th – blue
      • 9th – black

Ms. McKenna – Homecoming

  • Homecoming will be a fun event
  • Please don’t feel that money is a barrier for you. If you potentially need help paying, then come talk to me, AJ, or Maddie

Work Permits – Mr. Davies

  • There’s a new link on the portal for work permits
  • There are examples of the form
  • There are time sheets on the portal as well
  • Work Permits song
    • Henry Yeary, Max Sahlins, and Mr. Davies

Karaoke battles still need more sign ups

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Morning Meeting 9-29-2016 Thursday

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Gate Access

  • If you drive and park in the US lot, they have changed the access key
  • If you have one that you are using to get into the parking lot, you need to go to the gatehouse to upgrade your key cos your old one won’t work
  • There are a couple of you that just purchased a gate key, and you can also go to the gatehouse to upgrade your gate key


  • Sarkar wants y’all to know that there are HRS planners left over
  • The 9th and 10th graders were given the planners
  • Leftover planners are open to 11th and 12th graders and faculty if interested

Work Study – Mr. Davies

  • We will try again Monday cos tech

Community Connections – Leeza Lu

  • Canine Coin Drive – the jugs are looking empty, but you can “change” that
    • Coins add and bills subtract
      • You can beat other grades but putting bills in other grades’ jugs
    • Alameda Can Drive
      • Bring cans if you “can”
    • Exchange on October 8th – if you want to go to that, it’s on the digital bulletin

All School Fair (Also Practicum and Assembly schedule)

  • The theme is Oakland Pride
  • Shoutout to some HRS artists that made the map of the fair
  • Today’s practicum is fair prep
    • Today is the only day to paint signs
  • Tomorrow’s assembly will happen at the end of the day and that will also be fair prep
    • During regular assembly time, you will have C Block
  • If you don’t have fair prep, it’s a great time to check in with teachers

Bobbi Finklestein – Seniors

  • You’ve gotten several emails recently that you should read
  • Senior café – everyone please bring something
    • Check your email and fill out the form
    • Everyone is responsible to bring something
  • You’ve also gotten an email to either do shifts at the senior café or the dunk tank
    • We need people to work
    • If you’re interested in helping out, that’d be great
    • You can also help Henry, AJ, and Maddie at the haunted house
  • If you have a waffle iron, please bring it

Amy Lin – Asia Club

  • Potluck at Asia Club tomorrow (Friday, 9/30)
  • $5 to eat at the potluck, if you bring food, you can eat for free
  • @Asia Club – Please add what stuff you’re gonna bring to the google doc

India Club and J Club meet today for the first time

AJ and Maddie – Spirit

  • Homecoming is next Friday
    • October 7th
  • Y’all have done a great job with dressing with spirit
    • Snapchat me your green and gold outfits so that I can make sure to tally everyone
    • Snapchat: chaboituffy
  • Waterballoon toss at the beginning of lunch on the patio
  • Super Smash Bros. tournament at the end of lunch in the library
  • Games
    • Tennis and soccer at home
  • Friday lunch competition’s
    • 3 legged obstacle race
  • Karaoke battle will be a new morning meeting thing
    • If you want to participate, you can email Ms. McKenna or contact one of us

Karaoke Battle between AJ Stella and Maddie Dyke (Promiscuous Girl) vs. Henry Yeary and Max Sahlins (A Whole New World)

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Morning Meeting Notes 9/26/2016 Monday

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College Counseling

  • Signed transcripts are due in our office to Ms. Paul by tomorrow
  • We have senior tea during break in the amphitheater
  • Colleges visiting this week
    • U of Pacific, USC, Seattle U, Bucknell, Oberlin, Kenyon, Georgia Tech, Redland, Highpoint, Scripps, Bates, U of Chicago, Middlebury, Loyola
    • See Naviance for more details

Photo retakes are today between 9 am and 1 pm in the workout room

Writing Lab – Simone Stevens for Ms. Yee

  • Room 503 – Ms. Yee’s room
  • We are open for drop-ins in Monday and Tuesday
  • You can make an appointment with one of the tutors on your free periods
  • Anyone can come to the writing lab just to get some help with writing and have an outside eye to look
  • You don’t need to be top of your class in English to be a writing fellow
    • If you have a passion for English, we’d love to have you
  • You can talk to Ms. Yee or Xena Wolf about this

Nathan Yuen – TI Testing

  • Last year, I had asked people if they would please come to me to help me test my updated version of A2MadeEZ
  • I only have 1 person right now
  • If you are in A2H or above, please come and let me know if you can help test
  • I need people strong in math to help catch bugs.

