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Morning Meeting 9/8/2016 Thursday

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Dr. Brakeman and scheduling

  • Last day for add drop is next Wednesday (9/14)

Ms. Tang –

  • Thanks Naoko for work as diversity coordinator
  • I am the new diversity coordinator
  • Trinity and Anjali talking about SDLC
  • Atlanta, Georgia this December – 1600 students from various independent schools
  • Discuss race gender sexuality socioeconomic status
  • Get to talk to other people in the same situation in independent schools
  • Trinity got to connect with African students in other private schools
  • Video about importance of SDLC
  • Dividing yourself into pieces as a survival method when going into different environments
  • SDLC allows a time for students to feel whole when they see students in similar situations of splitting themselves. Get to do this with kids across the country. Often the first time kids get to do this. A moment of having family around them
  • Various workshops – split up by race gender sexuality
  • Trinity – amazing to see people that look like you and you can identify with – family groups 70-100 people that you can talk to in a smaller setting – get to hear about other people’s experiences and stuff
  • To apply – write a one-page letter about why you want to go and what you would gain – due September 12th – turn letter in to Ms. Tang or Ms. Nagler
  • Financial assistance available

Ms. McKenna –

  • Thanks to green council for putting up new bins in various places

Susan Anderson –

  • New law that just went into effect in spring. Need to separate organics out from garbage
  • Can’t put organics in garbage. Can’t put garbage in organics
  • Important cos methane. It’s a terrible greenhouse gas formed when organics rot in a landfill
  • Need to separate our stuff. Mr. Vann has done a great job of providing the various bins
  • Making mistakes with the waste can lead to big trouble e.g. Fines
  • Also remember to recycle
  • Oakland takes 1-5 numbers on the recycle sign thing but not 6-7
  • Everyone needs help learning to sort

Dr. Bradley –

  • Next Tuesday the student yoga class begins with me as your teacher. It’s a PE option, in which you’d need to show up most weeks. You can also just drop in. Also good cross training
  • Lots of different stuff – core, etc.
  • Meets in studio. Third floor hallway above the café
  • Yoga is a wonderful way for you to feel better and have less stress
  • 3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
  • wear something really comfortable and that you can turn upside down in
  • You can find Dr. Bradley in 411 or the institute if you need me

See Leeza Lu if you’re interested in Medshare next weekend

Latinos Unidos meeting this Friday

Bobbi and Samir @ seniors

  • Form coming out tomorrow for tandem parking spots

Spirit master AJ and Maddie –

  • We will be having a homecoming dance October 7th. Friday before Columbus Day
  • Home soccer game v. CPS – also there’s a volleyball game
  • There’s a spirit week the week of September 26th which ends in the all school fair on Friday
  • Want to create a spirit advisory committee with two people from each grade – sounding board for spirit ideas – low commitment maybe twice a month – email AJ and Maddie by this Sunday if you’re interested – say why you’re interested and stuff

This afternoon is the opening ceremony

Ruby Siltanen pitches to a person in each grade that is designated as the most spirited in clothes

Tomorrow’s assembly is the fine arts assembly

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Morning Meeting 8/30/2016 Tuesday

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First morning meeting back – woo hoo!

Ms. McKenna will be moderating Morning Meeting now

For all the newbies, morning meeting is a time for us to come together as a division and exchange news and build community

  • Important traditions
    • Good morning Head Royce -> Good Morning (person)

Introduction of StuCo- they’re wearing shirts so you can look out for them

Exciting Fall events

  • Spirit week
  • Fair
  • Homecoming
  • Opening ceremony

Sophomores, class of 2019, were super spirited and attentive yesterday at Orientation

  • Juniors class of 2018, welcome back
  • Seniors – lots of loud stuff and cheering
  • Standing ovation for the 9th graders

Ms. Land

  • We were awarded our appeal to the city of Oakland to have 906 students
    • We have 875 students, but what this means is that we are in compliance and we can bring in more students in the high school in the future
    • We thus need to be really good neighbors
      • Be cognizant of your driving
    • Head of School search in progress
      • I’m here through the end of the year @noisy ones aka seniors
      • Between September the 8th and the 16th, there will be 3 candidates coming in
        • They will view classes and meet some people – please be your fabulous selves
      • The announcement of the new head of school will come in the fall but they won’t start until July 1st
    • Erasers are a good metaphor for high school
      • You make a lot of mistakes but you can erase the and try again

Trivia Game with Jake PK pitching T shirts at the trivia winners

  • 9th Amzie Brakeman (correct) – go see Dr. Brakemanfor scheduling issus
  • 10th Hadi Shanaa (correct) – Leaving for fallout tomorrow
  • 11th Connor Lee (correct) – Keri Keifer’s last name is pronounced kai-fur
  • 12th Isaiah Martin (wrong) – lunch today is mac and cheese with balsamic vinegarette on some stuff

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Morning Meeting 6/2/2016 Thursday

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Stevie Kaplan – lots of sign ups for Peggy Orenstein Girls and Sex book group

  • You must have your permission slips turned in to Carrie in Upper School office
  • Would love to get more boys involved as well

