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Senior Class Events 2012-2013

First Semester

September 7th                      Senior Decoration Day                      

**September 11                    Senior College Night (A-H)

**September 12                    Senior College Night (I-P)

**September 13                    Senior College Night (R-Z)

**September 18 (Tues.)       Back-to-School Night)

October 6 -14                         Senior College Visit Week

October 26     (Fri.)                School Fair (Senior Café)

                                                            Big fundraiser for the senior class; seniors cook and sell desserts at the all-School Fair

November 16th (Fri.)              Deadline to get UC essays to College Counselors

November 30th  (Fri.)             UC-Applications-Are-Basically-Done Party (break)

January 16th (Weds.)           Senior Dinner

6:30 in the café; faculty prepare and serve a high-class meal for the class of 2013

Second Semester

January 18th (Fri..)               Senior Class Meeting:  Senior Projects Kick-Off

February 3rd (Sun.)              All Day Rehearsal for Senior Play (required for all seniors)

                                                            Tech and dress rehearsal for the extravaganza

** February 4th  (Mon.)        Senior Play (7pm)

April (TBA)                           Senior Thank You Lunch for Faculty

                                                            Seniors treat the faculty to lunch

May 6 (Mon.)                                    Last Day of School For Seniors

May 6 (Mon.)                                    APs Start

                                                Senior Projects Start (Pending AP Completion)

                                                            I Want to Graduate Forms must be turned in and all

AP exams completed before beginning projects 

May 23 (Thurs.)                     Yearbook Assembly and Distribution

May 30(Thurs.)                      Awards Assembly

**June 4 (Tues.)                    Senior Projects Presentation and Potluck

                                                            6pm on patio for dinner; presentations follow

June 7            (Fri.)                           Graduation Rehearsal (Noon; lunch provided)

**June 8  (Sat.)                      Graduation (Seniors arrive at 9:30)

June 8-9  (Sat.)                      Graduation Night Party (9pm to 4am)

** events that include parents

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