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Morning Meeting 3-23-2017 Thursday

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  • Adulting 101
    • Top 4 speaker choices
  • GSD
    • Stories
  • Planners
    • Feedback on the HRS planners

Rebuilding Together – Mr. Vann

  • Rebuilding Together dates are April 22nd and 29th
  • If you’re interested, please sign up. You can find it on the community service page

Berkeley Men’s Shelter – Naoko and Mr. Scott

  • Last November, we organized a group to go to the Berkeley Men’s Shelter
  • We are doing it again and welcome you to come help
    • Will cook food together and share the food at the Berkeley Men’s Shelter
  • If you’re interested, talk to Ms. Keifer
    • Commit for whatever you can make
  • This coming Wednesday

Big Sean Tickets – Winnie Chen

  • Selling general admission tickets to Big Sean at the Masonic tonight
  • I can get you an uber there and back

If you lost something valuable outside of Ms. Yee’s room, I think I found it (Ms. McKenna)

Strategic Plan – Ms. Land and Mr. Thiermann

  • Spent the last year with a group of 20 people from different constituents
    • Teachers, parents, administrators, board members, etc.
  • A Strategic Plan is a map of where the school is headed and it helps the people who work here have the same agenda for the school
  • 1) teaching and learning
    • Broader conversations about how the world is changing and what the best skills are to serve students
  • 2) equity and inclusion
    • Everyone feeling like they have a place at this school
    • How to make HRS the most welcoming environment so you don’t have to worry about anything else but learning
  • 3) civic engagement
    • Partnerships within Oakland and the local Bay Area
    • Sustainability
  • 4) balance and wellbeing
    • To learn but still have lives and be healthy
    • We will have teachers shadow some of you
  • 5) financial stewardship
    • Maintaining the finances of the school to still be able to maintain the student teacher ratio while being able to provide aid to students
    • $5 million on financial aid this year

Practicum Adjustments

  • 9th graders have a study hall – Ms. V is sick
  • 10th in the MEW
    11th bio classrooms or study hall in Mr. Scott’s room if you’re not in bio
  • 12th class meeting in the library


  • Earth Day Assembly by Green Team

Politics Club and WAG –

  • Both clubs have been working together to be more engaged citizens
  • We have both been calling representatives about pressing issues
  • Today at lunch in Mr. Evans’ room, we will have a lesson on how to do this political engagement.

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Morning Meeting 3-20-2017 Monday

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My Fair Lady – Kelly Yang

  • Buy tickets for My Fair Lady
  • Please get

WAG – Lily Majteles

  • We will talk about promposals and T-shirts and our plans for the rest of the year today in WAG in the Institute

Scheduling – Dr. Brakeman

  • Registration is due tomorrow night
    • Email me or Ms. McKenna if you need more time
  • 9th graders – you do not have GOA as an official option, so if you want to take a GOA course, email me or Dr. Bradley
  • If you need a change, fill out the google form linked to the scheduling page

Adulting 101 – Ms. Feidelman

  • We are bringing some adult experts to you
  • These adult experts are HRS alumni who are in cool jobs right now
  • You will be in small groups for this
  • This will be Friday, assembly and lunch on March 31st
  • You will soon get a google form with options for requesting which session you want to be in for the adulting assembly


  • 9th – Holi in the MEW with Ms. V
    • You can also petition to throw color up in the field
  • 10th – College Counseling Office in the Community Room
  • 11th – Bio
    • If you don’t have bio, you are getting a study hall with Ms. Scott
  • 12th – Homerooms to talk about senior projects

CCO – Kate

  • 12th – Please update Naviance
  • 10th – the owner of Compass, Bruce Reed, will come talk to the 10th graders for 20 minutes
    • Then you will have a Q&A


  • Earth Day by Green Team

Robotics Presentation

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Morning Meeting 3-16-2017 Thursday

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  • No loud music on the patio except for during lunch and breaks


  • Open for office hours during lunch for juniors to talk about scheduling


  • Please submit stories to the google form we will send out for our assembly
  • We are looking for stories about instances of silencing for any part of your identity


  • 9th – Charis
  • 10th – Consent
  • 11th – Homeroom
  • 12th – Senior Project Discussions

Holi next Thursday

  • 9th grade will celebrate Holi in Practicum

Asia Club

  • Potluck tomorrow for $5

St. Patrick’s Day Tomorrow

  • Kyle and Max will wear green bandanas on their belts. Try to steal them during breaks and passing periods. If you succeed, you get a bag of chocolate coins

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Morning Meeting 3-13-2017 Monday

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Mens Lacrosse home game tomorrow against Stuart Hall – Sawyer and Andrew B.

