NFL Super Bowl Predictions


Ben Kang

Super Bowl LV is the first time any team has hosted the Super Bowl, making this year a groundbreaking series of events for football. Six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will be going head to head with last year’s Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams are led by incredibly consistent and reliable offenses. 

For the Bucs, the key players are going to be Leonard Fourntte (RB), Mike Evans (WR), Chris Godwin (WR), and Rob Gronkowski (TE). This plethora of offensive talent will give Brady the options to run the ball, throw short passes, or take deep shots. 

As for the Chief’s offensive lineup, Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB), Tyreek Hill (WR), and Travis Kelce (TE) are going to be key players in winning the Super Bowl. On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs have star defensive tackle Chris Jones and “the Honey Badger” Tyrann Mathieu for safety coverage. Jones will have to put significant pass rush pressure on Brady, while Mathieu covers any deep throws. Mathieu and Brady will be the most important head-to-head matchup of the game.  

The Bucs defense features one of the most elite linebacking corps in the entire league, Devin White and Shaquill Barrett, who have been instrumental in the pass rush and stopping the run. From the kickoff, the Chiefs will most likely jump out to an explosive start and obtain the lead. Although the Bucs defense has been strong throughout the season, they don’t stand much of a chance against Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. 

Additionally, the Chiefs played the Bucs earlier this system in Tampa. Despite the home-field advantage, the Chiefs still managed to emerge victoriously. However, the playoffs are a different animal, and Tom Brady’s experience from previous Super Bowls could allow them to edge past the Chiefs. Nevertheless, even with the GOAT in Tom Brady, I don’t think the Bucs will be winning Super Bowl LV.