Canine Companions Coin Drive – Ms. McKenna

  • Thanks again to Sasha Zitter for a great assembly
  • You can take your change and put it into your designated grade jug
  • The grade that raises the most money when we total all the coins wins
  • If you have dollar bills, that deducts from the amount you earn in points
  • The money still goes to the organization but the bills will be a point deduction
  • You could spike another grade’s jug with bills. The money will still go to the organization (Canine Companions), but this will decrease points for a different grade

All School Fair is this Friday – Ms. Krier

  • It’s not too late to donate prizes
  • Boxes for donations are in the gatehouse and in each grade division’s office
  • Forms for booths at the fair are due today
  • There is still space for you to sign up to perform
  • Forms for the booths and performances are on your class portal
  • Practicum Thursday is fair prep
    • Anyone who is involved with a booth in any capacity will be involved in this practicum
    • It will be in the MEW
    • We will push back the seats and people will be able to paint a sign
    • There is only 1 hour to paint a sign
      • Please plan ahead and come with enough people
      • There is no painting after Thursday
    • We will provide cardboard
  • Friday, C Block and assembly are swapped so we can get right into fair prep at the end of the day
  • The fair starts an hour earlier this year (starts 5 pm), so people need to get going with preparation
  • The fair theme is Oakland Pride

Spiritmasters – AJ and Maddie

  • Happy Jammin Jammies Monday
  • Find one of us at lunch to tally points for your outfit
  • We have a slam poetry contest today at lunch
  • Tomorrow is portraiture day (Tuesday lunch)
    • Pencil and charcoal drawing of a teacher, most likely Andy
  • Wednesday is a pie-eating contest
  • Thursday is a super smash bros melee contest in the library and a waterballoon throwing contest
  • Friday is to be determined
  • The class who earns the most spirit points gets cupcakes made by Dana Gillis

Dana’s Cupcakes – Dana Gillis

  • Dana’s Cupcakes Video
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Morning Meeting 9/19/2016 Monday

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Sports announcements

Homecoming is Friday, October 7th

Fair booth forms are on your class portal. Please sign up by Monday, September 26

Tea Club Meeting on Wednesday 9/21

Other club announcements


*I apologize that these notes are coming in late and are very scarce. I was not at school on Monday the 19th and I forgot to ask someone to take notes for me. If you have any questions about what was said at this Morning Meeting, feel free to email me at and I can try to get the information for you.

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Morning Meeting 9/22/2016 Thursday

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Carpool Video

  • Video by Green Team
  • Note: If you use the Upper School lot, the gate keys are different now and the new keys are available at the gatehouse if you ordered them

Women’s Soccer

  • Last year we moved from the spring to the winter, and we are in the winter again this year
  • Interest meeting today on the patio
  • John will bring pizza
  • Please just try to be there for a minute just to write down your email

Coach May

  • I teach 5th grade during the day and this year I am the head coach of boys lacrosse
  • We take all athletes
  • Monday in the quiet room – meeting
    • Please come if you’re an existing player or if you’re just interested
    • We’ll talk about winter workouts and ways to prepare for the spring

Dr. Bradley

  • GOA – global online academy
  • They are offering a no cost no grades flex course on US elections
  • It’s an exciting opportunity
  • Lasts 4 weeks and starts on Monday
  • You’ll be participating in a bigger course with students around the country learning about the US elections
  • Workload is about 2 hours a week
  • The deadline for signing up is today
  • You can find me today or send me an email at
  • Video about the GOA elections course


  • Next week is our first spirit week
  • Stuco and spirit advisory committee have been working on the themes
  • K-12 spirit week – please bring your best energy
  • Culminates on Thursday with a green and gold day where everyone should support our athletics teams
  • And Friday, the all school fair
  • Video on September 2016 Spirit Week
  • Spirit Week
    • Monday – Jammin Jammies
    • Tuesday – Tacky Tourists
    • Way Back Wednesdays – Decades
      • 9th grade – 90’s
      • 10th grade – 80’s
      • 11th grade – 70’s
      • 12th grade – 60’s
    • Thursday – Green and Gold Day
    • Friday – Oakland Pride
  • Follow @chaboi_tuffy
  • Lunch will also include fun contests
    • Pie-eating, slam poetry, and more
    • You can represent your grade during lunch competitions next week – send Maddie and AJ an email if you’re interested

Fair Forms Due Monday

  • Forms for the all school fair are due Monday
  • All forms are digital now
  • You can find them on the left hand side of your class portal

Senior Pages – Claire Weeks

  • The template forms are due Sunday
  • There are 18 of you that haven’t done it
  • It will take you less than a minute
  • All your photos are due October 1st, next Saturday

Practicum –

  • 9th grade – meet in advisory with prefects and advisors
  • 10th grade – go to library – primer on PSAT
  • 11th grade – go to English class to watch a movie
  • 12th grade – library with Charis

Assembly –

  • Sasha Zitter will be here to show her work with dogs
  • Canine Companions will also be here tomorrow to talk about their work
  • McKenna is still accepting photos of you and your pet companion

Clubs –

  • India club is meetng today at lunch in the floor above the café
  • Asia Club is meeting tomorrow at lunch in Ms. Yee’s room
    • There will be hi-chew and you don’t have to be Asian
  • Latinos Unidos – tomorrow at Friday meeting in room 401
  • BSU meets today
  • Interact meets today – come if you’re going to FLC
  • Most of these clubs will be planning for the fair

Lost and found in the student lobby

  • Please come get your stuff
  • It’s kinda overflowing

Photo retakes on Monday

Today is Sra. Galligan’s birthday

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