  • First ever home mens lacrosse game
  • The game starts at 4 pm
  • If you’re interested in joining the team, it’s not too late

Coach Blakeley –

  • Lots of games this week
  • Thank you for everyone who came Saturday night
    • Even though our team didn’t win, I thought it was one of our best showings, not just in numbers of people but also in sportsmanship
    • Thanks for being part of a community event

Lip Sync – AJ and Maddie

  • 4th place – sophomores
  • 3rd place – juniors
  • 2nd place – freshies
  • 1st place – seniors

Prom Assassin – Maddie and Bea

  • You sign up and buy in and get assigned a person that you are supposed to kill (aka tap with a spoon or hit with a clean sock grenade)
  • The last person standing will get 2 free prom tickets

Senior Dinner

  • This Wednesday is the annual senior dinner
  • Students and staff and faculty cook and eat together

Asia Club Potluck Friday

College Counseling Office – Tania

  • 10th graders – please sign up for Testapalooza
    • Great opportunity to take a couple subject tests
    • Please set up sophomore family meetings
    • If you have questions, then you can come see us
  • 11th graders – don’t forget about Testapalooza
    • If you have not completed your junior questionnaire, it is due March 15th
  • 12th graders – let us know what’s going on, keep up us updated
  • 9th graders – we love you

Consent Training in Institute at lunch today

Scheduling – Dr. Brakeman

  • Registration is now open via your portal
  • If you want to register for a senior elective, the link to that is in the wording above your choices
  • Registration is open between today and next Tuesday, and it is not first come first serve as long as you register between now and next Tuesday

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Morning Meeting 3-9-2017 Thursday

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Coach Blakeley – come to saturday night basketball game, starts at 6 versus Bentley – thanks for turnout last night, yay win

Spirit week – seniors won, juniors second, sophomores third, 9th graders last

AP registration – if you’re in one, then you’re registered and if you’re not then talk to Davies

Jack Pfleiger – Shakespeare Monologue Contest – competed in sf

Asia Club Assembly – Ms. Yee

  • Hawaii made a statement about the Chinese exclusion act in relation to the Muslim ban
  • Tomorrow’s Asia club assembly will talk about the Chinese exclusion act
  • Stephen gong, Davis Avila’s dad, helped us get film clips from a film about this
  • Caamfest – film festival centering around Asian Americans

Scheduling – Dr. brakeman

  • starting Monday, you can request your classes for next year
  • You have a week and two days to sign up
  • Registration ends the following Tuesday
  • No first come first serve within that window of time
  • Go to portal and find report cards/scheduling link
  • Go to link that says enter requests near the top
  • Then hit edit requests
  • @current juniors – in the elective slots, you can sign up for electives or indicate where you want to double up in science or history or English (but then you need to fill out a separate google form if you’re doubling up) – make sure to have alternates
  • If you want summer bio, fill out your requests assuming you will get into summer bio
  • The link to the google form will be on the hrs scheduling website
  • 9th graders English, history, and science are fixed and 
  • Please print your net classroom sheet when you’re done filling out requests and staple it to your completely filled out course planning sheet and get your advisor to sign it and you’ll be done


  • 9 – advising
  • 10 – mew scheduling
  • 11 – community room
  • 12 – advising to talk about senior projects

Prom co – they’re selling chance tickets – see Maddy Dyke and Maddy Henry

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Morning Meeting 3-2-2017 Thursday

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Ernesto –

  • Today is his last day
  • We really appreciate him

Sailing – Maddy Henry

  • There’s a sailing open house on Sunday at the Encinal Yacht Club
  • You can learn to sail over the summer or stuff
  • Contact me
  • We came in 4th place in the state in our last regatta

