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2016-2017 The Hawk's Eye Staff

Reid Covin

Web Co-Editor-in-Chief

Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Reid joined the expos family when he moved last year. He is the reigning World Underwater Basket Weaving Champion. He ha... 

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Julia Katter

Opinions Section Editor

Julia Katter is currently a junior at the Head Royce School. She started at Head Royce her freshman year. She has played soccer for many years and runs ... 

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Maddy Henry

Features Section Editor

Maddy Henry is currently a junior at the School. This is her second year on the Expos staff. Maddy has been at the School since 6th grade. She enjoys sai... 

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Zack Mintz

Co-Web Editor-in-Chief

Zack Mintz is a senior who runs a lot. This marks his third year in expos. Zack likes to bike, surf, and shred gnar. He owns a pet koala named Caesar,... 

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Rhea Park

News Section Editor

Rhea Park is a new Freshman, and really enjoys listening to K-pop, eating sushi, and judging books by covers. Her favorite season is summer, and she desperately... 

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John Novogradac

Web Sports

John Novogradac is in 11th grade. This is his third year in Expository Writing. He has been going to The School since kindergarten. He has two dogs. And du... 

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Julia de Petra

Spread Section Editor

Julia de Petra is a Junior at the School. This is her third year working on the expos staff. She enjoys skiing and playing tennis, and hanging out with... 

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Anjali Dhawan

Sports Section Editor

Anjali Dhawan is a current sophomore, and this is her ​second ​year on the Expos Staff. Anjali has been at The School since 5th grade and enjo... 

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A.J. Stella

Chief Executive Videographer of Videos

A.J. Stella is a Junior at the School. This is his third year on the Expos staff. He is co-chief videographer alongside the fabulous Elliot Farinaro.... 

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Leah Stuart


Leah Stuart is extremely happy to be in her fourth year in expos. She is the co editor in chief of the newspaper. In her free time she enjoys sitting on... 

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Miriam Goldgeil

Managing Editor

Miriam Goldgeil is a junior in her third year of working on the Hawk’s Eye.  She enjoys figure skating, drawing, painting, art museums, go... 

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Xena Wolf

Executive Editor

Xena Wolf is a Junior at the School, who, prior to high school, was homeschooled for her whole life.  She generally likes reading more than she likes peo... 

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Wanjiku Githere


Wanjiku Githere is currently a junior at the School and has been at Head-Royce since 3rd grade. She is a third-year member of the Expos Staff and is ... 

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Luis Terriquez

Multimedia Staff

Luis Terriquez is a Junior at the School, and has been three years with the Hawk's Eye staff. He is used to working with the rest of the staff and... 

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