New Soccer Field on South Campus

Jason Haas, Copy Editor

As part of the plan for the property the School has purchased across the street, they have developed a new soccer field. It is clearly visible when one drives down Lincoln Avenue. This field is smaller than full size, so don’t expect to watch any games up there. It was mainly built to give the Middle School its own field; however, the Upper School can also use it to practice when one team has a game on the main field. Just like all the other property across the street the School has acquired as part of its Bridge to 2022, this field has raised concerns among the administration about safety, as Lincoln Avenue is a busy street on a hill with a turn right near the field. The administration has proposed a tunnel to cross the street, yet this may be inconvenient as it will be placed much lower than the field at the big gates on the Upper School Patio. If the School really plans to have students crossing from side to side often, they will need to adjust the students’ schedules to give them time to do so, perhaps by lengthening passing periods. This is a small problem since students may be graded down just for walking slowly/being late for class. Despite this potential setback, we are happy that the Middle School can have their own field, and that the Upper School can have their own space.