Prom Committee – Raffle for Chance Tickets –

  • Sales for raffle tickets start tomorrow
  • 1 ticket for $10, 2 tickets for $15 (raffle tickets)
  • Winning the raffle gets you the pair of Chance tickets

HRS Summer School Job

  • Submit your application to the programs office
  • It’s right down the hall in the middle school
  • Applications are due tomorrow

My Fair Lady Ticket Sales – Kelly Yang

  • Tickets are open on the portal
  • Under the fine arts link
  • Show nights, Fri 24, Sat 25, Sun 26, Mar 31, Apr 1
  • We need ushers – if you can, email me or Aidan

Interact Enterprise Institute – Ivy and Leeza

  • For juniors, a weekend business camp – for people interested in business skills
  • See us for how to apply
  • The deadline is March 10th

Ms. McKenna

  • I lost my baby Cheetah
  • If you find it, please return it to me, thanks

Drawing Business –

  • Ayla Elam is a
  • An Oakland Raider commissioned her to draw a portrait
  • Ayla is now accepting commissions for $20 to make a framed portrait

Practicum: Lip Sync

Assembly: Dodgeball

  • Everyone is welcome to watch

Senior lip sync

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Morning Meeting 2-27-2017 Monday

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Welcome back to Mr. Wells

Coach Blakeley

  • Great finish to women’s soccer – second round in NCS
  • Women’s basketball varsity – second place in league and NCS and BCL wins
  • Men’s varsity – moving onto semis of NCS
    • Marin Wednesday 7 pm game

Robohawks – Mr. Harper

  • Won the norcal state championship
  • Get to go back to worlds in Louisville, Kentucky
    • Competing with the top 4% of robots of 18,000
    • We expect to win this year

College Counseling Office – Carrie Horsey

  • To all students
    • If you have wondered about playing sports in college, this evening in the MEW, JT Thomas, the college counselor at maybeck and former women’s soccer coach at cal, will explain how you can get recruited for D1, D2, D3 sports and there will be students that have gone through the process

North Oakland Challenger League

  • Jake Bausch, HRS alum, started the NOCL baseball league, for mentally disabled children
  • Looking for more volunteers, Thursday and Sunday, no coaching or baseball experience required
  • If you’re interested, contact me and I will get you in touch with Jake

OCH Prom Drive and Bake Sale

  • Promwear drive for the Oakland Children’s Hospital
  • Bake sale this Wednesday at lunch
  • There’s also an organization called Make a Wish
    • They grant wishes for people with life-threatening diseases
    • Collecting earbuds, water bottles, etc.
    • Please donate before next Monday

Spirit Week

  • M – western
  • T – toga
    • If you have apprehensions about wearing a bedsheet to school, you can just wear white
  • W – breakfast club
  • Th – Zoo
  • F – Green and gold
  • Practicum – lip sync
  • Assembly – dodgeball
  • Dress up points will not be tallied in person
    • You have to snapchat chaboituffy
  • We will be posting all week on Instagram at chaboi_tuffy
  • We’ll be posting tallies as they’re going

Tattoo Roulette

  • Seniors – Maddy
  • Juniors – Devin
  • Sophomores – Mason Smith
  • Freshmen – Aidan Wogan

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Morning Meeting 2-16-2017 Thursday

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India club

  • Food today


  • Today, finishing movie from assembly

Latinos Unidos

  • Meeting today

Pierre’s Birthday Fund

  • Raised $1000 for Pierre’s birthday fund
  • Pierre’s mom is here to speak
    • Over $100,000 raised in 2016
    • Gala every year on third Sunday of July (around the time of Pierre’s birthday)
  • (Video about Pierre)
  • Metz – been working with Pierre’s mom for a while – Pierre was in my home room
    • PBF contributes $50 personalized gifts for kids on their birthdays
    • Also contributes money for child life things throughout the year, including things for music therapy, prizes for games, etc.
    • Now PFB supports Kind VR, a program created by a HRS alum
  • PFB will be one of the official charities of oakland run April 2nd
  • Shoutout to John Novogradac for gathering clothes for kids for oakland children’s hospital prom

Spirit Week

  • The week we get back
  • (Video on what the dress up is for each day)


