Valentines Day MadLib

Wanjiku Githere, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Dear ________________ (crush’s name),


I still remember the first time I ________________ (verb, past tense) my eyes on you. It was during ________________(school subject) class, and you came in to give ________________ (a teacher) a ________________ (noun). You were wearing a ________________ (color and piece of clothing), jeans, and white ________________ (shoe brand). The first thing I noticed was your ________________ (adjective) ________________ (noun), and your beautiful ________________ (noun). Since that very moment, I must admit that I have had a(n) ________________ (adjective) crush on you. If you want to, I would love to take you to ________________ (place) and maybe even go to ________________ (another place), as well. Enjoy some ________________(food) and maybe watch the sunset at ________________ (place). I have never been so ________________ (verb) by someone and I would be so ________________ (adjective) if you would be my valentine!



________________ (your name)