Freshmen Dating

Lily Majteles and Reid Covin, Reporter and Co-Web-Editor-in-Chief

Freshman year has always been and always will be dominated by the actions of hormone-fueled young teens struggling to break out of their shells and speak with – or, if they dare to be so bold, date – a person whom they find attractive. But dating as a freshman is not so simple a feat. In fact, dating as a freshman has proven to be quite complex and delicate. There are things to consider such as curfew, transportation, money… the list goes on. Yes, there are also benefits freshmen enjoy in the world of dating that older kids do not get to enjoy. So, what does it mean to date as a freshman?

A freshman beginning their foray into the dating world must consider the issue of transportation. A freshman cannot yet drive on their own, resulting in a complete dependence on public transportation or, more likely, the services of a visibly uncomfortable middle-aged man or woman, whether it be a parent proud of their child for finding love or a Lyft driver swallowing their cringe-fueled laughter in order to secure a five-star rating.

Some freshmen have strict curfews. I can see the parents yelling from the porch steps now, “Be sure to get back by 10:00 honey! You kids have fun.” Unfortunately for freshmen, the curfew problem is largely out of your hands and is something that only time and trust can remedy.

There is a general awkwardness and inexperience that comes with dating as a freshman. Impulsive actions driven by a hormone imbalance certainly don’t help when trying to snag a suitable mate. In time, things inside will settle down and become a little more manageable, but for now, the inherent awkwardness that comes with just being a freshman is unavoidable. Sorry.  

Do not let this discourage you from using Valentine’s Day to finally profess your love and go on a date with the 14-year-old of your dreams. At a restaurant, many freshmen still possess the youthful glow of a “12 or under,” therefore making them eligible for the deals and half-price meals only available on a kids menu. Similarly, movie theatres might offer cheaper tickets to a pair of lovestruck youngsters.

Freshmen are quite busy with the perils of the infamous “iSearch,” but most are unaware that the iSearch provides wonderful opportunities for romance. Need a peer editor? Ask the person you want to date! Need help organizing the ever-important iSearch binder? You guessed it, ask the person you want to date. Need an interview subject? Ask the parent of the person you want to date!  

Of course, this article is only helpful if someone does actually agree to go on a date with you. There is always the very, very real possibility of rejection, humiliation, loss of pride, tears, loss of friendships — but do not let it faze you. Remember: Trust the process, and have a great Valentine’s Day.