  • 7 teams signed up the date before
  • If you still want to participate, contact us


  • 9-11 in the mew for course descriptions
  • 12 study hall


  • Senegalese dance and drum hosted by the French teachers

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Morning Meeting 2-13-2017 Monday

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Thanks to Aidan Cassel-mace for taking these notes


  • Coach Blakley
    • Women’s soccer: In NCS: Yay
    • Playing Saint Mary’s on Wednesday: go to it
    • Also go support the basketball teams: games on Thursday at Valley Christian
  • India Club
    • Last chance to order lunch on Thursday
  • Fade
    • Shows this Thursday and Friday!
  • Candygrams
    • buy them at lunch today!
  • Couples Rivalry
    • Max and Maddie win: spirit points to the seniors

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Morning Meeting 1-19-2017 Thursday

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Thank you’s!

  • Lots of great costumes
  • Thanks to StuCo for planning and stuff
  • Thanks to everyone that contributed to Pierre’s Birthday Fund
  • Thanks to Daniel Tarkoff, our DJ
    • Because he volunteered his time and equipment free of charge, we were able to designate all the money raised to Pierre’s Birthday Fund – we raised $1250
  • Pierre’s Mother will come to campus February so we can present the check and she can talk about the work the program is doing
  • Thanks to everyone who raised money through the

Sports – Blakeley

  • Girls soccer might have a game tomorrow, depending on the rain
  • Girls basketball at 5:30 pm and Boys basketball after at Bentley tomorrow
  • Everyone that wants to participate on a spring sport, please fill out the google survey
  • I especially want to talk to any young men who want to play mens volleyball
  • Feb 6 is the first day for spring

Andrew Wan – E-Sports

  • If you’re interested in a smash tournament, contact me

Maddy Henry – Sailing Team

  • We have a sealing team
  • We were in the top 10 at all the regatas we went to
  • Café at lunch with free cookies
    • If you’re interested in learning about the sailing team, come talk to us

Track Meeting – Isaiah, Maddi, Zack

  • Interest meeting tomorrow at lunch in the in room 415, Dr. Kinney’s room
    • Isaiah’s rap about the meeting
    • There will be pizza and food and drinks
  • Practice starts Feb 6

Lily – WAG

  • Inauguration is tomorrow
  • The new gov wants to take away all federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Asking for help with donations
    • Selling wristbands that are hot pink that say I stand with planned parenthood
    • Selling on donation basis
      • You can come buy one on any amount you see fit and on any amount you want to give
    • Starting at around $3

APN workshop tonight – Ms. Yee

  • Teaches you about how to make authentic connections
  • Tonight at 7 pm in the library

Shakespeare Monologue contest – Ms. Yee

  • Feb 2nd – you should contact me to participate
  • Harper’s sample monologue from Richard III
    • Shakespeare is trying to get people to think about how people treat people that look different from them

Pinsky Favorite Poem Project – Andy Spear

  • Next Tuesday, 7:30 PM
  • Robert Pinsky, former US poet laureate
  • He’s coming to bring his favorite poem project to HRS
  • Features people’s from the community reading a favorite poem and celebrate poetry in the company of someone who knows so much about poetry
  • Joined by 17 members of the HRS community reading some of their favorite poems
  • One hour to an hour and 15 minutes
  • Talk to your English teacher – they might offer extra credit

Green Team – Mr. Vann

  • Rachel Nagler will present this Friday at lunch in Room 410 on her experience living a zero waste lifestyle at home
    • She’s been doing this for 6 months


  • Divide by grade levels
  • 9th grade – “New” students to the high school – go to Naoko’s room to meet with Ms. Concannon
    • New 9th graders, go to the MEW to see the 10th graders’ Streetcar Scenes
  • 10th grade – Streetcar Scenes in the MEW
  • 11th grade – Charis in the Community Room
  • 12th grade – Class meeting to talk about second semester


  • Learning differences advocate, psychologist, and comedian
  • Nina G
  • Talking about her use of comedy as a way of drawing attention to learning differences
  • She has dyslexia and a pronounced stutter
  • There is opportunity to talk to her further the following assembly

