The Vaccine Within Our Student Body


Ben Carroll, Reporter

The new Pfizer vaccine is ready to combat the rising COVID numbers. While some logistical problems limit widespread distribution, around 1.6 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. The current stage of the vaccine—1A —is prioritizing only healthcare workers. However, the next stage for California is 1B, which will allow teachers and citizens over the age of 65 to be vaccinated. While students will likely not be vaccinated for months to come, this stage will be an important step for the return of students and teachers to a semi-normal classroom environment.

 So, how do the School’s students feel about the vaccine? Freshman Aaron Hobson expressed lots of excitement at the prospect of the vaccine. “The vaccine is necessary for life returning to normal and new [freshmen] being able to meet each other,” Hobson stated. Junior Derin Watson expresses similar excitement at the idea of being vaccinated: “The vaccine is lit! Hopefully, it will allow us to have a kind of normal summer.” This enthusiasm about the vaccine seems to be the general opinion among most students. 

The vaccine has even entered some student’s households through their parents. Junior Rishi Dhawan’s father, a medical professional, was vaccinated around Christmas time. Dhawan’s father experienced minor fever symptoms for a day or two after being vaccinated but encountered no lasting effects. While Dhawan, like his fellow classmates, is eager to be rid of COVID, he personally wants to wait a little longer before being vaccinated: “You never know if there could be unrealized harmful side effects. I just want to wait and see what happens.”

Overall, the School’s student body seems to be tentatively positive about the vaccine. After covering all bases, students should be ready to get vaccinated and return to school!