Mr. Clark – birds heard on campus

  • Moving to DC area next year to follow wife as she takes on her dream job
  • Turkeys, red-tailed hawk (living at top of driveway), black and blue bird called Stellarsjay (likes to hang out by amphitheater, likes to imitate other birds), western bluebird (not here year round), brown bird called California Towhee
    • Three species of birds on campus that are blue
  • Merlin App (free) made by the Cornell Ornithology Lab
    • Can add in size, location, color, date, location, etc. of bird to help identify the bird.
  • I’ve entered all my observations about birds around Head Royce into Cornell’s ornithology portal called eBird, so you can check it out. People around the world enter data into this site as well, so there’s lots of information.
    • eBird data plays a significant role in observing and protecting the ecology of the world
  • I’ve left the list of birds I’ve seen with Mr. Vann

Mr. Barankin – stuff that people have brought to me; these are lost items that people should pick up if they belong to you

  • Funky glasses that are white and light up, there are barlike things across the lens area
  • Necklace that is sorta gold colored
  • From prom, a necklace that was probably broken while at prom

Nathan Yuen – App

  • I don’t really have an app
  • I made a new version of A2MadeEasy
  • Includes foiling, polynomial long division, takes less memory, and has some bug fixes
  • I need people to test it please
    • If you’re doing math over the summer and feel like you can check the program, please contact me
  • This program does not replace A2MadeEasy

Practicum – please come to the MEW

  • It’s a prep day for stuff, but everyone please come to the MEW to get the details
  • Prefects and some of the committees will be announced during Practicum

Assembly tomorrow – long lunch

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Morning Meeting 5/26/2016 Thursday

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Drama 1 performance E block tomorrow (Friday, 5/27)

Carolyn Cheng – this Friday in green team

  • Carolyn Norr from NoCo in Oakland. She’s gonna talk about the local green movement. Everyone is invited to come listen
  • In Dr. Brakeman’s room

Leeza Lu – Interact

  • June 14th, Interact is having a medical service project at medshare from 9am-4pm. If you’re interested, talk to Leeza

Izzy – 9th Stuco

  • 9th grade stuco just finished designing the class of 2019 sweatshirts. Order forms close tonight at 12 am midnight.

AJ and Maddy (and Henry) – Spirit sports stuff

  • Henry passed the torch to the next spirit gods
  • Softball won yesterday 10-0
    • Ruby struck out 11 no hitter
    • They play again tomorrow against 6th seed Ferndale (home game)
  • Baseball plays tomorrow at college of alameda

Dr. Brakeman

  • Do not wait until the add drop period in September if you already know that you want to change some of your classes. Scheduling is starting soon, so please let Dr. Brakeman know
  • Go to the HRS portal and click on the scheduling – this will lead to a

Cole Duman – DnD club and job

  • Not meeting Thursday anymore
  • DnD club is now meeting Friday lunch
  • EndGame Oakland is a store in Oakland that play Dungeons and Dragons some Saturdays
  • If anyone wants a job for the summer, the senior citizen center I work at needs more waitstaff
    • You can email me if you’re interested (paid job)

15 of you have detention today

Michelle Mao – Prom stuff

  • If you ordered a corsage or boutenniere, come pick it up tomorrow (Friday) at 3:20 pm in Mr. Scott’s room
  • Everyone in prom committee needs to help out tomorrow

All Stuco members, you have a meeting today at lunch

Practicum today is the yearbook assembly

Assembly tomorrow is Robert Strong, master magician juggler

It’s Ms. Paul’s and Senor Correa’s birthday today

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Morning Meeting 5/23/2016 Monday

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Drama 1 performance this Friday (5/27) during E Block (9:15 AM) in the MEW

Sra. Galligan – global warming

  • Coal trains coming into Oakland filling the air with the beautiful gray
  • Decision will be made in June by the city council
  • Everyone invited to come to Green Team on Friday where an environmentalist person will come to speak
  • Brakeman’s Classroom – AP Bio room

Bobbi and Samir – Juniors only, spirit day tomorrow

  • We have tattoos for you, wear green and gold

Prom is this coming Saturday (5/28)

  • If you are bringing a guest to prom, Mr. Barankin needs the completely filled out form by the end of school Thursday
  • Forms are available in the box outside Mr. Barankin’s office

Coach Blakeley + Quinn and Ruby

  • Softball home game Thursday 5/28
  • First game of NCS
  • Softball is third seed – first time in a long time
  • Please come, wear green and gold

Coach Blakeley

  • Baseball was 8th seed at NCS
    • 11 inning win against Athenian
  • NCS Baseball Tuesday at home
  • Track NCS this past weekend
    • Taya 6th 100 meter
    • Sophie 6th 400 meter
    • Girls Relay – Sophia Brakeman, Georgia Scherer, Maddi Thayer, Julia Katter – 6th
    • Victoria Staples long jump 7th
    • Zach 800 meter 22nd
    • Isaac 12th in the 1600 meter
  • If you want to be a team captain, you need to fill out a form that is outside of Coach Blakeley’s office
  • Please fill out survey form on interest in playing sports
  • Sports banquet is June 1st in evening