Inauguration – Mr. Thiermann

  • I want to congratulate both the girls and boys basketball teams
    • They played tremendous games at College Prep
    • Wonderful to see the participation
    • “The Cougar had to sit down; there was nothing to cheer about by the end”
  • The next few days are pretty politically charged
    • If you are interested in seeing the inauguration, the tech people will live stream it in the room across from the MEW
    • If you are participating in demonstrations, I would encourage you to participate on Saturday and not Friday

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Morning Meeting 1-12-2017 Thursday

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Shakespeare Monologue Contest

Asian parents network

  • Liz Lin coming in next week to talk about how people can reach out for help and what cultural barriers there are in asking for help
  • Don’t have to be Asian or in Asia club to come – just come to learn about how to make these connections
  • Next Thursday night 7 pm in the library

Amy Lin – Asia Club and Div Co

  • fundraiser – live strong style rubber bracelets that say “hope respect and safety” aka hrs
  • In light of hatred that came out of the election
  • Proceeds split between ACLU and sf standing rock
  • 1 for 2 or 3 for 5

Bea Rose – FADE

  • tickets are on sale online
  • Everyone in fade has put in a lot of work
  • Feb 12, 16, and 17
  • Sunday Thursday and Friday
  • Week before ski week
  • 5 for students, 7 or 10 for nonstudents

Mr. Vann – waste experiment

  • experiment on 2nd floor of new building – for the second semester
  • Dependent variable – amount of waste
  • Independent variable – remove the bins from the second floor

Practicum – Prof Frank Roberts from NYU

  • He’ll be talking about Black Lives Matter and teaches a course on it at NYU

Assembly – English sections

  • meeting in your English class groups
  • English teachers should let you know what class to go to
  • There will also be signs
  • Seniors go to first semester English classes
  • Will receive email from your English teacher

Winter ball – Maddie and AJ

  • Gatsby theme
  • Tomorrow at berkeley tennis club
  • 8-10 pm
  • $10 for tickets at the door
  • All proceeds go to benefit Pierre’s Birthday Fund
  • Pierre passed away from cancer and he started a charity for helping kids spending long periods of time in the hospital
  • If you donate $20 at the door at the dance, you get a pierre’s birthday fund  water bottle 
  • Try to dress for the theme and dress nicely but also dress for yourself and be comfortable
  • Don’t be compelled to go out and buy a new outfit
  • Guest forms are due to Ms. McKenna by the end of day today

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Morning Meeting 1-9-2017 Monday

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Winter Ball

  • This Friday
  • Pick up forms from Ms. McKenna’s office if you want to bring a guest

My Fair lady

  • Workshop for how to audition on Thursday lunch
  • Auditions Tuesday and Wednesday next week
  • Music for audition is available now

Ms. Feidelman – gap year

  • For juniors and seniors
  • If you’re interested in having a discussion about gap years, you can come to the Institute at lunch tomorrow
    • Rep from global citizen year
  • Gap year becoming more of a social norm

Leadership summit at Stanford

  • Jan 21
  • See Ms. McKenna if you want more info (or see Ms. Feidelman)
  • Summit is free
  • Geared towards girls
  • Is about entrepreneurship

Ms. Concannon

  • Peer educators about consent, meet at lunch today
  • No regularly scheduled WAG meeting

Practicum – Prof Frank Roberts

  • Coming to talk about Black Lives Matter
  • Follow-up discussion in Friday assembly time

Screening of movie Most Likely to Succeed

  • Challenges the idea of traditional schools
  • Premiered at Sundance
  • Companion to research by Challenge Success
  • 6:15-8:45 pm Wednesday
    • Already 200 people coming
    • Students, please come

Standing Rock Fundraiser – Green Team

  • Fundraiser for people encamped at Standing Rock
  • (Video about the situation in Standing Rock)
    • About Dakota Access Pipeline
  • The video is a little out of date – it was before a December victory
    • The victory was that the government said they would look into the situation and pause the creation of the pipeline for now
    • Trump is expected to continue the access pipeline development though

Monday Moment

  • Find someone you appreciate and figure out a way to appreciate them

Bob Wells

  • Yale Alleycats – acapella group
  • 12:15 to 12:45 pm
  • (Sample song)

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