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Morning Meeting 5/19/2016 Thursday

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Yesterday softball team destroyed Redwood Christian 11-0

  • Undefeated in league

Mr. Vann – Update on RTO House

  • The house is getting completed fully
  • Rising sophomores, anyone interested in applying for the group? Applications due tomorrow (5/20, Friday)

Mr. Thiermann – Researcher from Stanford coming tomorrow (girls survey)

  • If you emailed Mr. Thiermann, show up tomorrow at the start of assembly at the Upper School office

Mr. Thiermann + Harrison – for current sophomores

  • UC Berkeley leadership conference
  • HRS only allowed to send one student – Harrison Harvey went last year
  • June 4-6 (Fri-Sun)
    • Weekend before finals
  • Harrison:
    • I enjoyed seeing people from school around the bay area
    • Diverse program, learned a lot, good friendships
    • Got to talk to people I wouldn’t have talked to otherwise
  • Act quickly

Mitchell Bloemker

  • I am working at a tech firm this summer and they have job openings.
  • Please contact me by tomorrow if you are interested in a job, there’s an interest meeting Saturday

Shira Sanghvi

  • Board wants input on sustainability
  • Please come to Green Team tomorrow at lunch if you want to get in your input

Upper School Stuco

  • Please come to stuco at lunch today, old and new stucco members (Thursday)

Dr. Bradley – 40 minutes on Wednesday after school, $15 an hour, driving her daughter and one other person

Prom Committee – Prom court voting form is due tomorrow

  • Kako made the due date for ordering corsages tomorrow
  • Parents billed so you don’t have to bring cash, or email Kako to ask if you want to pay by cash

Bobbi and Samir

  • Junior green and gold day Tuesday (5/24)
  • We have cool tattoos to pass out at advising

Assembly tomorrow (Friday, 5/20)

  • Korean drum and dance performance
  • Sydney Lee’s mom put this together for us and helped bring the troupe in

Practicum today (Thursday 5/19)

  • Head Royce Film Festival

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Election Results

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Election Results


Henry Yeary and Max Sahlins


Larry Dang


Grant Stenger

Environmental Ombudsman

Shira Sanghvi

Spirit Masters

AJ Stella and Maddie Dyke

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Morning Meeting 5/2

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  • the seniors will miss you, Barry <3
  • Latinos Unidos celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Thursday; selling food!
  • congrats & thank you to RTO participants!
  • closing event at 3 in the gym
  • thank you, Ben & Emma!!

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Morning Meeting 4/28

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  • fill out Emma’s Google form for her senior project!!
  • minority students: contact Babette if you want to help with her senior project!!
  • Six people remain in Assassin! Showdown tomorrow during lunch
  • engineering expo during lunch and E block
  • Andy has been reunited with his vest!
  • practicum: 9 listening to colla voce; everyone else in MEW for AP registration
  • epilepsy awareness club is having a clothing drive; May 9-20 there will be bins around the school
  • assembly: alumni

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Morning Meeting 4/25

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  • Day of Dialogue tomorrow!
  • Engineering expos Thursday lunch & E block!!
  • congrats to the Robohawks, esp the seniors!
  • if you want to be a paid summer camp counselor at St. Vincent’s, contact Ms. V or Ms. McKenna
  • no killing on Day of Dialogue!!
  • auditions Wednesday and Friday at 3:30 for Emma’s senior project play; make sure to fill out her Google form
  • look for Andy’s vest!!

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Morning Meeting 4/21

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  • think good thoughts for our robotics team!!
  • BUY YOUR PROM TICKETS (esp seniors)
  • next weekend Wendell Phillips & Fiona Chen fly to Kentucky for debate championships!! Amy Lin & Larry Dang placed 3rd at debate tournament last weekend (our best ever)
  • Chair of Undergrad architecture at Wash U in the college counseling room today at lunch!
  • Andy, you are out of the three amigos
  • Rebuilding Together volunteers: don’t forget your waivers
  • UNICEF bake sale next Monday ft. Dana’s cupcakes ($2)
  • Assassin buybacks on Friday for $5! Only if you were playing initially
  • Day of Silence tomorrow (assassins, use your hands as a stop signal)
  • auditions for Emma’s play next week!! Need actors, tech, etc. — contact her if interested!
  • celebrate Shakespeare this weekend
  • Practicum: seniors in community room, juniors in quiet room or homeroom, sophomores in MEW, freshmen in homerooms
  • wear purple and/or be silent tomorrow to show LGBTQ+ support (pins outside Naoko’s room)
  • Assembly: Asia Club (& follow-up in Asia Club after)

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Morning Meeting 4/18

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  • Day of Dialogue next week! Check your email for workshop sign-ups
  • celebrating Day of Silence this Friday; wear purple or be silent
  • LGBTQ+ affinity dance at Menlo this Friday; more specifics to follow!
  • college counseling tea at break tomorrow for juniors & case studies tomorrow night! Also, sign up for college blast
  • Assassin this week & next! $2 entry fee; buy at lunch today or tomorrow on the patio- starts Wednesday!
  • next year HRS will partner with Challenge Success

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